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A home loan statement is a crucial document provided by banks and financial institutions to borrowers. It outlines essential details about their home loan, including agreed-upon terms between the lender and borrower. This statement is accessible at the start and end of the financial year, offering an updated overview of the outstanding loan amount and pending EMIs. It serves as a comprehensive record of the loan's status and transactions.

Components of a Home Loan Statement

It contains important information related to the loan, such as: 

  • Home loan balance 

  • EMIs to be paid 

  • Monthly instalments paid till date

  • Applicable interest rate 

  • Penalty charges on missing any instalments

  • Start and end date of the loan tenure

Benefits of a Home Loan Statement

You can use your home loan account statement to manage your finances in the following ways:

  • Financial planning for the future 

  • Proof of your repayment till date

  • Claim tax deductions

How to Download a Home Loan Statement?

You can follow these steps to download your home loan account statement. 

  • Visit the website of the lender

  • Log in to your account using your credentials

  • Locate the home loan statement section

  • Enter your loan details to generate your home loan account statement


You have the option to print your statement, read it online, or download an e-copy to your device. 


You can use the document to claim home loan tax benefits when you file your returns. Also, make sure to check that your home loan payments and prepayments are accurately recorded in this statement. 


Why do I need a home loan account statement?

A statement of your home loan statement consolidates all your loan details, allowing easy tracking of EMIs and outstanding amounts. It allows you to calculate annual payable amounts for tax considerations, thus providing opportunities for home loan tax benefits. As proof of repayment capability, it enhances your eligibility for various types of credit and enables access to favourable loan offers.

How often can I request a home loan account statement?

Banks and non-banking financial companies will provide you with a copy of your home loan account statement annually. However, you may request a statement offline or check it online whenever required.

If I make a prepayment on my home loan, will it affect my home loan account statement?

Yes, prepayments reduce your outstanding home loan balance. Thus, these will be recorded in your statement, which will show the revised data after you prepay.

Will my home loan account statement include the type of interest rate?

Yes, your statement will indicate if you have availed of a home loan at a floating or fixed home loan interest rate.

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