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Avail Instant Personal Loans ✓ Loan up to 45 Lakhs ✓ Quick Disbursal ✓ Minimum Documentation!


Want to set up your own practice? Need new surgical instruments? Want to upgrade your skill-set? With a personal loan for salaried doctors, get financial assistance to explore your full potential. Finserv MARKETS promises instant approval and swift disbursal, why wait? Apply today!

Why choose Personal Loan for Doctors from Finserv MARKETS

Fast Online Process

Get exclusive personal loans for Salaried Doctors with 2 minutes approval and disbursement in 24 hours.

Minimal Documentation

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork. Enjoy a hassle-free, and paperless Bajaj Finserv lending application process with Finserv MARKETS.

Transparency Guaranteed

At Finserv MARKETS, you can expect us to be transparent in our dealings! There’s no hidden charges at all when you apply for a Bajaj Finserv loan.

Custom-made Loans

Get tailor-made personal loans specific to your requirements when you apply online with us.

Trusted Companion

Be the part of customer base that trusts us. Get an online loan for salaried doctors today.

Features and Benefits of Personal Loan for Doctors

  • Instant Loans

    No matter what your need is, get doctor loan on Finserv MARKETS instantly. What's more, lending process is simple and seamless on our platform

  • Exclusive Offerings

    Have specific financial requirements? Choose us and enjoy tailor-made personal loans for doctors.

  • Zero Collateral

    Avail unsecured loans from us. No guarantor or collateral, no problem!

  • Range of Tenure

    Enjoy an easy repayment tenure ranging from up to 60 months. Use our EMI calculator to check monthly payments.

Tips to consider before taking Personal Loan for Doctors

Here are a few tips to consider before taking Personal Loan for Doctors

1. Understand your requirement

This is a very important factor to consider before taking a Personal Loan for Doctor. You must be extremely sure of what is your requirement and then choose a loan amount as per that. If you are not confident, then it can create a doubt in the lender’s mind and thus can lead to rejection of your application.

2. Compare various options

It is also necessary to compare the loan amount and interest rate provided by various lenders and financial institutions, so that you can choose the lender as per your repayment capacity. Also, check the eligibility criteria and the documents that would be required to submit in order to avail the loan.

3. Maintain a good Credit Score

Credit score serves as a factor to determine the creditworthiness of the borrower. A good credit score gives the lender an assurance that you can repay the loan on time. This can be done by maintaining good repayment record, clearing outstanding bills and dues.

4. Avoid multiple loan applications

It is very important to avoid multiple loan applications, as making several inquiries can impact your credit score negatively as each inquiry affects the credit report.

What is the Purpose of Loans for Doctors

A Doctor Loan can be used for following applications:

1. To expand the clinic

2.Buy advanced medical equipment

3. To hone skills by taking up a course

4. Upgrading the existing infrastructure

5. Hiring staff

How to Apply for Doctor Loan

Get personal loans for doctors with Finserv MARKETS in a few steps.

  • Online Form Filling

    Fill in personal and employment details.

  • Specify Loan Details

    Select your loan amount and repayment tenure.

  • Approval & Disbursal

    Get approval within minutes and personal loan finance disbursed in 24 hours.

Personal Loan for Doctors Eligibility & Documents Required

Eligibility Criteria
  • You must be a citizen of India.
  • You must be a salaried doctor.
  • Salaried individuals between ages 25 - 65 are eligible and can apply for a Personal Loan.
Documents Required
  • Aadhar Card/Passport/Driving License.
  • PAN Card.
  • Qualification Degree.
*Don't worry if you are asked to upload additional documents, we are just creating the best loan for you!

Personal Loans for Doctors


The Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan for Doctors is a unique unsecured product to help you realize your dreams. The loan comes with various features and benefits such as minimal documentation, quick and hassle-free online process and much more! You can get a loan of up to Rs. 45 Lakhs at an attractive interest rate with instant approval in 3 minutes! What’s more, post approval, the amount can will be disbursed into your account within 24 hours.


How should you apply for a ‘Personal Loan for Doctors’?


The three steps involved in the Bajaj Finserv personal loan application procedure, in which, you can apply for a Personal Loan for Doctors with Finserv MARKETS:

1.      Fill in your personal information and employment details online

2.      Select the desired Bajaj Finserv loan amount and the repayment tenure

You will get an online approval within three minutes and your Bajaj Finserv pre-approved loan amount be credited to your bank account within 24 hours.

Personal Loan for Doctors FAQs

  • ✔️Why should I avail of an online personal loan for salaried doctors?

    When in need of immediate finance, taking a Doctor Loan online is faster, secure, hassle-free and transparent. It will save you a lot of time and effort.
  • ✔️Why should I choose Finserv MARKETS for my medical doctor loan?

    Our online process enables you to avail a loan right from your home. No bank/branch visits or middlemen involved! To add to this, we offer easy loans that are super secure and also provide you with an exhaustive list of products to meet your financial requirements.
  • ✔️Must I provide security/collateral or a guarantor when applying for a Bajaj Finserv loan?

