Sri Lanka Travel Guide

Sri Lanka is an island country located in the south-west part of the Bay of Bengal. It is geographically separated from the Indian sub-continent by the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Munnar. The country has a rich cultural history and people from different ethnicities like Sinhalese, Tamil, Moors, Burghers, Chinese, Malays and indigenous Veddas. The country has a strong infrastructure with a number of road networks catering to inland transportation. It also holds a strong air and water transport modalities for efficient inland travel.

Sri Lanka Travel Information


The official languages of Sri Lanka are Sinhala and Tamil. However, people also speak English, Portuguese Creole, Dutch and Creole Mulay in some parts of the country.


Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte


Sri Lankan Rupee


It is the 57th most populated country in the world, with an approximate 21,670,000 people. 


Between May to June, the temperature reaches 25oC, while from January to April it is around 30o 

Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

The peak season starts in January and extends to April or mid-July, where the island is dry throughout. However, some tourist also prefer visiting Sri Lanka during the monsoon season, that falls between October- January

Best Cuisine to try in Sri Lanka

Popular Sri Lankan dishes include pittu, kiribath, wattalapam, kottu and hoppers. You will also see an influence of Mediterranean, Dutch and Portuguese dishes on the Sri Lankan streets.


Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

  • For thrilling water-sports, visit the long-stretched seashores at Bentota. You can indulge in various activities here, such as parasailing, banana boat journey, canoeing, kayaking, etc.

  •  Visit the charming floating market in Pettah. Set up over the Beira Lake, the market is ideal for shopping for traditional artefacts, garments, and souvenirs.

  • Take a scenic trail ride in the Nuwara Eliya hill station. Enjoy the view of its grand tea plantations, waterfalls and majestic mountains.

Sri Lanka Visa Requirements

You can avail an electronic visa through the Sri Lanka ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation). You can complete the ETA process by applying online and specifying your reason for visit - tourism, transit or business. The eVisa gets automatically connected to your passport and is valid up to 30 days from the day of arrival.

Things to Keep In Mind While Visiting Sri Lanka

  • During the peak seasons, the hotel, as well as flight rates become quite expensive. Make sure you do all your travel bookings in advance.

  •  Be respectful of the country’s cultural history and political past while interacting with locals.

  • Because of the country’s tropical weather, it is important that you keep yourself hydrated. Carry a water bottle and wear light-clothes for comfortable travelling.

  •  If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka during the monsoon, make sure you carry umbrellas, windcheaters, spare clothes and mosquito repellents.

  • To prepare for any unfortunate events while travelling, it is advisable that you buy a Sri Lanka Travel Insurance before starting your journey.

Sri Lanka Travel Insurance Details

A travel insurance coverage offers coverage to individuals, families and students travelling abroad. These insurance plans offer relief in case of any unfortunate events while travelling, such as medical emergencies, loss of passport or baggage while in another country, along with flight cancellation costs and many more.

Sri Lanka Travel Insurance for Individuals:

Offers coverage for individual travellers against the theft of personal belongings, emergency medical expenses, cancellation of flights, bookings, etc.

Sri Lanka Travel Insurance for Families:

It is a single travel insurance plan that provides insurance benefits for an entire family while travelling abroad.

Sri Lanka Travel Insurance for Students:

Several foreign universities have made it mandatory for non-native students to have a student travel insurance plan before leaving their home country. The Bajaj Allianz student travel insurance plan offers coverage to students going abroad for loss of study materials, laptops as well as provide aid during medical and financial emergencies.

Benefits of buying a Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance at Bajaj Markets

  • Extensive medical coverage:

With 6000+ empanelled hospitals across India and plans that offer medical coverage from 1.5 lakh to 50 lakh

  • Swift Claim Settlement:

Now you do not have to go through the tedious process of waiting in line for submitting your insurance documents. Bajaj Markets offers fast online processing of your claim.

  • 24*7 Assistance:

No matter in which part of the world you are travelling, you can avail instant on-call assistance with our 24x7 helpline. All you have to do is give a missed call on the number- +91 124 6174720, and we will get in touch with you for providing assistance.

  • Hassle-free settlements:

Bajaj Markets offer hassle-free settlement on all your travelling woes.

  • In-House Settlement:

Bajaj Markets does not involve any third party during any stage of applying for travel insurance online or its claim settlement. All the verification and claim assessment processes are done in-house.

Why Should I Choose Bajaj Travel Insurance While Travelling To Sri Lanka?

Your travel insurance offers a comprehensive insurance plan for solo travellers, families and people travelling for business purposes. Its Sri Lanka Travel Insurance plan offers coverage for the following-

  • Loss/ Misplacement of baggage

  • Cancellation/ derailment of flight

  •  Coverage in case of an unfortunate event of Hijack

  •  Emergency cash benefit

  • Coverage for loss of passport

  • Coverage for Medical emergencies

  • Delays in receiving check-in baggage

What Is The Claim Process For Travel Insurance?

You can apply online for your Sri Lanka Travel Insurance claim. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Register your travel insurance claim online at Bajaj Markets.

Step 2: Upload all documents required for your travel claim settlement such as medical bills in case of medical emergencies, FIR complaints in case of loss/theft of baggage or passport, etc.

Step 3: Get your claims assessed by our in-house insurer

Step 4: Check your claim status online

Sri Lanka Travel Insurance FAQ

Q. Is it compulsory to buy travel insurance?

Some countries make it mandatory for tourists to have travel insurance. Although travel insurance is not compulsory for all countries, it is advisable to get one to ensure coverage against emergency medical or financial expenses in a foreign country.

Q. Should I buy travel insurance before or after I book my tickets?

It is advisable that you buy travel insurance before you book your tickets

Q. Do I carry my insurance policy along with me while travelling?

Yes, it is important that you carry your travel insurance policy along with you. This way, you can easily submit details like policy number, type of coverage, etc. in case you wish to apply for a claim while abroad.

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