A top-up health policy is an additional coverage only for people who have an existing health insuance or a mediclaim from the employer.
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What is Extra Care Plus?

Ever been in a situation where you’ve been hospitalized and your basic health insurance plan falls short of covering expenses? With medical costs on the rise, why wait for the exhaustion of your sum insured amount that prevents you from getting the required medical help? Here’s presenting Extra Care Plus, a health insurance top-up plan that is designed to take care of medical expenses, should you deplete your basic health insurance policy amount. A plan that acts as an extension of your base health insurance plan by offering a high sum insured with a low deductible at a nominal premium. Moreover, individual Extra Care Plus top-up plans for individual health insurance come for as little as Rs. 2500 per annum.

Benefits of Health Insurance Top-Up

Health Insurance Top Up Plans Benefits

What is a deductible?

You've always heard the term Deductible under health insurance, but have never been able to understand it well, right? Here's making things a little easier for you. A deductible is an amount of money which you, as an insured, have to pay from your own pocket or your base health insurance/group health insurance (up to the limit specified in the policy). Once you have paid the deductible, your insurance provider will pay for your claims thereafter. Let's say for instance that the deductible limit mentioned in your health top-up plan is Rs. 3 Lakh. You got hospitalized for an illness and the bill came to a whopping Rs.20 Lakh. In this case, you'll have to pay Rs. 3 Lakh on your own or from your base health insurance policy & the remaining amount of Rs. 17 Lakh will be covered by your top-up plan.

What's Covered in Extra Care Plus?

Imagine being in a situation where either you or one of your family members is hospitalized and the sum insured amount of your health insurance plan falls short of covering the medical expenses! What do you do? Well, as the saying goes, ‘Better safe than sorry’, a health insurance top up is what you should get. When you buy a Bajaj Allianz ‘Extra Care Plus’ top-up plan on Finserv MARKETS, rest assured that your medical costs are taken care of, should your overshoot the sum insured amount of your base health insurance plan. Here's a glimpse of the health insurance benefits you can avail with this top-up plan.

  • Sum Insured up to Rs. 50 Lakh

    Our partners, Bajaj Allianz, offer Extra Care Plus top-up plans with sum insured amounts that range from Rs. 3 Lakh – Rs. 50 Lakh. This proves to be especially helpful when your base family health insurance plan falls short.

  • Organ Donor Cost

    Certain costs that are part of an organ transplantation are covered by this plan. These include 1 week of hospital stay and 1 month of medicines. Costs related to organ procurement and expenses incurred by the donor are not covered.

  • Maternity Benefit Cover

    Extra Care Plus covers all maternity-related charges. It also takes any expenses that may arise from delivery complications into consideration. However, there is a waiting period of 12 months to avail this benefit.

  • Day Care Facilities

    Costs incurred on availing daycare/hospital facilities are covered. This includes daycare facilities like surgical procedures requiring hospital/daycare, upon admission as an in-patient for less than 24 hrs.

  • Pre and Post Hospitalization Expenses

    All expenses incurred 60 days before and 90 days after hospitalization are covered under this health insurance top-up plan. This usually includes fees for doctor and nurse’s services, use of ICU and OT, rent for room and charges for purchasing blood, medicine and oxygen.

  • Ambulance Charges

    In the event of an accident, a maximum amount of Rs. 3000 is provided for the use of transportation per valid hospitalization.

  • Free Health Check-up

    Get a free medical check-up up to Rs. 1000 for self and Rs. 2000 for family, once in every three years with Extra Care top-up plan.

Exclusions in Extra Care Plus

  • Diseases/sickness that are diagnosed during or prior to purchasing of this insurance top-up.

  • Any disease that is contracted within 30 days of purchasing/starting of the top-up plan.

  • Any expenses related to pre-& post hospitalization of an organ donor.

  • Expenses incurred for the treatment of HIV AIDs and other such diseases.

  • Expenses related to purchase of non-allopathic medicines.

  • Sickness/Diseases that are caused by consumption of alcohol and intoxicating drugs.

