New Zealand Travel Guide

New Zealand is gaining popularity as an offbeat and exotic tourist destination to travel to. In fact, few places in New Zealand is very serene just in the lap of nature. So, if you are in search of a maiden place to explore, New Zealand the perfect tourist destination for you. However, you must get a New Zealand travel insurance ready at hand, before you set out on your journey!

Places to Visit in New Zealand

  • One of the starlit attractions of this place is Auckland and when in Auckland, you must visit the Muriwai Beach. There is also the Gannet Colony there, which you should definitely take a tour of once. This beach is a pleasure to visit when the weather is cloudy and stormy.

  • Have you heard of Milford Sound? Located in New Zealand, this little natural haven is a place that is definitely worth exploring and if you want to know what it feels like to explore true natural wonders, then you should definitely visit this place once. Oh! And yes, the Dolphins here treat the tourists quite well!

  • Are you interested in surfing? Then the best place for you is Piha. If you are looking for some peace and quiet and you want to enjoy some surfing time as well, then Piha should be a must visit on your travel itinerary.

  • Apart from these places, the natural beauty of New Zealand can be explored at Mount Cook, Matapouri in Northland, Wanaka and the Takapuna Beach.

Things to keep in Mind while Travelling to New Zealand

  • Languages Spoken 

The commonly spoken language in New Zealand is English. There are also a number of people who communicate in Maori, a native language.

  • Capital

Wellington is the capital city of this country and it is one of the busiest places, always bustling with activities.

  • Currency

If you are thinking about visiting this country, then you will have to get your currency exchanged to the New Zealand dollar.

  • Population

Data published by the World Bank in 2017, shows the population of this country is around 47.9lakhs. So, it’s neither sparsely populated nor is it densely populated.

  • Best time to Visit

The locals of New Zealand and many travel enthusiasts are of the opinion that anytime is the best time to visit New Zealand. The summer months lasting from December to February has been identified as the most popular time of visit by tourists. If, however you want to avoid the onslaught of many tourists then you can visit during the fall when the natural wonders of New Zealand paint themselves in a completely different light. If you are more in for touring the country on hikes and trails, then spring, starting from September to November, is the right time to visit this place.

  • Higher Education

Many students look for opportunities to travel to New Zealand to pursue their higher studies. If you are also interested in going to schools like the University of Auckland, Victoria University of Wellington or the University of Canterbury, it is advisable to purchase a student travel insurance before moving to New Zealand.

  • Cuisine/Delicacies

Crayfish is a must try when in New Zealand. Pavlova and Kiwi burgers too are something that you should not give a miss.

New Zealand Visa Requirements

Identity proof, address proof, bona fide, good character, health and police certificates are required for you to get hold of a tourist visa to New Zealand. You may apply for your online visa and send the supporting documents to the immigration authorities. For any queries related to your visa, reach out to the New Zealand Embassy or Consulate.

New Zealand Travel Insurance Benefits

Whether travelling alone or with family, for everyone’s protection, make sure you get New Zealand travel insurance policy. Not only does your travel insurance coverage protect your from unforeseen contingencies in times of helplessness, but also guarantee you a stress-free travel by our quick assistance whenever needed! Apply for your travel insurance plan at affordable prices today!

Visiting near-by Countries

If you are also planning to visit the land of kangaroos, do remember to first buy an Australia Travel Insurance policy to make your entry into this neighbouring country hassle-free.

New Zealand Travel Insurance FAQs

Why do I need a Travel Insurance?

New Zealand travel insurance plan shall keep you covered against any accidental damages arising due to health problems, luggage loss, passport loss, etc. It ensures you a worriless travel experience.

Why should you buy Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance on Bajaj Markets?

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance available on Bajaj Markets extends you an affordable travel insurance cover for all your trip expenses, and keeps you covered against medical emergencies or other arising risks of travel.

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