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What is Return to Invoice in Car Insurance?

‘Return to Invoice’ or RTI in car insurance is a type of special add-on cover that you can purchase on top of your comprehensive insurance policy. Add-on covers are highly specific insurance plans that are used to enhance the scope of your comprehensive car insurance policy. The RTI cover in car insurance serves the special purpose of providing you with the full invoice price of your car as an insurance claim in the event of total accidental damage or theft.


Return to invoice, also known as RTI, is an add-on cover that offers compensation equivalent to your vehicle’s invoice value. To put it simply, it provides the purchase value of your car (when you bought it) in case of total loss due to theft or complete damage. Still not sure of when it comes handy? Let’s understand RTI car insurance better with an example:


Pooja, a 35-year-old woman, purchased a Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza in May 2021. While insuring her car, she fortunately included the return to invoice cover in her Brezza car insurance. Within 5 months of buying this four-wheeler, she lost her Brezza to a burglar. Now, since she had the return to invoice cover, she received the total bill amount of her car from the insurance company.

How Does Return to Invoice Cover Work?

The maximum receivable claim amount under a comprehensive motor insurance policy is limited to the vehicle’s IDV. The return to invoice cover helps you bridge the gap between your car’s IDV and invoice value. The maximum IDV you can receive for a new four-wheeler is 95% of the invoice value. So, if your car’s invoice value is ₹9,00,000, you will at max get ₹8,55,000. It means, you will have to forgo ₹45,000 at the time of claim.


However, with RTI car insurance, you don’t have to give away that 5% of the invoice value as well. In case of total loss, you will receive a full ₹9,00,000 without deducting any depreciable amount. Well, yes. You lost your priceless possession, but you do not have to go through any financial losses. That will at least dial down the grief of losing your car.

What is Covered/Not Covered Under the Return to Invoice Cover?

Let us further understand when this is cover applicable and when it isn’t:

  • When is RTI Car Insurance Applicable:

  1. When you live in a theft-prone area

  2. Times when secure parking is not available

  3. Financial burden

  4. Areas prone to natural calamities

  • When is RTI Car Insurance Not Applicable:

  1. Minor damages

  2. Third-party liability cover

  3. For cars that are over 3 years old

  4. When no FIR is filed in case of theft


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How is RTI Calculated?

Calculating return to invoice in car insurance is pretty easy. In case you have raised a claim due to total loss, all you have to do is take a look at your purchase invoice. In most cases, it is equal to the value mentioned in the invoice. And that’s it. You have arrived at the receivable claim amount without making an effort.

How Much Does the Return to Invoice Cover Cost?

The return to invoice cover can be a tad expensive as it extends the scope of your insurance plan. It is priced 10% higher than a standard comprehensive motor insurance plan. It is a negligible amount to secure your brand new vehicle from theft and other threats that could cause complete damage.

Advantages of the Return to Invoice Cover

Check out the benefits of the RTI cover:

  • Increases the Scope of Coverage

The return to invoice cover is an add-on cover that offers extra coverage. It closes the gap between your car’s IDV and purchase value. So, even if your IDV is 90% of the purchase amount, you will receive the entire invoice value.

  • Provides Full Coverage Against Theft

People with brand new cars are prone to be the victims of robbery. Yes. It is commonly believed that it is impossible to steal brand new models because carmakers are now making theft-proof cars. However, aren’t we underestimating our robbers? Burglars have been honing their thievery skills with every new technology that emerges in the auto industry. So, you cannot push the entire responsibility of keeping your car safe from theft on anti-theft features and devices. However, an RTI cover can help you get full coverage in an event where your car is stolen.

  • Beneficial in Case of Complete Loss

Natural calamities and serious accidents can cause total damage to the car. In case your car is damaged beyond repair, the return to invoice cover shall offer the purchase value of your vehicle during claim settlement.

How to Claim Return to Invoice

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make a return to invoice claim:


  • Step 1: Inform the insurer about the event.

  • Step 2: File an FIR in case of theft/get feedback from an authorised garage as proof that your car is completely damaged.

  • Step 3: Share important documents such as the FIR copy, policy document, and other details with your insurer.

  • Step 4: Your motor insurance claim shall be settled once the documents are verified and approved.

Return to Invoice vs Zero Depreciation Cover: Which is Better?

Let’s understand the difference between RTI and zero depreciation car insurance covers:


Return to Invoice Cover

Zero Depreciation Cover


It is an add-on cover that offers the invoice value of your car in case of theft or total loss.

This add-on cover ascertains that the depreciation value of your car isn’t deducted during claim settlement.


To fill the gap between the IDV and invoice value of your car.

To cover the differences between the actual cost of repair and the depreciation value of your car’s components.


For cars that are less than or equal to 3 years old

For cars that are less than or equal to 5 years old

Things to Remember

Here are a few points you must remember with respect to the return to invoice cover:


  • Since RTI is an add-on cover, opting for it will increase your overall car insurance premium rate.

  • This cover is only applicable for new cars that are not more than 3 years old.

  • It offers financial security against total loss due to complete damage or theft.

And that’s all that one needs to know about the return to invoice cover! If you own a new car, cover it against extreme uncertainties as well. Check out other additional covers and opt only for those add-ons that are absolutely necessary for you. At Bajaj Markets, we have a range of car insurance plans and add-on covers in store for you. Head over to our ‘Car Insurance’ page and get a lucrative deal on the best motor insurance plan.

FAQs on RTI in Car Insurance

Is it worth buying Return to Invoice cover with car insurance?

 If you live in an area where accidents and thefts are common, you should consider getting this add-on cover. 

Can I cancel the RTI in car insurance if I do not want the add-on anymore?

Yes, you can remove the add-on cover from your plan when you renew your car insurance or switch to a different insurer. 

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