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RuPay is India’s pioneering global card payment network and boasts widespread acceptance nationwide. Since their launch, the RuPay credit card has been embraced by most of the banking institutions in the country. With an embedded chip that enables transactions to be carried out securely, credit cards can be used online and offline via Point of Sale (PoS) machines. 

What is a RuPay Credit Card?

The term ‘RuPay’ was coined by merging two words – Rupee and Payment. RuPay is India’s indigenous endeavour for card payments. Similar to MasterCard and Visa, RuPay does not function as a standalone card. Instead, it operates as a payment network that allows banks and credit card issuers to issue debit and credit cards. Three variants of RuPay credit cards are available in India - the RuPay Classic card, RuPay Select card, and RuPay Platinum card. 

RuPay Credit Cards Link with UPI

The RBI has proposed to link credit cards to UPI. RuPay, being a brainchild of the government-run NPCI, will be among the first card networks to integrate this functionality.


This will allow you to link your account with UPI with a RuPay credit card and make transactions seamless and convenient. This will expand your payment options considerably. 


However, it should be noted that this is not operational yet. It will be possible only after all systems have been developed efficiently.

How Does a RuPay Card Work?

RuPay credit card comes with an in-built microprocessor circuit that holds your information.  


These cards, developed by the NPCI, have an embedded EMV chip. This chip allows you to make all transactions of high or low value with absolute protection. 


This makes RuPay debit and credit cards exceptionally secure. RuPay, India’s homegrown card payment network, can be used at ATMs that operate on the National Financial Switch network. 


Moreover, you can swipe your RuPay card at more than 8.75 Lakh sale terminals all over the country to directly make a purchase. A RuPay Credit Card can be used internationally as well in 1.90 million locations in 200+ countries. 

Types of RuPay Credit Cards

You can choose the RuPay credit card in three variants. 

These include:

  • RuPay Classic

  • RuPay Select

  • RuPay Platinum 

1. RuPay Classic Credit Card: 

This card by RuPay comes with some exclusive offers at a number of merchant terminals as well as online websites, such as:

  1. Personal accident insurance and permanent disability cover up to ₹1 Lakh

  2. Secured payments to avoid phishing attempts

  3. Exclusive merchant advantages

2. RuPay Select Credit Card: 

This variant of RuPay credit cards is designed for frequent travellers. RuPay Select Credit Card comes with a number of exciting lifestyle benefits, including: 

  1. Exclusive offers from partner brands

  2. Complimentary airport lounge access

  3. Concierge services for dining out, travel, and entertainment 

  4. Access to accident insurance coverage of ₹10 Lakhs

  5. Free workout and meditation sessions at home and 15/30 days of a gym membership

3. RuPay Platinum Credit Card

The RuPay Platinum Credit Card has a range of welcome gifts from many brands. It also offers the following:

  1. Cashback on utility bill payments and dining

  2. Round-the-clock concierge assistance for travellers

  3. Exclusive merchant offers from partner brands and stores

  4. Personal accident cover of ₹2 Lakhs

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Some of the Top RuPay Credit Cards in India 2024

Many leading banks in India are currently offering RuPay credit cards. Here’s a table outlining some of the best RuPay credit cards that you can consider applying for:

RuPay Credit Card

Type of Card 



Bank of Baroda Premier Credit Card


₹1,000 + GST

  • 10 reward points for every ₹100 spent on dining, international and travel transactions 

  • 2 reward points for every ₹100 spent on other transactions 

  • Complimentary airport lounge access once every quarter

IndianOil Kotak Credit Card


₹449 + GST 

  • 24 reward points for every ₹150 spent on IndianOil fuel transactions subject to a maximum of 1,200 reward points per billing cycle

  • 12 reward points for every ₹150 spent on dining and grocery transactions subject to a maximum of 800 reward points per billing cycle 

  • 3 reward points for every ₹150 spent on other transactions


Credit Card


₹199 + GST

  • 15 reward points for every ₹150 spent for purchasing fuel and LPG from HPCL

  • 15 reward points for every ₹150 spent on grocery and utility transactions 

HDFC Bank Rupay IRCTC Credit Card


₹500 + GST

  • 5 reward points for every ₹100 spent on transactions made on IRCTC

  • 1 reward point for every ₹100 spent on all other transactions

  • Extra 5% cashback on train ticket bookings made through the HDFC Bank SmartBuy platform. 