    No, we do not ask customers for collateral or guarantors when offering loans.
  • ✔️Can I visit any branch to carry out the loan application process offline?

    Currently, we operate online only and promise a smooth loan application process that includes quick approval and cash disbursal.
  • ✔️Is my information secure?

    Yes, it is! As a matter of fact, all personal/financial information shared by customers is encrypted and safeguarded by the best in class security systems. Also, we never share your information with any third party or marketing agency, without your consent.
  • ✔️What is the loan eligibility criteria for doctors?

    You can apply for a salaried doctor loan if you meet the following eligibility criteria -

    1. You must be a salaried employee (doctor)
    2. You must be between 25-65 years of age.
  • ✔️What is my EMI amount if I take a salaried doctor loan?

    This depends on the loan amount, repayment tenure, interest rates and other such charges. Visit our EMI Calculator page to know more about this.
  • ✔️I am an NRI. Can I apply for a doctor loan?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer doctor loans for NRI’s.
  • ✔️What is the minimum and maximum tenure that I can avail of?

    You can avail of a Doctor Loan for a tenure ranging from 1 year to 5 years (with annual renewal option for quick interest servicing loan).
  • ✔️Do you have a minimum limit applicable on part payment?

    With Hybrid Flexi Personal loan for salaried doctors, there is no minimum limit on prepayment amount. However, with Term Loans, there is a minimum limit when it comes to part payment and this amounts to one EMI.

  • ✔️I wish to part-pay my loan amount. When can I do this?

    Post payment of your first Term Loan EMI, you can make a part payment.
  • ✔️Is there a limit on the number of part payments I can make?

    For a salaried doctor Hybrid Flexi Personal Loan, there is no limit on part payments. However, for Term Loans, there is a cap of 6-part payments that you can do in a year.
  • ✔️When can I go for foreclose during my loan tenure?

    Post payment of your first EMI, you can foreclose your loan.
  • ✔️How does part payment affect my EMI and/or loan repayment tenure?

    Any part payments made by you get adjusted to the principal loan amount. This in turn lowers your interest rate for Hybrid Flexi Personal loans. Coming to Term Loans, you are given the choice of keeping the same EMI and reducing the loan tenure or sticking to the same tenure while increasing the EMI.
  • ✔️What is my Term Loan withdrawal amount?

    Unfortunately, this withdrawal is not available for Term Loan.
  • ✔️Why is the interest rate for Hybrid Flexi loans higher than Term loans?

    You can save on interest payments even though the base rate is marginally higher than a Term Loan. The innovative customer friendly features that come with Hybrid Flexi allows you flexibility and control on your loan repayment which can help you minimize the interest you pay. In case of any fund requirements you can always withdraw from the part payments with funds instantly credited to your bank account.
  • ✔️What documents do I need to submit to avail of a Personal Loan for Doctors?

    You provide us with the digital copies of all your documents. Usually, for a small personal loan/line you would need to provide proof of identity, proof of current address, proof of qualification, SPDC and a cancelled cheque.
  • ✔️How do I check my Doctor Loan eligibility online?

    You can visit our eligibility calculator page for a quick check on your eligibility for a personal loan for doctors.
  • ✔️Why do I need to provide my bank account credentials while applying for a Bajaj Finserv pre-approved loan?

    We fetch your last 1 month bank statement directly from your bank thus saving you the trouble of uploading the documents.
  • ✔️Can I get a loan anywhere in India? What is the maximum loan amount that I can get?

    We are present in 35 major cities in India. You can avail of a loan of up to Rs.25 lakh subject to your eligibility.
  • ✔️What are my EMI dates? Can I change them?

    You can schedule your EMI payment date as the 2nd or 5th of every month. You may change your EMI dates after paying a nominal fee.
  • ✔️How can I change my tenure?

    You can change your tenure by making part payments.
  • ✔️What is the loan processing fee?

    2% of the loan amount is charged as Processing Fee. This fee is deducted from the loan amount.
  • ✔️What are the part-payment charges?

    There are no part-payment charges on Hybrid Flexi Loans. Term Loans come with a 2% part-payment fee.
  • ✔️What are the foreclosure charges?

    We charge you 4% of the outstanding principal as foreclosure charges.
  • ✔️Are there any annual maintenance charges for Hybrid Flexi loan?

    0.25% on loan amount is charged as maintenance fees for Hybrid Flexi loans.
  • ✔️Are there any other hidden charges?

    No. We commit 100% transparency to you. There are no hidden charges at all.
  • ✔️What are the EMI bounce charges?

    We charge Rs. 1,000 per bounce for your Personal Loan repayments.
  • ✔️What are the penal charges for my Doctor Personal loan?

    We charge 2% per month on overdue amount.
  • ✔️What happens if my EMI payment bounces?

    It is advised that you maintain sufficient funds in your account for clearing loan EMIs regularly. However, in case of an EMI bounce we would be charging bounce charges of Rs. 1,000 per bounce. You could also attract penal charges on further delay in paying the EMI which can impact your credit/CIBIL score.
  • ✔️How do I get my loan foreclosure letter?