  • Any surgery that requires joint replacement (except accidents) and have a waiting period of 4 years.

  • Expenses incurred for cosmetic and aesthetic treatment.

  • Any expense incurred during dental surgery and doesn’t require hospitalization.

  • Medical treatment costs for a new-born baby.

  • Any procedure related to fertility, impotence, sub-fertility, assisted conception, and sterilization.

  • For the complete list of exclusions, refer to the PDF in the 'Download' section.

Reasons To Buy Extra Care Plus

  • Sum Insured up to Rs. 50 Lakh

    Now get yourself and your family covered against health-related uncertainties with this health insurance top-up plan. Get coverage options that range from Rs. 3 Lakh– Rs. 50 Lakh for premiums as low as Rs. 2500 per annum.

  • No Medical Test Required

    If your age is less than 55 years and you have a clean proposal form, there’s no need for any medical tests to be undertaken to avail this health insurance top-up plan. Also, this top-up is available to residents of India and as well as NRI’s.

  • Lifetime Renewal Feature

    With age, the chances to getting health insurance coverage gets slimmer. That’s because of the increased chances of health-related risks. Moreover, if one does get health cover options, these are very expensive. With lifetime renewal, one can renew their policy even during old age, without any age restrictions, whatsoever.

  • Save on Taxes

    Looking to save on taxes? Opt for the Extra Care Plus top-up plan and enjoy tax benefits through deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

  • Free Trial Period

    Make the most of a 15-day free look period and enjoy the flexibility to cancel this health insurance add on in case you aren’t convinced of its benefits.

  • Air Ambulance Coverage

    For patients requiring emergency medical assistance outside the city, the option of being air-lifted is available with cover upto ₹10 Lakhs. This is extremely helpful when certain medical facilities in a hospital/city aren’t available and require the patient to be moved to another hospital in a different city.

What is a health insurance top up?

Top Up Health Insurance

Why choose Finserv MARKETS For Extra Care Plus

Trusted Companion

A customer base of more than 100 million speaks volumes about the trust they have in us. Give us a try and you’re sure to enjoy our services too!

Swift Claim Settlement

No hassles or long-waits during claim settlement! We promise superfast claim settlement with no third-party involvement.

Insurance Wallet App

For claims amounting to Rs. 20,000, make the most of Health CDC (Claim by Direct Click) – our insurance wallet app and get instant settlement.

Tailor-made insurance plans

Looking for plans that cater to specific needs? Well, you are at the right place! With options like lifetime renewal, you get the best customized insurance plans, here.

Extensive Coverage

Now get treated at the more than 6500+ empaneled hospitals across India with a sum insured that ranged from 3 Lakh to Rs. 50 Lakh.

Extra Care Plus Eligibility Criteria

  • Entry Age
  • Policy availability
  • Policy Period
  • Medical Test Requirement
  • Minimum Entry Age for Proposer/ Spouse/ Dependent Parents – 18 Years

  • Maximum Entry Age for Proposer/ Spouse/ Dependent Parents – 80 Years

  • Minimum Entry Age for Dependent Children – 91 Days/3 Months

  • Maximum Entry Age for Dependent Children – 25 Years

  • Residential Indians

  • NRI’s (premiums to be paid in INR)

  • Annual

  • Age up to 55 Years – No Medical Test

  • Age more than 55 Years – Medical Test Required

Claim Process for Extra Care Plus

Filing claims was never so simple. Just follow these steps and you’re done!

  • 1

    Register your claim online

  • 2

    Upload documents online

  • 3

    Claim Assessment

  • 4

    Claim Decision

For information on your health insurance policy, refer to the 'Process' section below.

  • Process
  • Download
  • Emergency Contact
  • Cashless Claims
  • Claim Intimation
  • Claim Reimbursement
  • Cancellation Process
  • You need to approach the network hospital along with your policy details.

  • The network hospital verifies the details provided by you and sends a pre-authorization form to the network hospital.

