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Fullerton Personal Loan Statement & Status

Personal Loans are an excellent way to raise funds for different financial needs. From paying for big-ticket expenses like marriage, home renovation, foreign trips, to meeting unforeseen emergencies, the funds can be used to fulfil a variety of purposes. While personal loans offer uninhibited convenience, you must ensure that you effectively manage the account, which includes keeping track of your personal loan account statement.


Fullerton India allows you to avail a Personal Loan of up to Rs. 25 Lakhs. The loan can be repaid in easy installments over a tenure of 60 months, making it a great pick when in need of financial assistance. Periodically reviewing your Fullerton Personal Loan statement helps you stay updated on each aspect of your account. The statement gives you a detailed understanding of the paid EMIs, payable EMIs, and balance due, among other essential information. It will also enable you to keep a check on any applied charges and changes in your account.

How to check your Fullerton India Personal Loan Statement?

Fullerton India maintains a simple process when it comes to issuing a personal loan statement. The institute delivers a monthly personal loan statement to every consumer upon request. To get your monthly statement, you will have to put in a request and provide your contact details. The statement is then forwarded to your registered e-mail ID. You can also opt for a physical copy and receive the statement at your postal address.


The Fullerton India Personal Loan Statement updates you with vital information such as the number of EMIs paid, due balance, pending EMIs, balance amount, and more. 

Benefits of a Personal Loan Statement

A personal loan statement is a useful tool to keep track of and manage your finances. It includes some notable benefits like:

  • Planning Your Finances:

Staying in line with your loan obligation helps you map out an effective financial plan. This way, you can work on managing and building your finances.

  • Flagging Inapplicable Fees:

 Reviewing your Personal Loan account statement helps you flag off any unfair fees charged in error and get it rectified.

  • Alignment on Closing Balance:

Spending habits that are not aligned with your earning potential can severely affect your financial prospects. A regular glance at your personal loan balance is important and will help you prepare for future EMIs.

  • Keeping Track of Payments:

You incur penalty if you miss out on regular EMI payments. A personal loan statement gives you a quick snapshot of the pending payments so that you stay updated.

What Does a Personal Loan Account Statement Include?

The Fullerton India Personal Loan statement reflects vital details about your personal loan account that include:

  • Interest Rate:

The statement mentions the interest rate that you currently pay against your loan. It also reflects any changes in the interest rate, if applicable.

  • Statement Number:

The statement number helps you keep track of the number of statements you have received from Fullerton India till date. The statement number keeps changing with each monthly statement generation.

  • Repayments:

Every EMI payment brings you closer to attaining a closure on your personal loan. The statement gives you an overview of all the EMIs that you must pay and future dues. This information is vital as missing a payment can lead to a penalty.

  • Loan Balance:

 Your personal loan balance reduces with every paid EMI. This balance is reflected in the statement from the day you begin to make repayments.

How to Download Your Fullerton India Personal Loan Statement?

Fullerton India allows you to access your personal loan statement using these simple methods:

  • Account Sign-in:

 Log in to your account through Service Connect. Once logged in, you must click on ‘Download Statement’ to get it in the PDF format.

  • Chatbot:

Log on to the official Fullerton India website, i.e. www.fullertonindia.com. Click on ‘Chatbot Dia’.  The chatbot works effectively to resolve all your queries.

  • Email ID:

Use your registered email id to submit your query at namaste@fullertonindia.com.

  • Toll-Free Number:

Contact Fullerton India via the toll-free number 1800 103 6001 from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 7 pm. The service is not available on public holidays.

  • Visit the Fullerton India Branch:

You may visit your nearest Fullerton India branch and submit your request for a physical statement.

How to Check Your Fullerton Personal Loan Status?

Fullerton India generates loan statements once the loan has been approved and the account is active. If you are a new applicant, you will have to ensure that your account is active.

  • Visit the Website:

Visit www.fullertonindia.com to find the ‘Track Your Personal Loan Application’ tab under the ‘Contact Us’ section. Enter the requisite details, like your personal mobile number, date of birth, and application ID to track your status. Do note that you must enter the mobile number that is registered with the institution. Once you have entered your request with the accurate details, click on ‘Submit’ to view the status of your Personal Loan.

  • Contact via Phone:

The toll-free number 1800 103 6001 connects you to dedicated representatives between 9 am and 7 pm from Monday to Saturday. The customer care executive will request some details to verify your identity. Once verified, the executive will provide you with the current status of the application.

  • Get a Callback:

Fullerton India allows you to give a missed call on 95947 63763. A customer care executive will call you back within 24 hours and assist you with your loan application.

  • Send an Email:

Use the official email id, i.e. namaste@fullertonIndia.com, to check on your personal loan application status. Enter vital details such as your date of birth, mobile number, and application ID to ensure better assistance.

  • Use the Chatbot:

The dedicated chatbot ‘Dia’ on the official Fullerton India website assists you with all kinds of queries and is available 24x7. 

FAQs on Fullerton India Personal Loan Statement

The Fullerton loan statement can be accessed by logging in to your Fullerton India account. You can also connect with customer service executives via the listed telephone number and email id. Alternatively, you can even visit your nearest Fullerton India branch to put in a request for the loan statement.

Log on to the official Fullerton India website to check your Personal Loan status. Click on the ‘Track your Personal Loan Application’ tab to get an update on your application status. Alternatively, you can also use the listed toll-free number and email id to receive a status update.

Visit the official Fullerton India website and log in to your account to download the Personal Loan statement.

The Personal Loan balance is reflected in your monthly statement. You may also connect with dedicated consumer service executives via the toll-free number, email ID, or the chatbot for further solutions to your queries.

Fullerton Personal Loans come with an array of benefits. Apart from being able to avail a large sum of up to 25 Lakhs, you also enjoy instant approval, quick disbursal and exclusive loan offers. Avail of Fullerton Personal Loan on Bajaj Markets today!


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