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In Indian culture, purchasing a home is one of the most cherished dreams and a crucial step toward reaching the status of being settled. However, with the increasing inflation levels, property prices are going out of control for the employed people. Therefore it has become a general notion that the dream of buying a house can only be realised in the later stages of life when they have acquired significant savings to pay for the house. To help you in these situations, home loans come to your rescue as they help you to realise your dream of buying a home at a young age. So, if you are also wondering how much home loan can you get on a salary of ₹40,000, this article clarifies all your doubts.

How much Home Loan Can I Get on a ₹40,000 Salary

The following table gives you an idea about the amount of loan you can avail yourself based on your salary:

Net Monthly Income

Home Loan Amount











The home loan amount given in the table is calculated using the eligibility calculator. The actual home loan amount can vary based on location, age, monthly income & various other factors.

Usually, you get a home loan based on your repayment capacity, calculated at 50% or less of your net monthly salary. So, with a salary of around ₹40,000, you can get a home loan of ₹24-33 Lakhs based on the tenure.

As a borrower, when you know the amount of home loan on a ₹40,000 salary, there are many ways to improve your home loan eligibility for a ₹40,000 salary, like increasing your credit score and paying off all your debts on time, etc.

Home Loans Based on Salaries

The criteria of net salary is crucial as it helps get an idea about the repayment capabilities of the borrower. One of the most important eligibility criteria that decide the home loan on ₹40,000 salary is the net salary or the in-hand salary of the applicant. The following table highlights the details of the home loan amount based on the salaries:-


Age of Borrower

Net/in-hand Monthly Salary (in ₹)

25,000 – 50,000


25 Years

20.85 lakhs - 41.70 lakhs

62.55 lakhs

30 Years

20.85 lakhs - 41.70 lakhs

62.55 lakhs

35 Years

20.85 lakhs - 41.70 lakhs

62.55 lakhs

40 Years

19.78 lakhs – 39.56 lakhs

59.35 lakhs

45 Years

17.77 lakhs – 35.55 lakhs

53.32 lakhs

50 Years

14.63 lakhs – 29.26 lakhs

43.89 lakhs


Before you make your final choice for the new home, you should first finalise the budget you wish to spend against it. The budget for the new home also depends on the amount of home loan you can get based on your credit score, monthly in-hand salary, and other eligibility criteria. If you have a good credit score, then opting for a home loan would be the best choice to move close to your dream of owning a new house. You can avail the best home loan offers by applying through Bajaj Markets, and you get a chance to benefit from the competitive rates offered and seamless loan approval process. You can use the home loan eligibility calculator to check your home loan eligibility and accordingly plan the budget for your new home.

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