Maldives Travel Insurance Details

When travelling abroad, anything can happen anytime and anywhere. Unfortunate life events can leave you stressed and drain your savings. With a comprehensive Maldives travel insurance plan, rest assured that you are financially covered from such unforeseen eventualities during your trip.

With us at Bajaj Markets, browse through a wide range of travel insurance for Maldives and choose one that best suits your travel needs.

Travel Documents Required While Travelling from India to the Maldives

The following is the list of important documents you will need to keep with you while travelling from India to the Maldives:

  1. A passport with a validity of at least 6 months.

  2. Passport-size photographs.

  3. Proof of funds for the planned duration of stay in the Maldives.

  4. A return ticket to India or a ticket to another destination with a valid visa.

  5. All standard necessary vaccinations as required by Maldives laws.

  6. Health Insurance and Travel Insurance for Maldives.

Benefits of Buying Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance at Bajaj Markets

You can purchase travel insurance at Bajaj Markets online within a few minutes. Here are a few benefits of buying travel insurance with us:

  • Stay Extension

Comprehensive travel insurance allows you to extend your stay in a Chinese hotel in case of an unforeseen emergency, thus avoiding unnecessary additional costs.

  • No Medical Test

Buying a Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance online with Bajaj Markets will mean that policyholders need not go through a rigorous medical checkup (up to a particular age), resulting in time saving.

  • Cashless Facility

Another great benefit of Bajaj Allianz travel insurance is the option of a cashless facility. In case you get admitted to a hospital due to a medical emergency, the insurance provider pays the bill itself without you having to first pay the same and then wait for reimbursement.

How to Apply For Travel Insurance?

At Bajaj Markets, applying for Maldives holiday insurance is a simple and quick process. Follow these five simple steps to apply for Maldives travel insurance with us online:

  • Choose your destination

  • Select the travel dates

  • Enter coverage

  • Fill the form and complete the payment

What Is The Travel Insurance Claim Process?

Filing Maldives insurance claims with Bajaj Markets is a quick and convenient process. Follow these simple steps to register a claim with us:

  • Register your claim online at Bajaj Markets.

  • Upload relevant claim documents online.

  • Your claim will be assessed.

  • If approved, the claim amount will be directly reimbursed to your account.

Maldives Travel Guide

The Maldives is a paradise on earth offering one of the most luxurious holiday experiences one can get. The place has the world’s topmost hotel and travel brands competing to offer services to the tourists that visit every year. In fact, the Maldives is also popular as one of the top honeymoon destinations across the globe.

Places to Visit in the Maldives

  • Visit Hulhumale Island, which is one of the most breathtaking artificial islands in the Maldives. Ever since 2004, the island has seen commercial development and witnessed increased tourism as well. 


Image Source: Travel Tom website

  • Visit the capital city of Male to enjoy the pristine beaches, local marketplaces, and ethnic restaurants to get a real taste of life in the Maldives.


Image Source: Thrillophilia

  • Walk carefree on the white-sand beaches of COMO Cocoa Island, one of the most stunning islands in the country and a popular tourist destination. 


Image Source: COMO Cocoa Hotels website

Maldives Travel Information

Having general knowledge regarding the place you are planning to visit is essential. Here’s some general travel information that may come in handy during your trip to the Maldives.

  • Language Spoken: Dhivehi

  • Capital: Malé

  • Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa

  • Population: Estimated to be at 0.54 million by the end of 2019

  • Weather Specifications: Tropical

  • Temperature: Lows: 25 °C; Highs: 30 °C

  • Best Time to visit: Between November and April

Famous Cuisine/Delicacies of Maldives

  • Bis keemiya

  • Boshi mashuni

  • Huni roshi

  • Saagu bondibai

Maldives Trip: Safety And Precautionary Measures to Be Undertaken

Here’s a list of things to remember when planning a trip to the Maldives:

  • Keep your passport with you at all times.

  • Make sure you are aware of the country’s laws and follow them.

  • Do not overextend your stay if your visa has expired.

  • Avoid travelling to remote or isolated places without some guidance.

  • Since the Maldives has a 100% Islamic population, be considerate of the culture and traditions.

  • Alcohol, bathing suits, and public display of affection are illegal in public places in the Maldives

  • Appropriate Maldives travel insurance with adequate medical coverage will be necessary for a safe trip.

Indian Embassy in the Maldives

In case you need any assistance from the Indian governmental authorities while you’re in the Maldives, you can visit the Indian Embassy in the country.

You can find details about the Indian Embassy down below:


  • Address:

The Embassy of India, Athireege Aage, Ameeru Ahmed Magu, Henveiru, Male, Maldives - 20125

  • Website:

  • Email:

  • Visa Enquiry Telephone Number:

(+960) - 3323015/3323016

List of International Airports in the Maldives

Here is the list of international airports in the Maldives you should know about:

  1. Velana International Airport

  2. Gan International Airport

  3. Hanimaadhoo International Airport

  4. Maafaru International Airport

  5. Maamigili International Airport

Maldives Currency and Foreign Exchange Information

The official currency used in the Maldives is the Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) and is locally called rufiyaa. As of now, 1 Indian Rupee equals 0.21 MVR but this rate fluctuates as per the change in foreign exchange market. It is recommended that you convert your currency to MVR before you reach the Maldives and carry an adequate amount of currency for the duration of your stay. It is also a good idea to carry an international credit or debit card that can be used in the Maldives.

Why Should I Choose Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Available On Bajaj Markets?

Besides wide travel insurance coverage, Bajaj Markets offers several convenient benefits such as:

  • Quick online application

  • Hassle-free claim settlement

  • More than 10,000 network hospitals around the globe

  • 24/7 on-call support

FAQs on Maldives Travel Insurance

How can I get travel insurance for Maldives from India?

You can buy travel insurance on Bajaj Markets or other online sites. 

Which is the best travel insurance for Maldives from India?

You can find the best travel insurance by comparing different travel insurance plans provided by various companies. 

How can I contact the Indian embassy in Maldives?

You can email the Indian embassy at -

Can I travel abroad without travel insurance?

Most countries require travellers to have at least basic health and travel insurance when they are visiting. 

Where can I find cheap travel insurance?

You will have to compare different travel insurance plans available online and select a plan that fits your budget. 

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