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With the changing needs and environmental implications, electric bikes, scooters, cars, and buses are becoming the new normal because of their amazing features. As global warming affects millions worldwide, the need for sustainable and efficient energy keeps rising. In India, electric bikes and cars have started gaining popularity as they are more environmentally viable and reduce fuel costs significantly.


If you plan to buy an electric bike, you will also need to get accompanying electric bike insurance to protect your vehicle against accidental and other damages. Possession of third-party cover is a legal requirement laid out in the New Motor Vehicle Act of 2019. However, you have the options of comprehensive two-wheeler bike insurance and third-party insurance plans to choose from. You can buy the one that better suits your requirements. 

Types of Electric Bike Insurance Plans

Insurance for an electric scooter is important as it helps offset financial costs that may arise in case of an accident. Listed below are the two types of insurance plans you can purchase as an e-bike owner.

1. Third-party Insurance Plan 

This is a rudimentary form of insurance for e-bikes. Plans of this type provide coverage for the third party in case they are injured or their vehicle is damaged due to an accident involving your insured two-wheeler. In such a scenario, coverage is not provided if you or your electric bike sustain injuries, loss, or damage. This level of insurance is deemed mandatory for all vehicles wishing to operate on Indian roads.

2. Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance 

Provided your pocket allows, you should consider availing comprehensive bike insurance. This is because, in addition to providing coverage for a third party in case of an accident, loss, or theft, you and your electric bike are also provided with coverage. This holds true if you have a personal accident and crash your vehicle.

Key Features and Benefits of Electric Bike Insurance

Electric motorcycle insurance provides you with numerous advantages. Some of these have been examined below.

Provides Financial Support

With a valid electric two-wheeler insurance cover, expenses that may arise from the damage or loss of your two-wheeler are taken care of by your insurance provider. Depending upon the insurance’s terms and conditions, comprehensive bike insurance thus provides financial support during such times. 

Personal Accident Coverage

If you have opted for a comprehensive e-bike insurance plan, you needn’t worry about expenses associated with a  personal accident. This is because your insurance provider will account for them. You will also have access to buy add-on covers for your e-bike that enhance your policy coverage. However, these are subject to availability. 

No-claim Bonus

Depending on the kind of policy you opt for, you can avail of the benefits associated with a  No Claim Bonus in bike insurance. This bonus serves as a kind of reward for using your vehicle responsibly.

Legal Protection

Third-party liability coverage, which happens to be mandatory in India, is fulfilled under a third-party bike insurance plan and comprehensive plans. However, if you fail to insure your e-bike, it will lead to penalties up to ₹4,000 or imprisonment, depending upon the circumstances. 

Peace of Mind

Owning electric bike insurance in India gives you peace of mind while using your vehicle. This is because you no longer need to worry about the expenses that might arise if/when your vehicle (or someone else’s) is damaged, lost, or stolen, as coverage is provided for the same.

Importance of Electric Two-wheeler Vehicles

E-bikes are the most green transportation popular product on the market. These bikes utilise rechargeable, lithium-based batteries that make them very environment-friendly. Moreover, they produce close to no pollutants and hence, are very energy efficient. 


E-bikes are cheaper as compared to diesel, petrol, or CNG operative vehicles. Additionally, insurance companies have offered multiple e-bike insurance plans that offer coverage against the damage and repair costs of electric bikes. 

Inclusions & Exclusions of Electric Two-wheeler Insurance

Electric bike insurance coverage includes the following considerations.

  • Coverage is provided for the repair and replacement of parts of your electric bike that have been damaged

  • Coverage is provided in case natural calamities cause damage or loss to your two-wheeler.

  • Coverage is provided if the insured vehicle is involved in a personal accident

  • Accidents that involve third parties will be provided with coverage

  • In case your electric bike is damaged owing to a strike, riot, theft, or fire, you will receive coverage to offset expenses associated with the same

  • Road accidents that involve your electric bike and cause damage to it will be covered


Every type of insurance plan has a set of exclusions. These have been mentioned below.

  • Damage incurred by an insured electric bike owing to a war-like situation is not provided with coverage

  • Any damage sustained while driving your electric bike when your electric bike’s insurance policy isn’t valid or your licence isn’t valid won’t be considered for coverage

  • The regular wear and tear associated with your insured vehicle being used are not covered

  • If your insured vehicle sustains any electrical or mechanical breakdowns of its own accord, expenses arising from the same are not covered

  • Insurance will not provide coverage if a two-wheeler sustains any damage or is involved in an accident owing to it being driven under the influence of intoxicants or because of speeding

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Electric Bike Insurance Add-on Covers

When you buy e-bike insurance, you can enhance your coverage by availing of optional add-ons. Also called riders, these are designed to further enhance the scope of your coverage. Listed below are some of the popular add-ons available for most electric two-wheeler insurance plans:

1. Personal Accident Cover

With this cover, financial security is provided if the rider of the insured vehicle sustains a personal accident resulting in injury, total or partial disability, or death.

2. No-claim Bonus

This refers to the reduction in premium if the insured vehicle’s owner doesn’t make a single claim over the policy term.

3. Engine Protection Cover

This add-on provides coverage for damages sustained by the engine of the vehicle. These damages may arise from lubricating oil leaks, water ingress, or engine failure.

