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Right from working capital and purchasing new equipment to hiring and training staff members, every business needs some sort of monetary support. The Bajaj Flexi Business Loan is a viable financial instrument to get the flexibility and control you need to grow your business exponentially with a consistent cash flow.

What is a Bajaj Flexi Business Loan?

The Bajaj Flexi Business Loan is a flexible credit option that allows you to use only as much as you need from the pre-approved loan limit. Furthermore, you are liable to pay interest only on the amount used and not the entire sanctioned loan amount. In addition to this, you can withdraw money from the loan account and even make part prepayments as many times as you like.

Features & Benefits of a Bajaj Flexi Business Loan

  • Borrow as You See Fit

The business owner can choose to withdraw amounts multiple times as per their needs from the sanctioned amount, whenever required. 

  • Pay Interest Only for What You Use

The interest applies only to the amount you withdraw. Therefore,if you use only ₹3 Lakhs of the ₹5 Lakhs sanctioned, interest is charged only on that amount.

  • Up to 45% Lower EMIs

You are liable to pay just the interest of the amount borrowed during the initial part of the set tenure. As a result, the EMIs can reduce by up to 45%.

  • Loan Limit

You can get a high loan limit of up to ₹50 Lakhs by simply meeting the eligibility criteria and maintaining a healthy credit score.

  • Hassle-Free Process & Quick Approval

Get the Bajaj Flexi Business Loan through a hassle-free online process with minimal documentation and get your loan approved almost instantly.

  • Easy Conversion of Existing Loan into a Bajaj Flexi Business Loan

If you have an existing loan, you can easily convert it into a Bajaj Flexi Business Loan. 

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Eligibility Criteria

Here’s the eligibility criteria that you should consider before applying:

  • Age - 24 to 70 years old 

  • Nationality - Indian

  • Credit Score - 685 or higher

  • Business vintage - Minimum 3 years

Documents Required

To make the process much simpler for you, here are some documents you should keep handy when applying for the Bajaj Flexi Business Loan. 

  • KYC documents

  • Business financial documents

  • Business proof - Certificate of business existence

  • Business account statements


What is the difference between a term loan and a flexi loan?

You can borrow a fixed amount for a specified tenure at a fixed rate of interest with a business term loan. The interest is charged on the entire amount, regardless of whether you utilise the entire sanctioned amount or not. In the case of a flexi loan, you can choose to withdraw any amount multiple times, as per your needs, from the pre-approved loan limit. Also the interest is charged only on the amount that you use and not on the entire sanctioned amount.

Are any prepayment charges applicable on a Bajaj Flexi Business Loan?

Bajaj Flexi Business Loan gives you the option to make part prepayments without any additional charges. This is the case if the amount you pay is under 25% of the outstanding principal. However, if the amount exceeds, a fee will be levied by the lender as per the terms and conditions associated with the loan.

Can I convert my existing business loan to a Bajaj Flexi Business Loan?

Yes, you can. With this option, you can benefit with a lower EMI amount, which reduces by up to 45% helping you manage your finances better.

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