PNB RuPay Select Credit Card


₹500 + GST

  • 300 bonus reward points on first-time card usage

  • 2x reward points on transactions involving the purchase of retail merchandise

  • Cashbacks on dining bills and utility bills

IRCTC Rupay SBI Credit Card


₹500 + GST (joining fee) 


₹300 + GST (annual fee)

  • 10% value back on AC-class train tickets booked through IRCTC 

  • 1 reward point for every ₹125 spent for booking non-AC-class train tickets on IRCTC and on other retail transactions  

Union Uni Carbon Credit Card


₹499 + GST

  • 16 reward points for every ₹100 spent on fuel purchases worth at least ₹500 

  • 2 reward points for every ₹100 spent on non-fuel transactions 

  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver on HPCL fuel transactions worth at least ₹200

IDBI Winnings RuPay Select Credit Card


₹899 + GST (applicable from the 2nd year onwards) 

  • 2 delight points for every ₹100 spent on all transactions 

  • 500 bonus delight points on making 5 transactions worth ₹1,000 or more each month  

  • 2 complimentary domestic and international airport lounge visits per quarter

SBI Shaurya Credit Card


₹250 + GST

  • 5 reward points for every ₹100 spent on dining, movies, CSD, movies, grocery and departmental transactions

  • 1 reward point for every ₹100 spent on all other transactions

  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel transactions between ₹500 and ₹3,000

Union Platinum RuPay Credit Card


₹299 + GST

  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver subject to a maximum of ₹100 per billing cycle

  • Access to 24x7 domestic concierge service 

  • Offers and cashback on utility and restaurant bills 

Where are RuPay Credit Cards Accepted?

A RuPay credit card can be accepted for transactions at following payment destinations: 

  • ATMs 

  • Point-of-sale terminals

  • Online shopping portals 

  • IVR


Note that an international RuPay credit card can be used at domestic points of acceptance (within India) along with ICS partner acceptance points. These include: 

  • Several international ATMs

  • Online shopping portals

  • Retail terminals

How To Make UPI Payments Using RuPay Credit Card

The RBI has proposed to link credit cards to UPI. RuPay, will be among the first card networks to integrate this functionality.


This will allow you to link your account with UPI with a RuPay credit card and make transactions seamless and convenient. This will expand your payment options considerably. 


However, it should be noted that this is not operational yet. It will be possible only after all systems have been developed efficiently.

Features and Benefits of RuPay Credit Cards

RuPay credit cards come with their own set of features and benefits. Some benefits are offered by the payment processing network, while others are offered by the card issuing bank. Here’s a brief overview of some of the general features and benefits that RuPay credit cards generally offer.

  • Exciting Rewards

Most credit cards issued in the RuPay network extend exciting rewards across categories. Rewards offered by RuPay credit cards can come as cashback or reward points. However, the reward rates may differ from card to card and can vary for different categories

  • Travel Benefits

The best RuPay credit cards offer exclusive travel benefits, such as complimentary domestic and international airport lounge access and discounts on flights and hotel bookings

  • Insurance Benefits

Select RuPay credit cards provide insurance benefits, such as complimentary air accident cover, personal accident cover, and card liability protection. You can also get travel-related insurance covers like coverage against the loss of baggage, tickets, passport, etc.

  • Entertainment and Dining Benefits

Using RuPay credit cards, you can access deals and discounts on dining across multiple premium restaurants. Some of the entertainment benefits these credit cards offer include complimentary movie tickets, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offers on movies, etc.

