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The repayment tenure of a gold loan depends on factors like the loan amount, interest rate, purpose of the loan, specific lender policies, and the borrower's repayment capacity.

Usually, gold loans have a minimum repayment tenure starting from 7 days. The maximum repayment tenure can go up to 5 years. Borrowers can choose the tenure based on their liquidity needs and ability to repay comfortably. 

Long-term vs Short-term Gold Loan Tenure

The key points of difference between a long-term gold loan repayment tenure and a short-term gold loan repayment tenure are as follows: 

Point of Difference

Short-Term Gold Loan Tenure

Long-Term Gold Loan Tenure


Typically ranges from 7 days to 24 months

Extends beyond 24 months

Repayment Period

Aids in quicker debt resolution due to the shorter period 

Allows more manageable EMIs due to the extended period 

EMI Amount

May result in higher EMIs

May result in lower EMIs 

Risk Tolerance

Suits individuals who prefer swift debt resolution and lower overall interest costs. 

Suits individuals comfortable with long-term financial commitments 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gold Loan Tenure

Consider the following factors before you choose your ideal gold loan repayment tenure:

1. Affordability:

Assess your monthly income against expenses, ensuring that the chosen home loan tenure results in manageable EMIs.

2. Interest Rates:

It is important to be aware of the prevailing  gold loan interest rates as they impact loan repayment. Longer tenure can translate to higher interest rates, while shorter tenure can come with lower interest rates.

3. Financial Goals:

Align your loan tenure with your overarching financial objectives. Ensure that it complements your long-term plans without impeding other financial aspirations. 

4. Income Stability:

Evaluate the stability of your income. Individuals with a steady income stream may lean towards a longer tenure, as they might find it easier to pay timely EMIs. Conversely, those with variable incomes might favour a shorter repayment period. 

5. Loan Amount:

Larger sums may necessitate longer tenures for feasible repayment, whereas smaller loans could be settled more promptly. Hence, this impacts your overall interest costs. 

Tips to Choose the Suitable Gold Loan Tenure

  • Evaluate your financial capacity to determine a loan tenure that aligns with your ability to repay. This ensures that your EMIs are comfortably manageable. 

  • Reflect on the purpose and urgency of the loan. Urgent needs may favour shorter tenures, while long-term goals can be supported by extended tenures. 

  • Understand how interest rates may differ for various tenures. Determine a balance between affordable EMIs and minimising the overall interest burden. 

  • Contemplate your future financial outlook. Choose a tenure that accommodates potential changes in income or expenses to prevent financial strain. 

  • Use online tools like the gold loan EMI calculator on Bajaj Markets to compute and compare monthly payments for different tenures.

Gold Loan Tenure Offered by Leading Financial Institutions

Gold Loan Providers

Maximum Loan Tenure

IIFL Finance

2 Years

Muthoot Finance

3 Years

Bajaj Finserv

1 Year


1 Year


1 Year

Muthoot FinCorp ONE

1 Year

Disclaimer: The aforementioned details are subject to change at the lender's discretion. 

Gold loans offer a viable solution in case of immediate financial assistance. By submitting gold articles as collateral, you can quickly obtain funds with minimal disbursal time. Furthermore, you can choose repayment tenure as per your financial situation. Apply for a gold loan on Bajaj Markets and get urgent funds at moderate interest rates and flexible repayment tenures.


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FAQs on Gold Loan Tenure

Can I get a gold loan for 5 years?

Yes, the maximum tenure for a gold loan ranges up to 5 years depending on the conditions specified by the lender.

Can I extend the tenure of my gold loan?

Some banks and non-banking financial companies offer extensions on the loan tenures. Contact your financial institution for more information.

Can I close my gold loan early?

It is usually allowed to close a gold loan early without any prepayment charges. You can contact the bank or financial institution for further information.

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