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Demat account helps store your securities and shares in electronic formats. You can buy or sell shares, securities, or debentures once you open this account. On Bajaj Markets, you can open a Demat account for free and pay zero maintenance charges. 


Once your shares are transferred to this account, they are called Demat holdings. Download a Demat holding statement to get a clear view of the stocks you own and their respective values. 

How to Read a Demat Account Holding Statement

This statement includes the number of shares you own, their current value, the time you purchased them, and other details. Here is how you can read the statement after navigating to the portfolio tab of your demat account:

  • Check the aggregated value of your investments, showcasing the total worth of your portfolio in the first row

  • Next, view your overall profit or loss beneath the total portfolio value, which provides insight so you can plan your next move

  • A comprehensive list of your acquired stocks is displayed thereafter

  • Adjacent to each company name, you will find the current share price next to the initial purchase price

  • Beneath each company’s entry, you can check the number of shares purchased alongside the current value of your investment

  • You can also check the unrealised profit or loss for each stock, representing the potential profit or loss if you decide to sell the stocks


Note: These steps may vary across platforms. 

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Steps to Get a Demat Account Holding Statement

You can download a Demat account holding statement either from your stockbroker or from central depositories:

  • National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) 

  • Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL)


All stockbrokers allow you to download this statement from their respective trading platforms. Alternatively, check the depository your Depository Participant (DP) is registered with and then log in to the respective depository to download your Demat account holding statement.

How to Download the Statement from the CDSL Website

Getting your Demat holding statement from the CDSL portal is convenient and quick. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the CDSL website 

  2. Click on the option for Consolidated Account Summary (CAS) login

  3. Provide your PAN card details, your date of birth, and the 16-digit Beneficiary Owner (BO) ID

  4. Verify the Captcha code and click ‘Submit’ 

  5. Enter the OTP you receive on your mobile number

  6. Download the Demat account holding statement


You can get the BO ID from your stockbroker and download the statement easily from the CDSL website. Ensure your mobile number is active and registered with your broker. This step is crucial as you may not be able to access the Demat holding statement without OTP verification.

How to Get the Statement from the NSDL Portal

The steps to download your Demat account holding statement from NSDL are similar to those of CDSL.

  1. Visit the NSDL website and click on ‘NSDL E-CAS’ from the menu options on top

  2. Provide your CAS ID and PAN details

  3. Enter the Captcha code and click ‘Submit’

  4. Receive the Demat account holding statement on your email ID registered with your DP


To get your CAS ID, click on ‘Know Your CAS ID’ on the NSDL website. Provide your PAN details, ‘DP Name and ID’, ‘Client ID’, and captcha code. You will receive your CAS ID number.

Significance of Monitoring Your Demat Holdings Statement

Monitoring this statement is crucial for you as an investor and helps you plan for future financial fitness. Here is why you should check it often:

  • Helps you keep track of your investments and the performance of your portfolio

  • Helps you instantly spot any fraudulent or unauthorised transaction happening in your account

  • Helps you make informed investment decisions by letting you analyse whether or not a stock is performing well

  • Helps you gauge certain risk-prone areas well in advance, thereby enabling you to diversify your portfolio

  • Helps you calculate capital gains or even losses with ease, which is crucial for tax compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I read Demat holdings?

Visit the portfolio tab of your Demat account, which lists your total investment value and overall profit or loss. In the purchased stocks, you can see the current share value along with the cost when you purchased them. You can also see the company-specific shares and current investment value.

Why is it essential to check your Demat account holding statement?

Keeping a close tab on your holdings could help you plan future investments, take key trade decisions, and spot fraudulent activities, if any.

What are the essential details you can find in a Demat holding statement?

The particulars listed on a statement include your name, contact information, address, unique folio number, a summary of transactions, current balance, dividend income, and more.

Can I view my demat holdings without the intervention of a broker?

Yes, you can view your holdings by registering with the depository through which you have opened your demat account. While NSDL requires you to input a 14-digit number with an IN prefix, you can log in to CDSL with its 16-digit ID number.

How can I get my Demat account holding statement?

You can get your statement either from your respective DP or from the websites of centralised depositories, NSDL and CDSL. You can also check it through a 2-in-1 account through your broker or DP and through updates on email.

How can I download my Demat account holding statement from CDSL?

You can download your demat holding statement by visiting the CDSL website and logging in to your account using your CAS details. Provide your PAN details, BO ID, and date of birth. Verify the Captcha code and enter the OTP to download your statement.

What is a Demat account holding?

The total number of shares you own, which are listed in your Demat account, are called demat holdings. You can trade or hold on to them. 

How can I check my Demat account details?

As your Demat account is linked to a bank account, you can view your Demat account details by logging into the net banking portal of your bank. Apart from this, you may also log in to the CDSL or NSDL websites to check your Demat account details. You may also get the information in your welcome letter from the depository. 

When should you analyse your Demat account holding statement?

Check your Demat account holding statement on a regular basis to assess your portfolio and spot any fraudulent activities. If you have bought shares, check it after a few days to ensure the activity has been carried out.

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