  • Waivers

The best Rupay credit cards extend waivers, such as spend-based annual fee waivers and 1% fuel surcharge waivers on certain fuel transactions

  • Faster Transactions

All the transactions made using RuPay credit cards are processed domestically within the country. Hence, these transactions are typically faster than those made using Visa, MasterCard, and AmEx credit cards

  • Low Transaction Costs

NCPI is a not-for-profit organisation, and transactions made using these credit cards use the RuPay payment processing network. Hence, the overall cost to process the transaction is lower (by around 23%) than that of cards using international payment processing networks. Because of lower transaction costs, you can save more when you use RuPay credit cards to make payments

  • Safer Transactions

All credit cards offered by RuPay come with a built-in microchip and a two-factor authentication system for online payments. These security measures ensure that your transactions are always safe and secure

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Banks that Offer RuPay Credit Cards

When the RuPay payment network was first launched, banks initially only issued RuPay debit cards. However, recognising the potential and advantages of the domestic payment settlement system, public sector banks initially started offering RuPay credit cards. 


as the popularity of these cards has grown , several private sector banks have also started issuing credit cards that use the RuPay network. Here’s a quick look at some of the banks that currently offer RuPay credit cards in India. 

  • Punjab National Bank 

  • IDBI Bank 

  • Union Bank of India  

  • State Bank of India 

  • Saraswat Bank

  • Federal Bank

  • Bank of Baroda

  • IDFC FIRST Bank 

  • Axis Bank

  • HDFC Bank 

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank

  • LIC Cards

  • Canara Bank 

  • SBM Bank 

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How to Get a RuPay Credit Card

You can get a RuPay credit card by applying for it online or offline with your bank. To apply for it offline, follow the given process:

  1. Visit the nearest branch of your bank

  2. Fill in the application form 

  3. Submit all the required documents like your Aadhaar card, income proof, etc.


You can also apply for the RuPay credit card online by following the steps below: 

  1. Visit your bank’s official website

  2. Fill in the online application along with the required documents to get this card


Note that you must fulfil certain criteria related to age, income, etc. in order to be eligible to get a RuPay credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a RuPay credit card available for farmers?

Yes, a specific RuPay credit card - the Indian Bank RuPay Kisan Credit Card - is available for farmers. They can use this card to utilise ATM services and make PoS transactions.

Does GooglePay accept RuPay credit cards?

No, GooglePay does not accept RuPay credit cards. GooglePay supports only Mastercard and Visa cards by select banks.

Does Paytm support RuPay credit cards?

Yes, Paytm supports a RuPay credit card.

What are the fees and charges for using a Rupay credit card?

RuPay does not charge any joining or annual fees on its cards. The issuing bank generally levies such charges, which can vary from one bank to another.

Can I use RuPay credit cards for international transactions?

Yes. You can use Global RuPay credit cards with the Discover, Pulse, and Diners’ logos for international transactions at merchant locations and ATMs.

Can I use RuPay Card for online purchases?

Yes, the RuPay credit card can be used for purchases online.

Can I get a RuPay card free of cost?

The issuing bank establishes the charges for RuPay credit cards. It is not the card network RuPay, but the issuing bank that decides the various charges typically applicable to credit cards.

Can my RuPay credit card be changed to a Visa credit card?

Yes. Many banks allow you to convert your RuPay credit card into a Visa credit card. However, this will lead to your RuPay card being deactivated permanently. 

Which credit card is better – Visa or RuPay?

Since RuPay credit cards are domestic cards, they have a significantly reduced processing fee. This is because domestic processing is employed for local transactions. On the other hand, Visa and MasterCard are international system cards. Hence, they are considerably more expensive, as their processing occurs overseas.

Furthermore, since RuPay credit cards are handled locally, transactions are typically faster when you use RuPay cards over Visa credit cards.

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