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The eligibility calculator on Bajaj Markets helps an individual to calculate the eligible home loan amount. Check out the table below for the same, however these are estimated figures which can differ for every applicant due to various factors like - CIBIL score, tenure, etc.

Net monthly income

Home loan amount









₹ 46,000


You can get up to ₹41 Lakhs on a net monthly income of Rs 50,000. 

Home Loans Based on Salaries

One of the most important factor that determines the amount of a home loan on a ₹50000 salary is the net salary of the borrower. Elucidated below are the salary pertinent home loan amounts sanctioned:

Borrower’s Age

Net Salary per month (₹)


25,000 – 50,000


25 Years

20.85 Lakhs - 41.70 Lakhs

62.55 Lakhs

30 Years

20.85 Lakhs - 41.70 Lakhs

62.55 Lakhs

35 Years

20.85 Lakhs - 41.70 Lakhs

62.55 Lakhs

40 Years

19.78 Lakhs – 39.56 Lakhs

59.35 Lakhs

45 Years

17.77 Lakhs – 35.55 Lakhs

53.32 Lakhs

50 Years

14.63 Lakhs – 29.26 Lakhs

43.89 Lakhs

** Note - The loan amounts mentioned in the table above are estimated figures and might change as per the norms and conditions of the banks and financial institutions.


Buying a home, and doing so via a home loan, requires adequate research and financial planning. As has been stated above, the loan amount sanctioned to you will depend on a range of factors, including your credit score/credit history and your monthly salary, in addition to a host of other eligibility criteria set by the lender. To opt for the best home loans, at the most lucrative rates of interest, flexible tenures, and with minimal documentation, visit the Bajaj Markets website today. 

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