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✓Minimal Documentation ✓Flexible Repayment ✓Collateral Free Loan | Apply for Business Loan Now! Apply Now

Calculate Your Business Loan EMI

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How to Calculate the EMI for a Business Loan?

Use the business loan EMI calculator available on Bajaj Markets to easily assess your monthly and total repayment amount. To use the calculator, you must enter the following:

  • Principal amount (loan amount)

  • Repayment period (tenure)

  • Interest rate


Feed these details into the calculator to get an estimate of your EMI amount, total interest amount, and the total repayment amount. 


The calculation results are based on the values you enter in the calculator. Your EMI amount (including the actual interest amount charged) will depend on the prevailing rates. The results are neither certified nor guaranteed. The repayment schedule presented is for illustration purposes. Confirm the values with your lender prior to applying for the business loan.

FAQs and Support

To calculate your EMI amount, you can use the business loan EMI calculator available on Bajaj Markets. It is a formula-based tool that gives you an estimate of your EMI and repayment amount based on your loan amount, tenure, and interest rate.

If you miss an EMI payment on your business loan, it can lead to additional charges depending on the lender and loan terms. Moreover, missing a business loan or credit card due date harms your credit score. 

Using a business loan EMI calculator beforehand can help you determine the amount you will need to pay each month. This enables you to plan and manage your finances accordingly and ensure timely repayment. 

The EMI remains the same for business loans with fixed interest rates. For floating interest rates too, the lender usually tweaks your tenure to keep the EMI the same. 

No, you cannot change the interest rate once the lender disburses the loan. You will need to apply for a balance transfer loan to get better rates and reduce interest liability. One way to ensure you get affordable rates is to have an excellent credit score and negotiate with the lender.

Significant factors that affect your monthly repayment amount are the loan terms. This includes your loan amount, tenure, and interest rate.

An EMI calculator gives you an estimate of your total interest amount and monthly repayment amount. You can compare the amounts related to various lenders on Bajaj Markets and choose one that best fits your budget.

To get the lowest EMI, you can use an EMI calculator and check the monthly instalment and interest amount for various terms. You can then compare these estimates and choose one that is most affordable.

An amortisation schedule refers to the repayment schedule. It details the EMI amount, its bifurcation for interest and principal payment, and the outstanding balance after each payment.

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