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Shubham Housing Finance EMI Calculator is an online tool that calculates EMI amounts towards your loan, free of cost. It will help you choose the best-suited option according to your financial needs by outlining an amortisation schedule. All you have to do is enter these three variables:

  • The amount of the loan

  • The repayment tenure

  • The rate of interest

Calculate Shubham Housing Home Loan EMI Online

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How to Use Shubham Housing Finance EMI Calculator

The Shubham Housing Finance EMI calculator is simple and user-friendly. The user must follow these quick and simple steps -

  • Step 1: Visit the Shubham home loan EMI calculator page on Bajaj Markets

  • Step 2: Enter the amount of loan that you wish to avail of

  • Step 3: Select the loan repayment tenure

  • Step 4: Choose the interest rate at which Shubham Housing Finance is offering the home loan

  • Step 5: View the results displayed automatically on the right panel

Once you have entered these variables, the calculator will process the EMI amount that you will have to pay. It will just take a few seconds to display the EMIs and the interest payable. Moreover, you can also alter these values to compare and analyse the ideal EMI option according to your budget. 

Shubham Housing Finance Home Loan EMI amount at Different Tenures

There are three main factors that influence the EMI amount that you may have to pay toward a loan. Apart from interest rate and loan amount, the repayment tenure is an important factor that determines the EMI amount for your loan. 

The following table showcases the EMI amount that you may have to pay when availing of home loans at different tenures. 

** The EMI values have been calculated at a 9.90% interest rate.

Loan Amount

10 years

15 years

20 years





















Disclaimer: The above EMIs are calculated with the calculator available on Bajaj Markets. Actual figures may vary depending on the loan terms.

FAQs on Shubham Housing Home Loan EMI Calculator

How can you get a repayment schedule for the Shubham Housing home loan EMI?

After the loan is approved, the executive will contact you to discuss and finalise the repayment schedule, EMI payments, etc. You can also check the EMI due dates on Bajaj Markets, and access the amortisation schedule. This provides you with a more detailed overview of your payments, with a month-by-month breakdown of your EMIs.

What is the best way to calculate EMI for a Shubham Housing Finance Home Loan?

You can use either the mathematical formula or any spreadsheet software to calculate your EMIs. However, the Shubham Housing Finance EMI calculator is the best tool as it provides the results instantly. Moreover, the process is completely convenient and hassle-free.

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