4. Return to Invoice Cover

Here, compensation is provided when the vehicle is stolen or beyond repair. This compensation amounts to the same value as the bike’s invoice value, i.e., the original value of the two-wheeler when the owner first bought it.

Tips on Buying Insurance for an Electric Two-wheeler Vehicle

Purchasing an electric bike insurance plan should be a matter of deep analysis and great consideration. It can help you save a lot of money on repair and replacement costs in case of an accident. It can also help you greatly if you find yourself in a situation that has you paying damage compensation to a third party. 


Hence, here are a few tips that you can keep in mind during the purchase of your electric two-wheeler insurance. 

  • Choose a plan that offers you holistic coverage. Your bike deserves to enjoy the full benefit of the electric bike insurance cost.

  • Check whether your electric bike insurance covers breakdown charges/services

  • Make sure that the plan covers the legal mandate of having third-party person/property coverage

  • Choose an electric bike insurance plan that covers personal damage to property and life

  • Ensure that your chosen insurance company offers cashless and reimbursement claim options

  • Purchase a plan that brings you access to a maximum number of network garages

  • Learn everything about the no-claim bonuses offered by your preferred insurer

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How to Submit a Claim for an Electric Bike Insurance?

Follow these simple steps to raise a claim for electric bike insurance.

  • Keep your insurance company informed about the damages and the reason for the damage sustained by your electric bike. This will help the company to prepare and initiate the procedure

  • Click and save pictures of the damages on your e-bike as proof

  • Keep handy the required documents and the claim form

  • Allow your insurance company to initiate an inspection where the damages will be scrutinised

  • Submit all the invoices and receipts that quote the price of the repairs and replacements, in case of a reimbursement claim

  • Let the insurer and network garage settle the payment if you chose to claim cashless services through your insurance policy

  • Offer the insurance company the assistance and information they may require from you in order to carry out the claim process

Dos and Don'ts of Electric Bike Insurance Claim

Commit these electric bike insurance dos and don’ts to your memory in order to make no mistakes when it comes to claims. 



If a person is injured after an accident you were involved in, make note of the injured persons details and the hospital they are being treated in.

Do not move a bike in case of a major accident.

Capture pictures of your damaged bike and the site of the accident.

If you were in an accident that involved a third party as well, go to the nearest police station. Do not flee from the scene. 

How to Lower the Cost of Insurance for Electric Bikes?

Here are a few steps to reduce the cost of insurance for electric bikes:

  • Buy insurance from a digital insurer that caters to the customers directly

  • Lower additional costs by selecting the correct add-ons

  • Install safety devices to avail of discounts on the premium (if available)

  • Try to retain the No-claim Bonus (NCB) by not raising claims for minor damages on your e-bike

Factors That Impact the Premium of Insurance for Electric Bikes

Here are a few factors that affect the premium of your electric bike insurance. 

  • Insured Declared Value (IDV)

  • No-claim Bonus (NCB)

  • Vehicle’s capacity (kilowatts)

  • Type of bike

  • Add-ons or Insurance Riders

  • Bike’s age

  • Sum insured

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As the world moves towards sustainable and efficient energy sources, electric cars and bikes are bound to become more mainstream. If you plan to buy an electric bike in the future, you should also get an electric bike insurance policy. It will protect your vehicle against various damages such as accidents, natural calamities, fires, etc. You can also consider buying add-on covers with your bike insurance plan to enhance the scope of your policy.

FAQs on Electric Bike Insurance

Yes, it is. As per the New Motor Vehicles Act, 2019, you, as an electric bike owner, must mandatorily have at least a third-party liability cover to be able to ride your vehicle anywhere in India.

The names of the two different types of electric bike insurance plans available in the market today are as follows.

  • Third-party insurance plan

  • Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance

Here are some of the documents you will need to renew a bike insurance plan online.

  • A recent passport-size photograph

  • A valid driver’s licence and registration certificate

  • Details pertaining to your previous policy

  • Information pertaining to your bank account

  • Proof of address

  • Proof of identity

You need to renew your e-bike insurance before the policy expires. Here’s the online procedure for renewing your insurance plan.

  • Visit the official website of the insurer

  • Fill in the required details like your e-bike registration number and policy number

  • Locate the ‘Renew’ option on the screen

  • Review and verify all the details you have filled in

  • Add or remove add-ons according to your needs

  • The new premium amount will reflect the changes after the addition or reduction of the add-ons

  • Once the revised premium amount is displayed on the screen, make the payment via net banking, debit/credit card, UPI, etc

  • After the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation message and email with the details of your renewed plan from the insurer

Besides e-bike insurance, a rider or owner must always have a registration certificate, PUC certificate, and driving licence.

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, an e-bike rider must carry a valid Pollution Under Control certificate while driving on Indian roads.

The documents required for electric scooter insurance online include identity and address proofs and two passport-sized photos.


Under electric bike insurance, you can find comprehensive bike insurance plans. Such policies can offer you cashless garage services and an array of add-on covers among other benefits. Through comprehensive electric bike insurance, you can claim the support of own-damage insurance and third-party insurance in a single electric bike insurance plan.

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