Mexico Travel Guide

Located in the fringes of North America, Mexico is a city, which keeps drawing tourists in every year. Specially known for the rugged countryside and its cuisine, Mexico is a destination of delight, which needs to be explored first hand if you want to delve into its real beauty. A relaxing holiday at Mexico is all you need for your next vacation, with a Mexico Travel Insurance ready at hand.

Place to Visit in Mexico

  • If you want to experience a lit beach scene, then the place for you to head out to would be - Playa del Carmen, more popularly known as Playa. This is one of the most happening places of Mexico and is ideal for all those who are looking for some relaxation, and fun.

  • Want to see something truly remarkable? Head to Izama! It is more popularly known as the Yellow City, any guesses why? All the houses that this city has are yellow in color! It is one of those picture-perfect places in the world, which one cannot afford to miss.

  • Isla Cozumel should also be on your list of places to visit in Mexico, if you are interested in scuba diving. The marine life that you will get to experience when here is one worth remembering. Go and take a dip!

  • Interested in another natural wonder? Then Los Cabos is your place. There are two amazing things that this place boasts of. One, the sea and the desert, meet here and you will find the sun shining for 350 days in a year!

  • Apart from these you can also visit Guadalajara, Acapulco and Mazatlan.

Things to remember

  • Languages Spoken 

Mexico is a land of many languages. The primary tongue of this country is Spanish, which is its national language. Along with Spanish, you will find many people speaking in Nahuatl, Yucatec, Maya and Mixtec here.

  • Capital

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico.

  • Currency

Mexican Peso is the currency of this country.

  • Population

According to 2019 estimates, the current population of Mexico stands at 126,577,691.

  • Best time to Visits

Mexico is a place which is best enjoyed without the rains. Since there are so many beaches and lovely city streets which are ideal for taking a tour on your feet, it is best to visit this country when the weather remains moderate – not rainy and not too sunny. The period from December to April is the best time to take a tour of this country, since the weather ranges from being cool to pleasant. The rains which set in right after that might dampen your holiday spirit.

  • Cuisine/Delicacies

One should never leave Mexico without trying out its famous dishes, the land of many exotic cuisines. When in Mexico, try out Chilaquiles, which are ideal for breakfast, pozole, tacos, tostadas, and of course, the well-famed enchiladas.

  • Requirements for Visa Application

You must get a tourist visa to visit Mexico. The same is valid for six months for a single entry and can be extended for double or multiple entries in special circumstances. The visa must be used within 90 days of its issue. You would need to furnish your identity documents, address proof, and financial records to get your Mexican visa approved.

  • Visiting near-by countries

If you are travelling through Mexico and think of visiting the nearby states of America, do remember to buy USA travel insurance first.

Mexico Travel Insurance Benefits

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