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Applying for a home loan and getting it has become much simpler than ever before. Looking at the rising real estate demand, where the consumers are aiming to buy an affordable home, the lender has been facilitating them with home loans. These home loans are easy to get and can be availed by both the mid or premium segment people as well as the low-income people.

Buying a home is considered one of the vital decisions of a lifetime. It denotes that you have settled in life. But due to the soaring property prices, buying homes without needing the help of a lender has become rather impossible. The salaried, as well as the self-employed people, need a home loan to fulfil their need of owning a home. Taking a house loan helps you fulfil your aim of becoming a homeowner. But if you are thinking about how much a home loan you can get on a  salary of ₹45,000, then here we share all the relevant information for you.

Here, we will focus on finding all the details related to getting a home loan on a salary of ₹45,000 including the things like how much home loan can I get on a ₹45,000 salary, eligibility criterion, documents needed, how to apply, how to enhance your eligibility, and much more.

How Much Home Loan Can I Get on a ₹45,000 Salary

Most lenders or financial institutions decide the borrower’s eligibility for a house loan amount based on two main factors. The first one is the loan borrower’s willingness to pay the loan amount and the other one is the repayment ability. In the former, the willingness to pay is determined by the individual’s credit score. Thus, a credit score is defined as the creditworthiness or repayment capabilities of an individual.   Many banks prefer offering a decent loan amount to people who have a higher credit score.

Coming to the repayment capacity, the salary or the in-hand salary is quite a crucial factor. The financial institutions consider the in-hand salary of the borrower to decide the loan amount. The net income determines the eligibility for a house loan.

Salaried individuals can use the home loan eligibility calculator to find the amount of loan they can take.

Refer to this table to know the loan amount you can get based on your monthly income. You can use the eligibility calculator available on Bajaj Markets to check the amount of home loan you are eligible for. However, the figure may change as per your age, loan tenure, credit score, etc.

Monthly Income

Loan amount you can get


₹37, 53,591



















Credit score is a crucial aspect of home loan eligibility, therefore, it is important for an applicant to maintain a healthy credit score. There are many ways to build or maintain a healthy credit score, like timely payments of bills, clearing off debts or loans, etc. A good credit score assures the lender about the borrower's repayment capability.

Home Loan Based on Salaries

If you are wondering how much loan amount you can get on a ₹45,000 salary, then the table below will help you find out.  The details here have been calculated with the Bajaj Markets home loan calculator. The loan amount will vary depending on factors like age, credit history, etc. 

Borrower’s Age

Net Salary per month (Rs.)


₹25,000 – 50,000


25 Years

₹20.85 Lakhs - 41.70 Lakhs

₹62.55 Lakhs

30 Years

₹20.85 Lakhs - 41.70 Lakhs

₹62.55 Lakhs

35 Years

₹20.85 Lakhs - 41.70 Lakhs

₹62.55 Lakhs

40 Years

₹19.78 Lakhs – 39.56 Lakhs

₹59.35 Lakhs

45 Years

₹17.77 Lakhs – 35.55 Lakhs

₹53.32 Lakhs

50 Years

₹14.63 Lakhs – 29.26 Lakhs

₹43.89 Lakhs

Note - The loan amounts given in the table are estimated figures. The same might change as per the norms and conditions of the banks and financial institutions.


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