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If you have taken a home loan from ICICI Bank, you can check your ICICI Bank home loan statement to get an idea of your repayment schedule.


Here are some of the details that the home loan statement includes: 

  • Details of the borrower

  • Details of the home loan account

  • Applicable rate of interest during the financial year

  • EMI paid in the financial year

  • Breakdown of the financial year’s principal and interest amount 

  • Pre-payment details, if applicable

  • Total home loan amount repaid to date

  • Outstanding loan amount 

How to Download the ICICI Bank Home Loan Statement?

It is easy to access home loan statements as most banks have digitised the processes. 


In fact, lenders send the statements via email to the loan applicants periodically. 


However, you can also log in to the bank’s website or app and download the ICICI Bank home loan statement. 


Simply follow this process:

  • Log on to the ICICI Bank net banking portal

  • Enter your User ID or registered mobile number

  • Click on ‘e-Statements’

  • Select the respective account number from the drop-down menu

  • Click on ‘PDF’ to generate your home loan statement

How to Get the ICICI Bank Home Loan Statement Offline?

If you want a physical copy of the ICICI Bank Home Loan statement, you can visit the nearest ICICI Bank branch and contact a relationship manager. 


To get your statement, you will have to provide the loan account number, PAN, registered mobile number, etc. The relationship manager will help you with a printed copy of the home loan certificate.

As you can see, getting an ICICI Bank housing loan statement is easy whether you opt for online or offline options. If you plan to apply for a home loan, you can check out umpteen options on Bajaj Markets. Compare various lenders and choose one offering favourable loan terms.

FAQs on the ICICI Bank Home Loan Statement

When do you require your ICICI Bank Home Loan statement?

You will need your statement when you have to claim tax deductions on your income. It also comes in handy when you need to apply for any other loan or to understand your home loan’s breakup. 


In addition, an ICICI Bank home loan statement also helps you ascertain how much amount needs to be paid back to clear your loan entirely. 


Remember, your home loan statement is also proof of payment for your current home loan with the bank.

When do I need an ICICI Bank home loan interest certificate?

Banks usually demand a home loan interest certificate if you apply for another loan. This is why keeping your ICICI Bank home loan interest certificate handy is ideal. The certificate helps banks gauge your debt-to-income ratio. They also ask for the interest certificate along with the home loan statement. 


You also need an interest certificate when you have to claim tax benefits during the Income Tax Return filing.

What are some of the details included in a home loan statement?

The details you can get from a home loan statement include total borrowed amount, type of interest rate, EMI amount, loan tenure, outstanding amount and much more.

Can I download my home loan statement online?

Yes, you can get your statement from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is visit the lender’s net banking portal and log in using your credentials to download the statement.

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