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Comprehensive car insurance offers to you plans that can provide holistic coverage, including third-party car insurance. It covers the repair and replacement expenses of a third-party vehicle involved in a mishap as well as your own.


Here are some of the key highlights of comprehensive car insurance:



Cashless Garages


Third-party Damage


Own Damage


Personal Accident


Natural Disaster Damage




No-claim Bonus

Up to 50%

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policies Available at Bajaj Markets

Here are all the comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies for four-wheelers that you can opt for on Bajaj Markets:

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Disclaimer: The comprehensive car insurance premium rates are indicative and calculated for the lowest cc car. The actual premium may vary based on various factors. Kindly check the prevailing premium prices before purchasing your car insurance policy.

Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance

Own Damage and Third-party Coverage

The term ‘comprehensive car insurance’  signifies the provision of insurance for your four wheeler that offers you complete coverage, something beyond third-party car insurance. Comprehensive car insurance covers not only the damages inflicted upon a third-party vehicle but also the repair and replacement expenses of your own car.

No Claim Bonus (NCB)

Comprehensive car insurance supports your safety and security immensely and offers you a bonus for every year you cruise through without any damages caused to yourself or your car. Hence, for every claim-free year, you are given a discount applicable to the upcoming renewal. This could go up to 50% which is a massive cut-off on the premium renewal price!

Cost Effective

You might be hesitating while buying comprehensive car insurance since its premium price is slightly higher than third-party car insurance. However, with coverage being the biggest priority, comprehensive car insurance can offer you so much more than a third-party car insurance can along with a wider range of benefits.

Covers Multiple Eventualities

Comprehensive car insurance doesn’t just cover you and a third-party vehicle in case of an accident. It also covers any damages or financial loss caused due to accidents, thefts, natural disasters, fires, and man-made calamities, offering holistic coverage in various situations.

Coverage Extension

The extent of coverage offered by comprehensive car insurance is massive since it allows you to include top-ups and add-ons to the basic insurance policy. These add-on covers can enhance your plan and increase the overall coverage you can claim through your policy such as accidental hospitalisation charges, roadside assistance expenses, etc.

How Does Comprehensive Insurance Work Under Car Policy?

This comprehensive motor insurance can be perfect for you if you are a private car owner. It covers third-party vehicle damage in the event of an accident and helps you protect your finances against damages. These can be caused to your vehicle during theft, mishaps on the road, natural calamities, fires, etc.  


Such car insurance also covers the unfortunate demise of a third-party, property damage and disability compensation. It also provides personal accident coverage for you and/or a passenger in your personal four-wheeler vehicle. This personal accident cover will provide compensation in the event of accidental hospitalisation or an unfortunate demise.

Inclusions & Exclusions in Comprehensive Car Insurance





  • Damage caused due to fires are covered.

  • Coverage for damage caused by explosions are also covered.



  • Accidental damage to the car is covered

  • This includes repair and replacements along with a person’s safety



  • Any damage caused by natural calamities is covered

  • Repair costs for man-made calamities is covered



  • In case of theft, compensation/coverage can be claimed.

  • However, this is only for your own vehicle.

Personal Accident


  • If you bear any injuries during an accident, financial support will be provided.

  • Hospitalisation coverage and death compensation can also be claimed.

Third-party Coverage


  • Basic third-party coverage is included under this insurance

  • It covers the vehicle owned by a third party involved in an accident or mishap




Driving Under the Influence


  • Should you be involved in an accident while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other substances, no coverage will be provided.

Illegal Driving


  • If you are under the age of 18 years and incur vehicular damage or injuries during an accident, you won’t be able to claim coverage

Unlicensed Driving


  • If damage or injuries caused during an accident are a result of driving without a license, you cannot claim coverage from your insurance.

Mechanical Damage


  • Mechanical breakdowns or damages are not covered under comprehensive car insurance

War Damage


  • Damage caused due to war-like situations persisting in your region will not be given any coverage

Wear and Tear Repairs


  • Basic wear and tear repairs of the car due to old age or irresponsible use will not be covered under this plan

How to Buy Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Motor insurance has grown along with the various technological developments in the past few years. You now have the option to purchase your comprehensive car insurance online. Here’s how you can do so through www.bajajfinservmarkets.in.


