The Present Value (PV) calculator is an online tool that helps you compute the PV of a sum of money in the future. Using this calculator is helpful and essential for long-term investments. 


Using a PV calculator, you can also determine the sum you need to invest today for a future financial goal. For the present value calculation, you will need to input the following details:

  • Future sum desired

  • Time period (years)

  • Interest rate

  • Compounding frequency

  • Cash flow payments (optional)

  • Annuity growth rate (optional)

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What is Present Value?

Present value (PV) is a fundamental concept in finance that helps you assess the current worth of future amounts of money. In simpler terms, it calculates the present value needed to match a future sum, considering potential changes in value due to interest rates.


  • Future Value

FV refers to the anticipated worth of a sum of money in the future, considering any applicable interest or inflation.


  • Reverse Compound Interest

Present value essentially reverses the logic of compound interest. It focuses on determining the present investment required to achieve a specific future amount, rather than projecting the future value of a present sum. You can achieve this by discounting the future value back to the present using an appropriate discount rate.


  • Discount Rate

The discount rate represents the perceived opportunity cost of capital, meaning the return you could expect by investing the money elsewhere today. A higher discount rate implies a greater opportunity cost, leading to a lower present value for the same future amount.


  • Investment Evaluation

By comparing the present value of an investment's future payoffs against its current cost, you can assess its relative fairness.

How to Use the Present Value Calculator

You can follow the steps outlined below to use the present value calculator:

  1. Assess and estimate your future requirements and enter the amount you hope to gain in the future

  2. Calculate the annual interest and discount rates and enter the value into the required field

  3. Enter the number of years in the field, marking the period

  4. Submit the details to get the present value of the amount you need in the future

Formula to Calculate Present Value

The present value formula is simple, but manual calculations may take a while, and online calculators may be a better alternative. However, despite this, it is essential to know the formula to calculate the present value. 


At the core of it, the present value is just the current value of a future amount plus future cash flows and/or annuity payments. The formula for calculating the PV is as follows:


PV = C / (1+r)^n


PV = Present Value

C = Cash Flow at a period

n = Number of period

r = Rate of return

Benefits of the Present Value Calculator

Here are some of the benefits of the present value calculation with a calculator:

1. Ease of Use

You need not carry out manual calculations, which can be tedious and prone to errors. With an online calculator, you can easily calculate the PV and make the right decision.


2. Choose the Best Annuity Plans

Annuity plans are a boon, especially once you retire and no longer draw a regular income. You can choose the best annuity plans that align with your retirement needs using the PV Calculator.

3. Analyse Investments Better

One way to assess whether an instrument is good is to compare the costs with the returns. A present value calculator is a reasonably accurate tool as it helps estimate an asset’s future worth and profitability, which you can use to determine the cost.

4. Take Measures to Meet Future Goals

By calculating your future goal’s present value, you can assess how much money you require to set aside for making investments for your future. Once you ascertain the amount you need to invest today, you can immediately begin taking measures to have that amount. 

5. Invest Without Worrying About Inflation

The discount rate is usually calculated while performing the present value calculation, which takes inflation into account. As a result, the current value calculation allows you to decipher your assets' future value without stressing about how inflation may negatively impact them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is PV calculated from FV?

This is the mathematical formula to calculate PV from PV = C / (1+r)^n.


How does the present value calculator assist you in making a good investment decision?

Here’s how the present value calculator can help you: 

  • Aids in the decision making of choosing the best investment option 

  • Helps determine the amount that must be invested today to attain a future goal

Why is the present value significant?

This is important as it lets you assess whether or not your investment decision is accurate. When you calculate present and future values for any investment, you are aware of the amount you can earn over a significant period. Based on that, you can assess if the accumulated corpus is enough for your requirements.

How is a present value different from a future value?

The present value aids in calculating the value of future cash flow in today’s scenario. On the other hand, the future value helps derive the value of the current cash flow based on the growth rate assumptions.

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