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Calculate Fibe Personal Loan EMI

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Calculation of the EMI Amounts of Fibe Personal Loan

Your monthly Fibe personal loan EMI amounts at different loan repayment tenors will look as follows:

Fibe Personal Loan EMI Amounts for Different Tenures (Interest Rate: 24% p.a.)

Loan amount

2 years

3 years

5 years

₹1 lakh




₹5 lakh




₹10 lakh




Benefits of Using Fibe Personal Loan EMI Calculator

You will know what you owe

<b> </b>The EMI calculator tool will help you put a number on your monthly personal loan EMI obligation so that you can plan your finances easily.

You can enter an agreement confidently

Once you know whether you can repay your Fibe personal loan EMI with zero hassles, you will easily be able to decide whether or not you should take on a personal loan. If you can confidently repay your personal loan, you can take the personal loan confidently. If your credit score permits, you may even want to consider negotiating interest rates with your lender.

Helps you decide the correct repayment time period

 Once you know your principal amount and your interest rate, you will be able to decide on a loan repayment tenor that you will be most comfortable with. You can determine that by simply changing the repayment tenor on the tool and then seeing what your EMI obligations will look like after that.

Time-saving and accurate

Calculating your EMI amount through the traditional way is a very energy and time-consuming ordeal. Additionally, there is always room for human errors when you take the manual route. But, if you use the Fibe personal loan EMI calculator, you can know exactly what your EMI would like after you have availed the loan within seconds.

Factors Affecting Fibe Personal Loan EMIs

Some of the variables that will impact your Fibe personal loan EMI amount are:


  • Loan amount: Your principal amount will have a direct impact on the amount of money you will have to set aside every month to pay off your Fibe personal loan. If you avail a nominal amount as a personal loan, your monthly EMI obligations will be small too. Larger loan amounts, on the other hand, would translate to high EMI payments.

  • Your borrowing rate: The interest rate that you will get the personal loan on is basically the profit percentage that your lender will earn on the amount lent to you over time. It goes without saying that a higher interest rate would mean that you will have to pay higher EMI amounts every month and vice-versa.

  • Your loan repayment period: Your loan repayment period, or tenor refers to the amount of time over which you will repay your Fibe personal loan. If you are going with a smaller repayment period, you will pay a big sum of money every month as EMIs towards the same. But, long loan repayment tenors will mean that you will shell out smaller EMI amounts on your EMI payment due date.

  • Your monthly income: Your monthly remuneration will also be accounted for before the lender decides your interest rate. Lower monthly income would mean that you might need to pay a high interest rate, resulting in higher EMI amounts and vice versa.

  • Your age: Your age also plays a crucial role in arriving at your interest rate. If you are a senior citizen, you may get your Fibe personal loan at a higher interest rate since your earning years are coming to an end. But, if you are in your 20s or 30s, which is when most people are at the height of their careers with a lot of earning years to spare, you may get a loan at a lower rate of borrowing.

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How to Pay Your Fibe Personal Loan EMI

Fibe personal loan EMIs can be paid by you in the following ways:

  • ECS (Electronic Clearance System): The ECS system can help you repay your personal loan EMIs easily without a lot of paperwork.

  • Standing Instruction: You can alternatively instruct your bank to deduct your Fibe personal loan EMI amount every month on a specific date to pay the lending company. Such instructions are called standing instructions. This way, you can pay off your Fibe personal loan EMIs with ease and ensure that you do not miss a single payment. You must keep in mind that if you miss an EMI payment or pay it late, your credit score can drop significantly, which will make it hard for you to get a loan in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the interest rate on Fibe Personal loans?

Fibe charges an interest rate of 14% on the loan amount, depending on the tenure. That said, the interest rate is liable to change depending on factors like your income, age, and employment status, among others.

Can I get a Fibe personal loan if my salary is Rs. 15,000?

If you’re living in a Tier-2 city and your monthly take home salary is Rs. 15,000, you can get a personal loan from Fibe. (applicable for tenure 3 months, 6 months).

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