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Are you on a tight budget, but still wish to purchase a home of your own? This is where a home loan comes to your rescue. Given that in today’s day and age, property rates are rising by the minute, you may find it nearly implausible to purchase a home just with your savings. Home loans can help you do the same. Over the course of this article, we shall explore all facets of a home loan on a ₹35,000 salary.

How Much Home Loan Can I Get on a Salary of ₹35,000?

You are currently earning ₹35,000 per month, but are you aware of the loan amount that you are eligible for? Listed below are the amounts that a lender can sanction, for different salary ranges. Bajaj Markets offers a house loan eligibility calculator to help applicants find out sanctioned loan amounts according to their profile, however there are various factors like loan tenure, credit score, etc. that influence the sanctioned home loan amount.

Net monthly income

Home loan amount*











*The actual amounts may vary based on factors such as age, location, and monthly income.

As a borrower, you can make use of various methods to increase the amount you can be sanctioned on your home loan eligibility for a ₹35,000 salary, which includes paying off any debt that you may already possess. This vastly improves your credit score and helps give the lender the notion that you will not default on your home loan.

Home Loans Based on Salaries

Net salary of the borrower determines the amount of a home loan. Listed below are the salary pertinent home loan amounts sanctioned by most lenders:

Borrower’s Age

Net Salary per month (₹)


25,000 – 50,000


25 Years

20.85 Lakhs - 41.70 Lakhs

62.55 Lakhs

30 Years

20.85 Lakhs - 41.70 Lakhs

62.55 Lakhs

35 Years

20.85 Lakhs - 41.70 Lakhs

62.55 Lakhs

40 Years

19.78 Lakhs – 39.56 Lakhs

59.35 Lakhs

45 Years

17.77 Lakhs – 35.55 Lakhs

53.32 Lakhs

50 Years

14.63 Lakhs – 29.26 Lakhs

43.89 Lakhs

Note - The loan amounts mentioned in the table above are estimated figures and might change as per the norms and conditions of the banks and financial institutions.


Before you decide to take the plunge and purchase a home, you must make sure to conduct in-depth research of the terms and conditions offered by all lenders in the market. Each lender will factor in a wide multitude of factors before they sanction your loan. To avail of the best and most comprehensive home loans in the market, with attractive benefits and features, visit the Bajaj Markets website today. 

Home Loan on 35,000 FAQs

What percentage of salary should be a home loan amount account for?

To ensure that EMIs should not disturb the monthly budget of an individual, it is advisable that the EMI amount should account for only 40% of the monthly salary of an individual.

What loan amount can I expect on a ₹35,000 salary?

Suppose you are 25 years of age and have no prior outstanding debts, with a monthly salary of ₹35,000, you can secure a home loan of up to ₹29 Lakhs. 



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