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The Public Provident Fund (PPF) calculator serves as a valuable resource if you’re seeking an estimate of the growth of your investments. This financial tool takes into account key factors such as the investment amount, the tenor, and the interest rate, to provide a projected maturity value. It also covers the total interest earned. 

By leveraging the PPF calculator, you can make informed decisions regarding your savings goals. You can also gain a clear picture of the long-term benefits associated with this government-backed savings scheme.

How to Use a PPF Interest Calculator

Here are a few steps you must follow to use the PPF returns calculator:

  1. Enter the amount you plan to deposit periodically into your PPF account

  2. Choose the frequency of investment (monthly, quarterly, or annually)

  3. Enter the interest rate applicable to your PPF investments

Once you submit these details, the interest and maturity amount will be estimated by the calculator and displayed on the screen.

PPF Calculation for Different Investment Periods

Once the PPF tenor of 15 years has ended, you can extend the investment period by blocks of 5 years. The returns you earn will depend on the investment duration. 


Here is a preview of the maturity amount calculations for different investment periods. The following particulars have been considered for this example.

  • You invest ₹1 Lakh each year in your PPF account

  • The rate of interest is 7.10% p.a. 

In that case, here is how your investment will grow across different investment periods:

Investment Tenor

Total Amount of Investments Made

Total Interest Earned

Maturity Amount

15 years




20 years




25 years




30 years




As you can see, owing to the power of compounding, you can grow your corpus to over ₹1 Crore by simply investing ₹1 Lakh a year for 30 years.

What is the Formula for Calculating PPF?

You can use the following formula to calculate your PPF interest: 

A = P [({(1+i)n}-1) ÷ i


  • A is the maturity amount  

  • P is the amount invested  

  • i is the rate of return/interest  

  • n is the investment tenor

Benefits of the PPF Interest Rate Calculator

The PPF interest calculator can be a powerful tool for anyone considering investing in the Public Provident Fund (PPF) scheme in India. Here's how it benefits you:

Effective Decision-making

Experiment with different investment amounts and tenors to see how they impact your maturity value. This helps you design a personalised investment plan that aligns with your financial goals, whether i Read Moret's building a retirement corpus or funding your child's education. Read Less

Goal Setting

Know the potential returns from PPF to set realistic savings goals. Use the calculator to determine the investment amount needed to achieve your desired maturity amount, ensuring you stay on track fina Read Morencially. Read Less

Estimate Total Contribution

Gain a clear picture of the total amount you would need to contribute over the chosen tenor. This helps with budgeting and financial planning, allowing you to allocate funds efficiently for your PPF in Read Morevestment. Read Less

Visualising Growth

Witness how your investment grows exponentially over time, factoring in the power of compound interest. This visual representation can act as a motivator to stay disciplined and consistent with your co Read Morentributions. Read Less

Investment Options

Some calculators allow you to compare the potential returns from PPF with other investment options like fixed deposits or mutual funds. This comparative analysis empowers you to make informed decisions Read More based on your risk tolerance and investment objectives. Read Less


The calculator utilises publicly available information on PPF interest rates and calculation methods, fostering transparency and trust in the estimated results. This allows you to make decisions based Read Moreon realistic expectations. Read Less


The information provided by BFDL herein above is related to the Non-Partnered Banks/ NBFCs and is just for the purpose of information and under no circumstances the information provided hereinabove is intended to be source of advice or recommending any financial investment advice or endorsement of any sort. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PPF calculator?

The PPF calculator is an online tool used to calculate the returns or interest earned on your PPF investments. It also displays the maturity amount you will receive at the end of the investment period.

Is the PPF calculator free to use?

Yes, the PPF maturity calculator is free to use online.

How is the PPF maturity amount calculated?

The PPF maturity amount is calculated by adding the cumulative deposits made during the investment period to the accrued interest on these deposits. Determine your PPF maturity value easily with an online calculator.

How to use the PPF calculator?

To use the PPF returns calculator, you simply need to input the below details: 

  • Contribution amount 

  • Frequency of the investment (monthly, quarterly, or yearly)

  • Tenor 

  • Prevailing interest rate 


Upon submitting this information, the calculator will determine the interest accrued on your deposits during the selected period.

How accurate are PPF calculators?

PPF calculators are generally accurate, as they use the official interest rates and established calculation methods. However, they estimate future returns and actual results might vary slightly due to potential interest rate fluctuations.

How much interest can I get on my PPF account?

The PPF interest rate is not fixed and is reviewed quarterly by the government. However, as of March 2024, the interest rate stands at 7.1%.

What factors does a Public Provident Fund calculator consider?

A Public Provident Fund or PPF calculator considers your desired investment amount, chosen investment period, and the current interest rate to estimate your potential maturity value and total interest earned.

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