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If you are based in Hyderabad and want to invest in gold, or want to buy gold ornaments, you should know about the gold rate in Hyderabad. You should know that the gold rate today in Hyderabad will be different from what it was yesterday or what it will be tomorrow. It is for this reason that the gold rate in Hyderabad, like everywhere else, changes on a daily basis. So read on to know more about the gold rate in Hyderabad and the reasons that lead to the daily change in its rate.

Gold Price Per Gram in Hyderabad

The price of gold in India is determined by international gold prices. The rupee's exchange rate and import levies imposed by the Indian government are the other two determinants. While over the past many decades, gold has generally provided good returns, the prices do show fluctuations on a regular basis. Take a look at the table below to find out the 24 carat gold rate in Hyderabad.


24 Carat Gold Rate Today Hyderabad

24 Carat Gold Rate Yesterday

Daily Price Change

1 Gram



- ₹49

10 Gram



- ₹490

100 Gram



- ₹4,900

Disclaimer: The gold rate in Hyderabad is subject to change due to fluctuating market prices. Please check the actual rates with vendors at the time of purchase.

22 & 24 Carat Gold Rate in Hyderabad for Last 10 Days

There are many forms of gold in which you can invest. These include:

  • Physical Gold

  • ETFs and Gold Mutual Funds

  • Gold Derivatives


Irrespective of which type of investment you select, you need to be aware of the recent changes in the price of gold. Fluctuations in 24 and 22 carat gold rate in Hyderabad has been given below:





1 Gram

10 Gram

1 Gram

10 Gram

Jul 19, 2024





Jul 18, 2024





Jul 17, 2024





Jul 16, 2024





Jul 15, 2024





Jul 14, 2024





Jul 13, 2024





Jul 12, 2024





Jul 11, 2024





Jul 10, 2024





Gold Rate Calculator

A gold rate calculator is a free online tool that allows you to find out the price of gold. The gold calculator is not only quite easy and quick to use, but also helps you in calculating the gold price in all kinds of weights. Including ounce, kilogram, gram, tola, ratti, bhori etc. You can also find out the weight of different carats as well, like 24 carat, 22 carat, 18 carat and so on.


You simply need to enter the city or state you are in, the gold carat, the weight of the gold item and the time of investment. In an instant, you would be able to see today’s rate and a fair estimate of the value of your gold.

Gold Investment in Hyderabad

You should always check the gold rate in Hyderabad today for 22 carats and 24 carats if you intend to invest in gold. In Hyderabad, you can acquire gold in a variety of ways. The most popular is, of course, actual gold.

You can also acquire gold through the Multi Commodity Exchange, better known as MCX, using Futures and Options. You will receive gold in the form of 24 carats and 22 carats in this transaction. It's critical to square up your position once you've purchased gold using this method. This is because you can't take physical delivery of shares in the futures market; instead, you must settle the transaction.


There are alternative ways to purchase gold, such as sovereign gold bonds, gold coins, and so forth. You can select the option that best matches your needs. There is no such thing as an optimal manner of purchasing gold these days. Most of the time, you must decide which technique of purchasing gold in Hyderabad is the best. It is advised to stay away from gold ETFs if you are unfamiliar with them.


You can choose from a wide range of choices available in Hyderabad. Of course, the ideal option is the electronic format, which is both inexpensive and dependable.

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Points to Remember When Buying Gold in Hyderabad

When buying gold you need to be aware of today’s gold rate in Hyderabad for 22 carat or 24 carat. You should also keep the following points in mind:

  • Authenticity

The quality of gold is the most important thing to consider before investing in the precious metal. There are several methods for determining the gold's quality.

  • Cost

Before purchasing yellow metal, the price is also an important consideration. The buyer can examine the prices of gold at various jewellery stores throughout Hyderabad.

  • Weight

Before purchasing a piece of jewellery, it is necessary to examine the weight of the item. When determining the price of the decoration, stones such as emeralds, rubies, diamonds, and pearls will be considered.

  • Special Occasions

If we look at the price of gold over the last few years, we can see that the price of gold rises during the holiday and wedding seasons.

  • Investment

Gold is a popular investment option in India. Gold is seen as a valuable possession that is passed down through the generations.

