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Purchasing a home on your own is what everyone dreams of, right from a very young age. Unfortunately, this dream remains just a dream for many, owing to the ever-escalating real estate rates coupled with steep levels of inflation. To help you realise your dream of purchasing a house of your own, home loans can help you do the same, even when you are in the nascent stages of your career. Thus, if you are also wondering what loan amount you can secure against a salary of ₹50,000, this article will shed light on the same.

How Much Home Loan Can I Get on a ₹50,000 Salary?

Bajaj MARKETS eligibility calculator helps an individual to calculate the eligible home loan amount. Check out the table below for the same, however these are estimated figures which can differ for every applicant due to various factors like - CIBIL score, tenure, etc.

Net monthly income

Home loan amount









₹ 50,000


Once you as a borrower have established the amount you can secure as a home loan with a 50k income, you can work on improving your home loan eligibility for a ₹50,000 salary in a multitude of ways, including paying off all past credit, thereby improving your credit score and showcasing a clean credit history.

What is the Current Interest Rate on a Home Loan?

By choosing Bajaj MARKETS to secure your home loans, you stand to benefit from lucrative interest rates, starting at just about 7.10%. In addition to this, you can opt to repay the home loan amount in affordable EMIs, on the tenure of your choosing and convenience (of up to 30 years). 


Rate of Interest

Bajaj Housing Finance Limited

8.60% p.a. onwards

Union Bank of India

8.60% p.a. onwards

PNB Housing Finance Limited

8.50% p.a. onwards

LIC Housing Finance

8.65% p.a. onwards


8.75% p.a. onwards

Shubham Housing Finance

10.90% p.a. onwards

Home First Finance Company

9.50% p.a. onwards

Disclaimer- Interest rates mentioned in the above table can vary from one lending partner to the other and are subject to change.

How to Check Home Loan Eligibility?

When you apply for a home loan, there are certain conditions that you are required to fulfil. These conditions are called eligibility criteria. Fulfilling the following conditions is important, and not qualifying these may result in rejection of your home loan application. 



Age Limit for Salaried Applicants:

23 to 62 years


750 and above

Work Experience

3 years at least

Minimum Salary 




Disclaimer- Interest rates mentioned in the above table can vary from one lending partner to the other and are subject to change.

How to Check Home Loan Eligibility?

Suppose you are a self-employed professional or even a salaried professional. In that case, you can check your house loan eligibility for a  salary of ₹50,000 by simply visiting Bajaj MARKETS. Follow the steps listed below to check for the same:

  • Step 1: Start by entering your current location/city of residence and then enter your date of birth.

  • Step 2: Proceed by entering the monthly income amount against the given field on the calculator.

  • Step 3: Next, click on the ‘Check Your Eligibility’ tab, and the loan amount you are eligible for will be displayed.

As per your specifications, you can modify the amount entered to check for different values.

Documents  required for a Home Loan

The documentation that you must keep handy when applying for a home loan varies based on your profession. The list of house loan documents that are needed to be presented to the lender includes:

For Salaried Individuals:

  • Address Proof

  • Income Proof

  • Duly filled up KYC documents

  • Form 16/last 3-6 months’ salary slips

  • Bank/Financial statement for the last six months

For Self-Employed Individuals:

  • Profit and Loss Account statement

  • Duly filled up KYC documents

  • Financial statement of the last six months 

  • Business’ Balance Sheet

  • Business’ GST registration certificate

How to Apply for a Home Loan on Bajaj MARKETS?

If you wish to apply for a house loan with a ₹50k income, follow the steps elucidated below:

  • Step 1: Start by visiting the official website to commence your application process.

  • Step 2: Proceed by then filling out the loan application form and entering the requisite details.

  • Step 3: Based on your requirement, enter the amount you wish to secure as a loan and submit the same for further approval.

  • Step 4: Once you have received the first round of approval, you will have to file the necessary documents for further scrutiny.

