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Home loans have made things much simpler and easier, but one may often doubt getting a home loan especially when they fall into a modest salary bracket of ₹25,000 a month. So, if you are wondering how much of a loan you can get, read on.

How Much Home Loan Can You Get on a ₹25000 Salary?

As a thumb rule, you can get a home loan up to 60 times your monthly income. Your chances to get a better loan amount can, however, depend on other certain aspects as well. Refer to the table below:

Monthly Salary

Loan Amount 


₹15 Lakhs


₹18 Lakhs


₹21 Lakhs


₹24 Lakhs


₹27 Lakhs


₹30 Lakhs

The home loan amount given in the table is calculated using the eligibility calculator. The actual home loan amount can vary based on location, age, monthly income, and various other factors.


For a majority of people, the dream to have their own home can be fulfilled through a home loan. Bajaj Markets takes you a step closer to your dream. You can consider taking a home loan as you can get some of the best options on Bajaj Markets.

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