Step 1: Navigate to the ‘Car Insurance Premium Calculator’ page


Step 2: Enter your car number, mobile number, area pin code and other additional details


Step 3: Choose from multiple comprehensive car insurance policy options displayed on your screen


Step 4: Add the insurance riders of your preference to the basic plan


Step 5: Pay the premium amount through your preferred online payment method

What are the Add-on Covers under Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance offers you the chance of adding various top-ups and insurance riders to your plan. Hence, you can customise your comprehensive car insurance policy to precisely fit your needs. The add-ons offered by a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy for four-wheelers are given below:


Zero Depreciation Cover

Under this add-on, the insurer will not deduct your vehicle’s depreciation value from the claim amount during the settlement period. However, only cars that are less than five years old can be covered by this.


Return to Invoice

This rider helps you acquire an Insured Declared Value (IDV) that is the same as the purchase price of your vehicle. This can be a perfect fit for you if you are the owner of a brand new car. 


Consumable Cover

Consumables include washers, nuts, bolts, coolants, engine oils, etc. This add-on can enhance your comprehensive car insurance policy to offer coverage for consumables in case of damage. 


Engine Protection Cover

In case of damage caused to your car’s engine due to an accident, natural calamity, man-made disaster, etc., the engine protection add-on will provide you coverage against unforeseen mishaps.


No-claim Bonus (NCB) Protection

No-claim Bonus or NCB in car insurance is a discount you can get on subsequent renewal premiums for every claim-free year. This add-on cover will offer you a little cheat chit where you can get one chance to make a claim without tarnishing your claim-free year record.


Comprehensive Car Insurance Premium

Comprehensive car insurance premium refers to the basic amount paid by you for purchasing the coverage and benefits of a particular insurance plan. The premium price is greatly affected by factors such as your car’s IDV, add-ons, model, age of the car, etc.

Now let’s have a look at how your insurance premium will be calculated, the factors that will determine your insurance premium and how you can reduce your car insurance premium.

How is Comprehensive Car Insurance Premium Calculated?

You can calculate an estimate of your comprehensive car insurance price by yourself to decide the perfect insurance plan for you. For a manual calculation, you can use the following formula.


Own Damage Premium – (No Claim Bonus + Discounts) + Cost of Add-ons + Third-Party Premium as Fixed by the IRDAI = Comprehensive Car Insurance

However, to make things significantly easier for you, Bajaj Markets offers the comprehensive car insurance premium calculator. You can use this to derive an approximate premium amount depending on your car’s model, brand, purchasing price, etc. All you need to do is enter fundamental details of your car into the premium calculator and you will be able to find out an estimate of the potential premium amount of your comprehensive car insurance plan.

Factors That Determine Comprehensive Car Insurance Premiums

Here are the factors that determine comprehensive car insurance premiums. 

  • Insured Declared Value

The current market price of your car determines the Insured Declared Value or IDV of your car. The insurer will decide this value for you and deduct a depreciation value from the initial IDV. The older your car is, the lower the IDV will be and your comprehensive car insurance premium will be calculated accordingly.

  • Car’s Model and Make

Your car’s make, model and brand also contribute to your comprehensive car insurance premium. A standard car would have a lower insurance premium as compared to a sports car, which features a higher degree of risk. Similarly, four-wheelers with a high cubic capacity and those which function on gas or CNG may require paying higher premium prices.

  • Safety Systems

If your car has an anti-theft alarm installed in it, this can lead to a drop in the premium price you are supposed to pay. These can include car alarms, anti-theft systems, good quality safety locks, a GPS tracking system, etc.

  • Desired Coverage

If you are satisfied with the basic coverage offered by comprehensive car insurance, your premium price would be the closest to the estimated value computed by an insurance premium calculator. However, the premium price can increase depending on insurance customisation through add-ons and insurance riders.

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How to Reduce Your Comprehensive Car Insurance Premium?

Here’s four ways in which you can reduce your comprehensive car insurance premium:

  • Policy Comparison

Just like you look at the models and makes of various cars before you purchase a brand new car, make sure to look at various comprehensive car insurance policies before purchasing a plan. You could even find the perfect insurance plan for yourself at a smaller premium price as compared to other plans on the market.

  • Higher Deductible

Placing your deductible threshold high can help you significantly lower your insurance premium amount. Let’s assume that a certain repair expense costs you a bill of ₹20,000. If your deductible limit is set at ₹4,000, you will claim only ₹16,000 from the insurer. This way, the coverage amount will be lower and hence, so will the premium price.

  • Avoid Claims for Minor Expenses

If the cost for the repairs of your car or that of a third-party can be settled right out of your pocket without much dents, go for it! Always remember that claim-free years can ensure you No-claim Bonuses and therefore, discounts on the next renewal premium.

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Comprehensive Car Insurance Claim Process

You can claim your comprehensive car insurance coverage in two ways: offline claims and online claims. Here’s how it goes:



  • Contact the Insurance Company: Establish contact with your insurance company and explain the situation/damage.