  • Step 5: The lender will then proceed to verify the same, and once approved, you will be issued a loan sanction letter.

  • Step 6: Finally, when the loan amount is approved, the same will be credited to your account.

Factors that Affect Home Loan Eligibility

When it comes to a home loan, the lender will approve the same after taking the following factors into consideration:

  • Willingness to Pay: All lenders in the market gauge a borrower’s willingness to repay the loan amount by checking their credit score and credit history. Any lender would naturally prefer lending to borrowers with a high credit score (above 750), as this assures them of the limited scope of a default on the payment.

  • Borrower’s Repayment Capacity: Before sanctioning a loan, all lenders also pay close attention to the borrower’s in-hand salary. Thus, a borrower with a steady, sizable salary and a good credit history find it easier to get their loans sanctioned and can avail of the same at lucrative rates of interest and marginal processing fees.

  • Type of Occupation: If you as a borrower are employed with a company of repute that is well recognised in the market, there are higher chances of your loan being approved. This is because of the fact that this indicator correlates to a steady, sizable salary, which implies timely repayment of the loan instalments.

  • Borrower’s Age: When it comes to home loans, applicants in the age range of 21 and 55 are more likely to secure the same. Lenders prefer sanctioning loans to the younger demographic, as they have a longer career ahead of them, implying much better and more reliable repayment prospects. 

  • Tenure: The tenure of a home loan also plays a big role in determining its approval. Your chances of eligibility for a home loan increase when you opt for a longer tenure while bringing down the instalment amount.

  • Existing Loans: Finally, before sanctioning a home loan, the lender also takes into consideration other existing loans that the borrower has – such as personal loans and vehicle loans. They also analyse the credit you have utilised on all your active credit cards. All these factors help lenders assess the borrower’s home loan repayment ability and probability of default.

Home Loans Based on Salaries

Of the many factors mentioned above, the most important factor that determines the amount of a home loan on a ₹50000 salary is the net salary of the borrower. Elucidated below are the salary pertinent home loan amounts sanctioned:

Borrower’s Age

Net Salary per month (₹)


25,000 – 50,000


25 Years

20.85 Lakhs - 41.70 Lakhs

62.55 Lakhs

30 Years

20.85 Lakhs - 41.70 Lakhs

62.55 Lakhs

35 Years

20.85 Lakhs - 41.70 Lakhs

62.55 Lakhs

40 Years

19.78 Lakhs – 39.56 Lakhs

59.35 Lakhs

45 Years

17.77 Lakhs – 35.55 Lakhs

53.32 Lakhs

50 Years

14.63 Lakhs – 29.26 Lakhs

43.89 Lakhs

** Note - The loan amounts mentioned in the table above are estimated figures and might change as per the norms and conditions of the banks and financial institutions.


Buying a home, and doing so via a home loan, requires adequate research and financial planning. As has been stated above, the loan amount sanctioned to you will depend on a range of factors, including your credit score/credit history and your monthly salary, in addition to a host of other eligibility criteria set by the lender. To opt for the best home loans, at the most lucrative rates of interest, flexible tenures, and with minimal documentation, visit the Bajaj MARKETS website today. 

Home Loan on 50,000 FAQs

  • ✔️What percentage of salary should be a home loan amount account for?

    To ensure that EMIs should not disturb the monthly budget of an individual, it is advisable that the EMI amount should account for only 40% of the monthly salary of an individual.

  • ✔️Can I reapply for a home loan ?

    The applicants can reapply for a home loan, if their application gets rejected with the same institution as well, however they will have to carefully work on their documents and rectify the issues with the application. The applicants can also ask for guidance and support from bank executives.

  • ✔️How can I add my name to the ration card in Goa?

    If you are 25 years of age and do not possess any other outstanding debts, with a monthly salary of Rs. 50,000, you can secure a home loan of up to Rs. 41.70 Lakhs.