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Gold to be pledged (in grams)

GM 1 tola=10 gm
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Required Loan Amount


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Rate of Interest ( Per Annum )
7 25
Gold EMI Calculator

Gold weight required

0 grams

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Interest Repayment

tenure Gold Loan have a fixed tenure of 12 months

Gold Loan have a fixed tenure of 12 months

How to Calculate EMI for a Gold Loan?

You can calculate the EMI amounts you are likely to pay using a Gold Loan EMI calculator. For this, you will be required to enter the weight of the gold you wish to mortgage or the required loan amount. Thereafter, enter the preferred frequency of repayment, that is either, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. Then use the slider provided and choose the gold loan interest rate offered by your lender. On doing so, the calculations will be displayed on the screen.


The calculation results are based on the values you enter in the calculator. Your EMI amount (including the actual interest amount charged) will depend on the prevailing rates. The results are neither certified nor guaranteed. The repayment schedule presented is for illustration purposes. Confirm the values with your lender prior to applying for the gold loan.

FAQs and Support

A gold loan EMI calculator online helps you estimate the amount you can borrow against the value of your gold and the interest you need to pay. All you need to do is enter the weight and purity of your gold, along with the repayment option. 

The tenure for a gold loan varies between a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 36 months.

The Gold Loan interest is calculated on the basis of the principal loan amount and the interest rate charged.

The amount of gold required for a ₹1 Lakh loan depends on the current market price of gold and the lender's loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. For instance, to borrow a loan of ₹1 Lakh, you may need to provide approximately 28.53 grams of gold to the lender as collateral, as per current market rates.

The loan amount you can get on 100g gold will depend on the current market price of gold and the lender's loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. Generally, lenders offer up to 75% LTV, so according to the current market value for 100g gold, you can get a loan exceeding ₹3.5 Lakhs. 

Yes, you can get a loan on 18-carat gold.

Gold loan calculators help estimate EMIs efficiently and quickly, saving time and effort. A gold loan calculator is easy to use and can help you make informed decisions about your loan. It can help determine the loan amount and EMI that suits your budget and financial goals the best.

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