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Mahindra Finance is one of India’s leading NBFCs providing fixed deposits with attractive interest rates of up to 8.05% p.a. As a senior citizen investor, you also enjoy a 0.25% interest rate hike over the prevailing Mahindra Finance Fixed Deposit rates. 


As safe investment avenues, fixed deposits are one of the most popular options. Not only do fixed deposits offer capital protection, but also assured and attractive returns. By investing in a fixed deposit, you can access both security and stability. 


This is because Mahindra Finance Fixed Deposit has been rated AAA by CRISIL and India Ratings. Thanks to the hassle-free process and minimal documentation, booking an FD online is very easy.


Apart from enjoying attractive interest rates, you can assess your interest earnings with the Mahindra Finance Fixed Deposit calculator. 


Enter your investment amount and tenor on the Mahindra Finance FD Calculator to determine your approximate returns instantly. The Mahindra Finance fixed deposit calculator thus makes investing simple and effective. 

How Does the Mahindra Finance FD Calculator Work?

Deposit Amount

The initial deposit amount determines your maturity amount and interest payout. The higher your initial deposit amount, the higher your interest payout and maturity amount, and vice versa. 

Interest Rates

The interest rates, i.e., the rate of return on your investment, play a huge role in determining your interest payouts and maturity amount. With an FD, this rate of return is predetermined and assured.


The tenor or fixed deposit term is essential when considering your returns. Broadly, longer tenors offer higher returns, especially when your FD compounds your interest over time.

Type of FD

The type of FD that you choose also has a significant impact on how your money grows. For example, a cumulative FD can offer higher rates of returns as it takes full advantage of the power of compounding. 

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If you opt for a non-cumulative FD, your returns may be lower, but you can get regular interest payouts. 

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Return Comparison

Using the Mahindra Finance FD calculator helps you assess your returns across tenors and at varying interest rates with ease. By comparing your earnings this way, you can make smarter decisions about your FD investment. 


See the table below to understand the yield of an FD investment of ₹2 Lakhs for various tenors at applicable Mahindra Finance FD rates for non-senior citizens.

Tenor (in months)

Applicable interest rates (p.a.)

Interest earnings (Returns)

Maturity amount 













Now consider the same example of ₹2 Lakhs assuming that you are a senior citizen investor. Keep in mind that senior citizens get 0.25% higher than the regular rates. 

Tenor (in months)

Applicable interest rates (p.a.)

Interest earnings (Returns)

Maturity amount













From the calculations above, it is clear that you can easily compare your returns across tenors with the help of the Mahindra Finance fixed deposit calculator. 

How to Use a Mahindra Finance FD Calculator?

The Mahindra Finance fixed deposit calculator is easy to use to compute the returns on your FD investment. Follow these steps to get started. 

  • Step 1: Enter your preferred deposit amount 

  • Step 2: Enter the relevant interest rate

  • Step 3: Choose an FD tenor as per your requirements


Once you enter all the respective fields, the maturity amount and the interest payouts are instantly and accurately displayed on your screen. You can tweak the deposit amount, interest rate and tenor to reach the right combination that best suits your needs.


You can also calculate your maturity amount manually using the simple and compound interest formula as follows. 

Simple Interest

Simple interest is a way of calculating FD interest based on the principal sum. It can be computed daily, monthly, or annually.


SI= PA*r*T




PA= Principal amount

r = rate of interest

T= period


For example, consider an FD investment of ₹10,000 for 3 years at an interest rate of 10% p.a. The calculation is as follows:


SI= PA*r*T




Amount due upon maturity of the three-year deposit: ₹13,000

Compound Interest

Compound interest is a technique whereby the interest amount is added cumulatively to the principal sum and the interest accrued from earlier periods. 


CI (Final Amount) = PA (1+ r/100) nt




PA = Primary principal balance

r = the interest rate

n = the unit of interest cycles that are counted

t = time intervals


Like before, consider an FD investment of ₹10,000 for a tenor of 3 years that compounds quarterly with the 10% rate of interest. You can calculate in the following way: 


CI (Final Amount) = PA (1+ r/100) ^3

PA= 10,000 {1 + (0.1)} ^ (3)}

PA= 10,000 (1+0.1) ^ (3)

10,000 (1.1) ^ (3) = ₹13,310 (approximately)


We know that,


Compound Interest (CI) = Maturity sum amount- Principal sum amount

CI = ₹13,310 - ₹10,000

CI = ₹3,310


Amount due upon maturity of the three-year deposit: ₹13,310


As you can see, calculating your interest payout and maturity amount manually requires you to be precise. One wrong step and your analysis can go wrong, which could adversely affect your investment decision.


To avoid mistakes, calculate the return on your FD and your maturity amount using the Mahindra Finance FD Calculator. Access it with ease, as many times as you want, on Bajaj Markets. 

How Does the Mahindra Finance FD Calculator Help You?

The Mahindra Finance FD calculator is an excellent tool as it helps plan your investment and achieve your financial goals. It can be beneficial to you in several ways:

  • The Mahindra Finance Fixed Deposit calculator is simple to use and helps you clearly understand your FD returns and maturity amount

  • You can access the Mahindra Finance FD calculator easily and use it for free

  • You can use it to compare the prevailing interest rates and returns with that of other issues to take the right investment decision 

  • It is easy to use by beginners and experienced investors alike

  • You can use this tool to calculate how much you need to invest to achieve your goals

  • You can rely on the Mahindra Finance fixed deposit calculator to give you accurate estimates every time 

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Mahindra Finance Fixed Deposit Calculation for 5 years

Utilise the Mahindra Finance fixed deposit calculator to understand how your savings will grow. Here is a table that estimates how your Mahindra Finance FD will grow over a set timeline. 


Here, the interest rate of Mahindra Finance FD is assumed as 7.40% p.a. for non-senior citizens and 7.65% p.a. for senior citizens. The investment amount is chosen as ₹1 Lakh over 5 years.

Tenor (in years)

Interest Earned by Non-Senior Citizens (%p.a.)

Maturity Amount for Non-Senior Citizens

Interest Earned by Senior Citizens (%p.a.)

Maturity Amount for Senior Citizens

1st year





2nd year





3rd year





4th year





5th year





Advantages of Using the Mahindra Finance FD Calculator

Doing calculations on your own may be a cumbersome process that is prone to errors. To avoid this, you can bank on the Mahindra Finance fixed deposit calculator to compute your earnings.

Here are a few benefits of using an online calculator:


  • Provides correct results 

  • Involves a simple, user-friendly approach 

  • Doesn’t limit your usage, so you can try hundreds of combinations 

  • Helps you calculate results quickly and on the go

  • Allows you to reduce manual errors with an easy-to-use interface 

  • Helps you in tax planning by forecasting your earnings 

  • Can be used for both cumulative and non-cumulative FD types

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FAQs about Mahindra Finance FD Calculator

How is the Mahindra Finance FD maturity amount calculated?

You can use the Mahindra Finance FD Calculator to calculate your maturity amount.

Is a minimum investment amount required to get an output from the Mahindra Finance FD rates calculator?

Yes, the minimum deposit amount for a Mahindra Finance FD is ₹5000. Hence, the minimum input amount is ₹5000.

What inputs are required to calculate the maturity amount on a Mahindra Finance FD Calculator?

You need to enter your deposit amount, tenor and interest rate to arrive at an exact calculation of your maturity amount and interest earnings.

What are the factors affecting my maturity amount estimates?

Factors such as deposit amount, tenor, interest rate and the chosen FD type can impact your maturity amount calculation.

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