Family Holidays are one of the most memorable moments of life. Each moment spent enjoying with loved ones at beautiful destinations are cherished for a lifetime. As wonderful as they are, one cannot deny the fact that a family holiday requires ample investment and a lot of planning, especially if you are travelling abroad. No matter how well you plan your holiday, certain risks always remain. An Overseas or Foreign Family Travel Insurance protects you and your family from unexpected financial losses that you may encounter before or during your holiday abroad. Risks such as flight cancellations, emergency medical treatment, hotel cancellations, theft, baggage loss and several other risks can hamper your travel plans and cause extensive financial losses. By opting for a Family Travel Insurance Plan, you can secure financial protection against most travel-related risks for up to four members of your family.

Features of Family Travel Insurance

  • Provides compensation for losses such as trip delays/cancellation.
  • Comprehensive coverage for the entire family by paying a single premium.
  • Offers financial assistance for treatments of medical emergencies, evacuation or hospitalization during your trip.
  • Instant policies with minimum documentation.
  • Hassle-free claim settlement.
  • Round the clock on-call support.


Benefits of Family Travel Insurance

  • Trip Cancellation Cover
  • Trip Delay Cover per 12 hours
  • Medical Expenses Covered up to $10,00,000
  • Trip Curtailment up to $500
  • Personal Accident Cover (in India) up to Rs. 50,000
  • Medical Repatriation up to $6000
  • Personal Accident Abroad up to $25,000
  • Coverage against Home Burglary
  • Emergency Cash Benefit
  • Hospitalization Daily Allowance
  • Coverage against Loss of Passport and Checked Baggage
  • Coverage against Hijack
  • Medical Evacuation Coverage
  • Emergency Dental Pain Relief Cover


How to Buy Family Travel Insurance Online?

With Bajaj Markets buying family travel insurance online is a quick and hassle-free process. Here’s how to buy travel insurance online with us:

  1. Visit the family travel insurance page at Bajaj Markets
  2. Choose your travel destination
  3. Enter the details of all the family members travelling with you
  4. Select your travel dates
  5. Get a travel insurance quote
  6. Proceed to fill the online application form
  7. Enter personal details
  8. Complete the payment

On the successful completion of the above steps, your family travel insurance policy will be sent to you on your registered email address.


Things to check before buying travel insurance

  1. Ensure relevant risks are covered – Buying travel insurance with inadequate coverage is as good as buying no travel insurance at all. Some insurance companies may not cover certain risks such as medical treatment or adventure sports. So make sure you are covered for the relevant risks.
  2. Read the exclusions – Most policy buyers Just have a brief glance on the policy coverage before buying. However, it’s equally important to consider the policy exclusions. Make sure to read the travel insurance policy exclusions and ensure that no relevant risks are left uncovered. For instance, if you are travelling to a remote country or region, ensure that your policy extends coverage for the same.
  3. Buy your policy early – Don’t leave travel insurance purchase to the last minute. It is important to buy travel insurance at least a week before travel. That way, you can secure coverage for the risks that could occur before your travel. For instance, if you or one of your close family members falls ill, a few days before the trip, a travel insurance policy will provide the necessary compensation for the costs incurred due to the trip cancellation.


Family Travel Insurance Claim Process

With Bajaj Allianz Family Travel Insurance, filing a claim is a quick and simple process, thanks to our online claims portal. Follow these simple steps to claim your Traveller’s Insurance: -

  1. Register your claim online at the Bajaj Allianz online claim registration portal.
  2. Upload documents online to support your claim. In case your personal belongings have been lost or stolen, you need to file an FIR with the police and submit the same to the insurer.
  3. On uploading the documents, the in-house claim validation team considers claims made by customers.
  4. Once your claim documents have been verified and validated, the corresponding reimbursement will be credited to you.


FAQs On Family Travel Insurance

1.       Does family travel insurance cover individuals?

Yes, individual members of the family are covered under a Bajaj family travel insurance plan even if they choose to travel alone. However, it is valid only when the policy period is active.

2.       How much does family travel insurance cost?

The Bajaj Allianz family travel insurance plans are available at a starting price of INR 1470 at Bajaj Markets.

3.       Are pre-existing diseases covered under travel insurance?

No, any pre-existing medical condition whether declared or undeclared will not be covered under the Bajaj travel insurance policy.

4.       Can a senior citizen be covered under family travel insurance?

Yes, senior citizen travellers who are aged between 71 to 85 years will be covered under a Bajaj travel insurance policy for 6 months with a maximum coverage up to$50,000.

5.       Do I need to carry my travel insurance documents while travelling?

As soon as you get your policy document by email, it advisable to get a print of the same. It is important to keep the document with you at all times during travel. The policy documents contain important information such as the policy number, insurance company's contact information like the toll-free telephone number and the address. If you happen to meet with an unfortunate event during travel, you should inform the insurance company along with your policy details to make a claim. Therefore, by carrying the policy documents, you will be able to make a claim without any hitches.

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