    The foreclosure letter can be downloaded by logging in to our Customer Portal.
  • ✔️How do I make a loan part-payment?

    Login to our Customer Portal and go to make part-payment
  • ✔️How can I foreclose my loan?

    Login to our Customer Portal and go to foreclose your loan.
  • ✔️How do I pay my Bajaj Finserv pre-approved loan EMIs?

    Your EMIs will be auto deducted from your bank account via automatic ECS instruction.
  • ✔️What is the procedure to withdraw out of part payments made?

    Log in to our Customer Portal and select the additional withdrawals tab.
  • ✔️Where will I get the disbursed loan amount?

    The loan amount will be credited directly to your bank account.
  • ✔️What is ECS-mandate?

    ECS is an electronic mode of funds transfer from one bank account to another. You need to inform your bank and provide a mandate that authorizes the institution, who can then debit or credit the payments through the bank. The mandate contains details of your bank branch and account particulars.
  • ✔️How do I track the status of my online application?

    Login to our Customer Portal to track the status of your application.
  • ✔️How can I make my overdue payments?

    You can pay your overdue EMIs online through the Customer Portal. This facility is offered to customers who have Net Banking activated for their bank account.
  • ✔️How long does it take for the part-payment or withdrawal to reflect in the statement of account?

    The part-payment or withdrawal will reflect in your statement within 30 minutes.
  • ✔️Where can I view my EMI status?

    You can view and also download your Statement of Account or Repayment Schedule on Customer Portal. Alternatively, your statement of account will be forwarded to your registered email ID every month.
  • ✔️How can I get my loan account statement?

    You can view and also download your Statement of Account or Repayment Schedule on Customer Portal. Alternatively, your statement of account will be forwarded to your registered email ID every month.
  • ✔️Where can I view my outstanding loan amount?

    You can view and also download your Statement of Account or Repayment Schedule on Customer Portal.
  • ✔️Where can I access my loan documents?

    Scanned copies of your loan documents are available on the Customer Portal.
  • ✔️Why do I need loan for doctors?

    With a loan for doctors, you can set up or expand your clinic.

  • ✔️How can I apply for personal loan for doctors?

    You can apply for a personal loan for doctors online on Finserv MARKETS.

  • ✔️Is CIBIL Score important for availing personal loan for doctors?

    Yes, it is. With a good CIBIL Score, you can avail a Personal Loan at very attractive interest rate.

  • ✔️Do banks offer pre-approved loans for doctors?

    Yes, a few banks and NBFCs do provide pre-approved loans for doctors.

  • ✔️What are the end uses of loan for doctors?

    The end uses of doctor loan include buying medical equipment, upgrading infrastructure etc.

  • ✔️How do I repay my loan for doctors?

    You can repay your loan through EMIs via cheques, ECS or debit mandate standing instruction.

  • ✔️What are the charges of availing loans for doctors?

    The charges of availing loans for doctors include processing charges which is usually 1-2% of the loan amount and prepayment charges which is unusually up to 4% of the outstanding loan amount.

Personal Loan for Doctors Reviews

Personal Loan for Doctors Reviews

4.1out of 5

8 reviews

Reliable Personal Loan for Doctors

I am glad that I availed personal loan for doctors at Finserv MARKETS. The customer service was extremely reliable and helped me throughout the entire process.

Personal Loan for Doctors with Low Interest Rates

Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan for doctors comes with competitive interest rate and flexible repayment option. It helped me finance my specialization course. I am extremely happy with the overall experience. Now I am looking to set up my own practice and I am certainly going to rely on Finserv MARKETS for availing funds for the same.

Easy Personal Loan for Doctors

Fetching funds for a new equipment at my clinic seemed like financial burden until I discovered personal loan for doctors at Finserv MARKETS. With the simple and fast online process, getting a loan was much easier.

Attractive Interest Rate

I required funds to carry out the smooth operation of my dental clinic. So, I applied for a personal loan for doctors at Finserv MARKETS. They offer attractive doctors loan interest rate with basic eligibility criteria and a quick application procedure. The loan amount gets approved in no time and you get immediate access to funds.

Affordable Interest Rates

With the help of Bajaj Finserv personal loan for doctors I was able to expand my business and get new technology equipment and machines for my clinic. The doctors loan interest rate was quite affordable overall I am satisfied with the services.

Minimal Paperwork

Got a personal loan for doctors at Finserv MARKETS. The online application process was quick and easy with minimal paperwork required. They have the most attractive doctors loan interest rate with no hidden charges. My loan got approved in no time with instant loan amount disbursal.

Quick Loan Disbursal

I applied for a personal loan for doctors for the expansion of my cosmetology clinic. This loan hosts a lot of benefits such as minimal documentation, attractive doctors loan interest rate, quick loan disbursal, tax benefit, long repayment tenure, etc.

Quick Application Process

The loan eligibility criteria for Bajaj Finserv doctor loan was quite simple. I applied for a personal loan for doctors the application process was quick. I got done with the loan approval and the amount got disbursed in my account within minutes. I am very much satisfied with the services provided by the Finserv MARKETS team.