  • Gold Purity Factor

Carat is the term used to describe the purity or gold content of a piece of jewellery. “K” is the name given to it. Gold is available in a variety of carats, including 14 carats, 18 carats, 22 carats, and 24 carats. Because 24-carat gold is the finest kind of gold, it is likely to be more expensive than other carats.

  • Certification

The Indian government has designated the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) as the exclusive organisation responsible for certifying and authenticating gold in the country. The BIS hallmark is a globally recognised symbol of conformity that provides consumers with additional assurance about the purity of gold jewellery.

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Factors that Affect the Gold Price in Hyderabad

Gold is Hyderabad's all-time favourite and most valuable asset. It is a necessary component of all festivals and celebrations. The price of gold is influenced by a number of factors. The following are the details:

  • The Jewellery Markets:

The jewellery markets have a significant impact on gold price today in Hyderabad. As a result, demand for the metal is expected to be higher during the holiday season than during non-holiday seasons.

  • Inflation:

For a layperson, gold is one of the safest types of investment. It is more noticeable during times of inflation. Inflation depreciates money's purchasing power. As a result, gold is the best bet for inflation investment because it is stable and has been done for a long time.

  • Gold Reserves of the Central Bank:

The RBI, the country's central bank, owns huge gold reserves in addition to currency reserves. The price of gold rises whenever the RBI purchases gold. It's because there's a scarcity of gold and a surplus of money in the market.

  • Global Price Changes:

The price of yellow metal is affected by a number of factors, including global supply, demand, and so on. Changes in worldwide rates have an impact on gold's value in the home market.

  • Interest Rate Fluctuation:

The rate of interest on bank deposits and financial instruments is also a factor in determining the price of the ornamental metal.

How is the Purity of Gold Evaluated in Hyderabad?

In the Hyderabad gold market, we see or buy gold that has been mixed or blended with other metals like copper, nickel, silver, palladium, and zinc.


Pink gold is the least expensive gold alloyed with silver and copper. Green gold is created by mixing rose gold with either silver or copper. White gold is a more expensive combination of palladium, nickel, and zinc. Silver, copper, and zinc are alloyed or combined with yellow gold.


The carats measure the purity of gold by determining how much gold is alloyed precisely.

GST Impact on Gold Rate in Hyderabad

Just like other commodities, the Goods and Services Tax, GST, also affects gold. However, the applicability of GST differed at different levels and stages. GST on gold is applied at the manufacturing as well as supply stage.



Making Charges


Rate of GST (Value of Gold)


FAQs on Gold Rate in Hyderabad

What factors determine the gold rate in Hyderabad?

The rates of gold differ in different states due to several factors. In Hyderabad, the rate of gold is determined based on the rate of inflation, international gold price, transportation cost, government taxation in the city, jewellery market, etc.

How to check the purity of Gold in Hyderabad?


The purity of gold can be determined based on 4 major parameters, as specified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards):

  • BIS mark

  • Carat purity

  • The identification mark of the hallmarking centre

  • The identification mark of the jeweller

Why does the gold price in Hyderabad keep on changing?

The gold price in Hyderabad keeps on changing every now and then because of the changing rates of oil, rates in the international market, global production of the gold, demand and supply of gold etc.

What would be the best time to sell gold in Hyderabad?


Except for emergency cash needs, the best time to sell gold may be:

  • When the market rate of gold is high

  • If you no longer use your gold jewellery or it has been broken

  • Right before popular festivals and holidays

Should you buy 18-carat gold in Hyderabad?

You may go for 18 carat gold:

  • If you want a sturdy and stiff gold product as 18 karat gold has a higher mixture of other metal along with gold

  • If you have a low gold budget as 22 and 24 carat gold has a higher price than 18 carat.

Which gold rate in Hyderabad is higher - of 18 carat, 22 carat, or 24 carat?

The carat value indicates the mixture of other metals along with gold in a particular gold product/jewellery. The lower the carat value, the lower will be its gold content. Also, lower the carat value, lower the price of the gold product will be. The price of 18 carat gold will be lower than 22 carat and the latter will be lower than 24 carat gold. 24 carat gold is considered the purest gold form.

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