  • Fill the Claim Form: Fill in the claim form given to you by your insurance executive and submit it.

  • Get the Estimate: Acquire the estimated value of the expenditure that will go behind repairs and replacements.

  • Cooperate During Inspection: Allow the insurer to inspect your vehicle and the damage caused to it to sanction the claim amount.

  • Submit Documents: Provide all the documents asked of you such as your insurance papers, the car’s documents, invoices, etc. 



  • Cashless Claim

  1. Make your insurer aware of your intention to make a claim, explaining the events that led to your car’s damages.

  2. Approach the closest network garage to get an estimate of the repairs and/or replacements.

  3. File a claim online through the insurer’s website.

  4. Upload photos of the damaged car, insurance documents, an FIR copy of the accident, and other documents as required

  5. Once the claim is processed and approved, the bill amount will be settled between the insurer and the network garage while repairs of your car commence.


  • Reimbursement Claim

  1. Inform the insurer about your wish to make a claim and explain the extent of the damage caused to your car.

  2. Start the repair and replacements process at a garage of your preference and pay the costs incurred for it.

  3. File your reimbursement claim online through the insurer’s website.

  4. Upload documents such as an FIR copy, a photo that shows your damaged car, insurance documents, etc.

  5. Submit the claim and, once the claim has been approved, give the insurer your bank details (if asked) to receive the reimbursed amount.

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Points to Remember While Raising a Comprehensive Car Insurance Claim

Here’s what you should consider while claiming coverage from your insurance company:


  • Make sure that your insurer provides you with a claim reference number. This code will help you with all claims you make through your comprehensive car insurance policy in the future

  • Keep a police FIR ready for submission before you file a claim as it is mandatory

  • Know exactly what your policy does not cover, since you would not want to return disappointed after claiming a policy exclusion

  • Be prepared to pay the predetermined deductible cost charged to you despite the claim

Documents Required for Claiming Comprehensive Car Insurance

Keep the following documents handy before making a comprehensive car insurance claim.

  • Insurance plan documents

  • Car Registration Certificate (RC)

  • Driver’s Licence

  • FIR Copy

  • Invoice in case of reimbursement claims

  • Garage details

  • Tax Receipts

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FAQs about Comprehensive Car Insurance

What is NCB In comprehensive car insurance?

The NCB or the No-claim Bonus is a special incentive given to you for making no claims for a stretched period of time, such as a year or more. It can provide you a discount on the next renewal premium, thereby helping you save money on your overall comprehensive car insurance premium.


Is comprehensive car insurance very expensive?

If you are to compare comprehensive car insurance with third-party car insurance, you will find it costlier. However, it is important to bear in mind that comprehensive car insurance offers you highly inclusive coverage wherein third-party car insurance is a subcomponent along with own damage, personal accident, road assistance, and more.

Can I buy comprehensive car insurance online?

Yes, you can buy comprehensive car insurance online. In fact, you can get one right here on Bajaj Markets.

How can I calculate comprehensive car insurance premium?

You can derive a comprehensive car insurance premium estimate through various online premium calculators. For instance, you can use the one on Bajaj Markets to get an approximate value of your future comprehensive car insurance.

Is comprehensive car insurance compulsory?

No, comprehensive car insurance is not compulsory. However, it includes third-party car insurance which is a mandate as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

When should I get comprehensive car insurance?

It is advised to purchase a comprehensive car insurance plan as soon as you purchase a car. However, if you haven’t done so yet, you could get an insurance plan as soon as possible.

Can I upgrade to a comprehensive car insurance policy from a third-party car insurance policy?

Yes, you can always upgrade to a comprehensive car insurance policy for better coverage.


What are the claim options available for comprehensive car insurance?

You can claim the benefits and coverage offered by comprehensive car insurance either online or offline. Moreover, you can make a reimbursement claim or cashless claim as per your preference.

Will car modifications impact my comprehensive car insurance premium?

Yes, they will. Modifications made to your car to enhance its exterior will increase the premium price.

What happens to my comprehensive car insurance plan if I sell my car?

If you sell your car, you will have 14 days after the sale to transfer ownership of the insurance plan to the new owner under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Will damages caused due to normal wear and tear be covered by a comprehensive car insurance policy?

No. Only damages to your car as a result of accidents, mishaps, and calamities will be covered by the policy. Repairing damages or malfunctions due to normal wear and tear will have to be taken care of by yourself out of your own pocket.

Will electrical or mechanical breakdowns be covered by a comprehensive car insurance policy?

 No. A comprehensive car insurance plan does not cover electrical or mechanical breakdowns of your vehicle.

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