Cambodia Travel Guide

The fascinating country of Cambodia in South-East Asia is known for its grandeur which is matched by only a few other places in the world. Risen from the ashes of the mighty Khmer empire, Cambodia is the perfect blend of mystic old and sophisticated new cultures.

Places to Visit in Cambodia

  • You can visit one of the most magnificent sites of the world, the temples of Angkor, which are jewels in the crown of Cambodia. Here you can see the unmatched charm of Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious buildings, or Bayon with its 54 towers showcasing 216 gigantic smiling carvings of Avalokiteshvara, or Ta Prohm, the ‘Tomb Raider Temple’ with nature running wild amongst ancient ruins.

  • Take a stroll inside the National Museum of Cambodia featuring the world’s finest Khmer sculpture collection in the chaotic yet charming capital city of Phnom Penh.

  • Spend some quiet time soaking in the beauty of the beaches and the nearby islands of Cambodia’s blissfully undeveloped coastline.

Travel Information for Cambodia

  • Languages Spoken- The official language of Cambodia is Khmer

  • Capital- Phnom Penh

  • Currency- Cambodian Rie

  • Population- 16.48 million

  • Weather Specifications- Cambodia has a warm to moderate climate all year round. The monsoon is at its peak between September and October.

  • Best time to Visit- The best time to visit is from November to March.

  • Cuisine/Delicacies- Khmer cuisine is the traditional cuisine of Cambodia. Some of the popular dishes include Fish amok, Kuy teav, Khmer curry, crab and pepper, etc.

Cambodia Visa Requirements

You can get a visa for Cambodia by applying directly at the Cambodian Embassy located in India. You can also apply for an eVisa at the official website of the embassy or the consulate by filling the details in the form and paying the visa fees via credit card. The eVisa is valid for a period of 30 days and is applicable for tourism, medical visits, or short business trips. You can also get a visa on arrival at Cambodia International Airport in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.

Cambodia Travel Insurance: Details & Benefits

Here are some of the amazing benefits of buying travel insurance online with Bajaj Markets:

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Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling To Cambodia

  • Carry enough cash with you since you might not find ATMs easily.

  • Ensure that you are conventionally dressed as Cambodia is a country that still has its roots in ancient norms and beliefs.

  •  Keep your travel documents handy whenever you are travelling out. You might be asked to produce the same while visiting public places.

  • Do bargain while buying from local shops or streets since most shopkeepers charge a high rate on items when it comes to selling them to foreigners.

  • If there is any emergency in the country at the time of your stay, visit the website of the Indian Embassy in Cambodia.

General FAQs

Is travel insurance easily available for my visit to Cambodia?

Yes. You can easily purchase a Cambodia travel insurance online at inexpensive rates and enjoy your trip without worries.

Do air tickets have to be booked prior to applying for a visa?

Yes. It is advisable that you book your air tickets well in advance before your visa application as proof of your visit.

Does a travel insurance cover loss of baggage, if any?

An overseas travel policy covers your loss of only checked-in baggage for which the insurance provider provides reimbursement.

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