Brazil Travel Guide

Brazil is the hub of carnivals. Filled with life and always bustling with energy and celebration, Brazil is a country of endless cultural events, fun sporting, and a lot of other exciting activities. So, if you want to explore a country that is filled with vivacity and colors, plan your trip to Brazil without a second thought! Before setting out, consider purchasing a Brazil Travel Insurance policy and get maximum protection against unforeseen emergencies while traveling.

Brazil: Places to Visit

  • A trip to Brazil is never complete without taking a tour of Sao Paolo. This city prides itself in being the largest in Brazil and is truly a metropolitan. If you want to feel the buzz and pulse of city life, with skyscrapers, yet laced with a spirit of festivities, this city is the one for you.

  • Do you love beaches? Do you want to shop to your heart’s content? Do you want to simply relax and laze around the entire day with all the basic amenities at your disposal? Head straight to Fortaleza.

  • Parati, located on the Green Coast of the country in Rio de Janeiro, is a place meant for quiet contemplation, and feasting your eyes on its beautiful tropical scenery. If you are in a mood to unwind, away from the hue and cry of bustling city crowds, then Parati is a must visit.

Things to keep in mind 

  • Languages Spoken      

The main language that people speak in Brazil is Portuguese. This is mainly because of the many Portuguese settlements that had been here since ages. A small percentage of the population speaks German, and there are a few native surviving languages as well.

  • Capital

The current capital of Brazil is Brasilia.

  • Currency

When in Brazil you will need to get your money exchanged into Brazilian real.

  • Population

As per the 2017 World Bank report, the population of Brazil stands at 20.93 crores.

  • Best time to Visit

Rainfall can mar the spirit of travelling and hence it is best to avoid Brazil during the winter months, which is from December to February. The best time to travel to Brazil would be from between June and September, the time during which the weather remains pleasant and it is known as the winter period of Brazil.

  • Cuisine/Delicacies

Food is one of those many things that you will absolutely fall in love with during your travel to Brazil. You must try tasting Pao de queijo, a type of Cheese bread. The Feijoada which is a pork and black bean stew is another specialty of this country. Apart from these, Brazilian rice and stew, native to the country, is a must try!

  • Requirements for Visa Application

The application process for Brazilian tourist visa is rather simple. All you have to do is fill out the required paperwork and submit your identity proof, work proof and other relevant documents that validate your visit to Brazil.

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