  • The insurance provider verifies the pre-authorization request and informs the network hospital about your policy's coverage. If needed, the insurance provider may send a query letter to the network hospital requesting more details. The network hospital needs to respond to this query with the information requested for.

  • Once the network hospital receives approval from the insurance provider, treatment begins. Upon discharge from the network hospital, the final bill along with the discharge papers are sent to the insurance provider. The insurance provider will settle the final amount with the network hospital after deducting co-payment (if applicable) and other consumable expenses.

  • Should the pre-authorization request get rejected; you will have to bear all treatment expenses which can be reimbursed later.

  • Claim Intimation

    • Claims should intimated within 48 hours in case of emergency hospitalization*
    • Claims should be intimated within 24 hours in case of planned hospitalization*

  • Claims can be intimated on the following platforms:

    • Contact the executes at the Call Center- 1800 209 5858 (Main Toll Free) and dedicated health toll free (1800 103 2529)
    • Email on health.admin@bajajallianz.co.in
    • Branch walk-in at the customer care desk
    • Visit the website- https://general.bajajallianz.com/BagicHCM/cstprtl/getCustDtls.do
    • Download the Caringly Yours App on App store/Play store

  • Following details are required for claim intimation:

    • Policy Number
    • Name of the Patient
    • Hospital Name
    • Hospital Address
    • Date of Admission
    • Diagnosis
    • Mobile Number
    • Email Id

    *Note: Relaxations in the timelines mentioned above may be considered in the extreme cases of hardship where it is proved to our satisfaction that under the circumstances in which you were placed, it was not possible for you or any other person to give notice or file claim within the prescribed time limit.

  • Once discharged from hospital, you need to collect all original documents and bills and submit them to the insurance provider.

  • The insurance provider initiates scrutiny of all claim-related documents. If additional documents are needed, you will be intimated about the additional documents required.

  • Once all necessary documents are received, the insurance provider approves the claim.

  • Payment will be released to you based on what is admissible under the insurance policy.

  • Company Cancellation

    The insurance provider may cancel your insurance policy providing a written notice 15 days prior to cancellation date. If no claim has been made, a refund of the premium for the unexpired policy period shall be provided on a pro-rata basis.

    Your insurance policy will be cancelled for reasons such as non-disclosure of material facts, misrepresentation, fraud and non-cooperation.

  • Customer Cancellation

    As a customer, you may cancel your insurance policy by providing a written notice 15 days prior to cancellation date. If you've made no claims, the insurer will refund short-term rates for the unexpired policy period as per the rates detailed below.

    Period of Risk Premium Refund - 1 Year Policy Period
    Exceeding 15 days but less than 3 months 65.00%
    Exceeding 3 months but less than 6 months 45.00%
    Exceeding 6 months but less than 12 months 00.00%
    Period of Risk Premium Refund - 2 Year Policy Period
    Exceeding 15 days but less than 3 months 75.00%
    Exceeding 3 months but less than 6 months 65.00%
    Exceeding 6 months but less than 12 months 45.00%
    Exceeding 12 months but less than 15 months 30.00%
    Exceeding 15 months but less than 18 months 20.00%
    Exceeding 18 months but less than 24 months 00.00%

  • Cashless Claims
  • Claim Reimbursement
  • Other Health Insurance Related Claims
  • Links for Claim Settlement Forms
  • List of Network Hospitals
  • Brochure
  • Policy Wordings

Link to redirect customers to links category.

  • Cashless Claims Request Form
  • Reimbursement Form
  • Self Declaration of KYC Document Submission - For Individual Partner
  • Non-Medical Expenses List of Exclusions
  • Personal Accident Claim Form
  • Cashless Claims Request Form
  • Reimbursement Form
  • Self Declaration of KYC Document Submission - For Individual Partner
  • Personal Accident Claim Form
  • Non-Medical Expenses List of Exclusions
  • List of Network Hospitals
  • Extra Care Plus Brochure
  • Policy Wordings - Extra Care Plus

Need further assistance? Reach out on the Toll-Free Number: 1800-209-5858 to connect with an insurance expert.

Manage all your queries here

  • ✔️I have health insurance in place. Why would I need a Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance Top-up plan?

    A basic health insurance plan offers protection for you and your family against financial contingencies that may arise due to medical emergencies. However, what does one do if the sum insured provided gets exhausted? Here’s where an individual Health Top-up plan helps. It acts as a supplement over and above your existing health insurance plan. If you are bound to change your job, a health insurance top-up is a must as it will supplement your savings especially when the costs incurred due to medical treatment are more than your savings.
  • ✔️What is a 'Deductible'?

    The term ‘deductible’ refers to the cost/specific amount that a health insurance policy holder must bear as per the policy in question. For example, certain medical equipment used during hospitalization (syringes, gloves for doctors, bed charges) may be categorized as ‘deductibles’ and are not covered by the health insurance policy. These costs are then borne by the policyholder. However, do keep in mind that deductibles do not reduce the sum insured amount of the policy. To help understand this better, here is an example - Rahul opts for a basic plan with a sum insured of Rs. 10 Lakhs. In the same policy year, he makes a claim for Rs. 6 Lakhs. The amount is reimbursed by the insurer while Rahul still has Rs. 4 Lakhs of his sum insured remaining. On the other hand, Raveena opts for a base plan of Rs. 10 Lakh and a top-up plan of Rs. 15 Lakh and a deductible amount that is of Rs. 3 Lakh. She then makes a claim of Rs. 6 Lakh and has Rs. 4 Lakh of the sum insured amount left. This is reimbursed to Raveena. Going forward, she makes another claim of Rs. 7 Lakhs for which Rs. 4 Lakh is reimbursed from the base plan and Rs. 3 Lakh from the health insurance top-up plan. Raveena can still make a claim for Rs. 12 Lakh.
  • ✔️Please list the benefits offered by Bajaj Allianz Extra Care Plus top-up plan available on Bajaj Finserv MARKETS.

    Extra Care Plus Top-up plan provides the following benefits: 1. Coverage of costs in the event of in-patient hospitalization, 2. Pre-& post hospitalization costs (60 days prior and 90 days post-hospitalization), 3. Certain costs related to organ donor procedures, 4. Day care treatment costs, and 5. Coverage of ambulance expenses in the event of road accidents. For a complete list of inclusions and benefits, please refer to the ‘What’s Covered’ section of this page.
  • ✔️Could you please tell me the eligibility criteria to avail this Bajaj Allianz Extra Care Plus top-up plan with Bajaj Finserv MARKETS?

    The basic eligibility criteria would be your entry age. This should be between 91 days to 80 years. For more information on this, refer to the Eligibility Criteria section of this page.
  • ✔️Is it possible for me to save on taxes on the policy premium?

    Yes, you can. Premiums paid for this top-up plan are tax-exempted under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Health Insurance Reviews

Health Insurance Reviews

4.3out of 5

5 reviews

Excellent Health Insurance Services

Good experience as positive and prompt response received by the team. I applied for a health insurance plan at Finserv MARKETS and availed a health insurance top up on the policy. I am very much satisfied with the service and expect to maintain and further improvements.

Availed Tax Benefits of Premiums

Since I already have a health insurance from my company I read about health insurance top up and found Bajaj Allianz health insurance suitable for my needs. The online buying experience was great and I went ahead and purchased the policy. I am satisfied with the services. Thanks.

Customer Friendly Policy and Quick and Easy Services

One of my colleagues suggested that Bajaj Allianz health insurance has good policy when it comes to health insurance. I felt that the plan suited my needs and I went ahead and applied for it.

Really appreciate the quick response

I applied for a health insurance top up by Bajaj Allianz on the Finserv MARKETS platform. The really appreciate the quick response by the customer support team & timely follow up for my health insurance top up policy.

Thank you Finserv MARKETS

When my 4-year-old daughter was admitted in the hospital, I experienced the benefits of the Bajaj health insurance top up plan. With quick claim settlement within hours, I could manage all the hospital expenses without worrying about using up bank savings.