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The ICICI Home Loan EMI Calculator is a tool that helps you to estimate your monthly home loan EMI before opting for ICICI Home Loan. It helps you manage your finances more efficiently, you can also find out what kind of loan repayment tenure will suit your pocket.

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How to use ICICI Home Loan EMI Calculator

To use the ICICI Home Loan EMI Calculator, one has to follow below mentioned steps:


  • Step 1: Enter the home loan amount that you desire.

  • Step 2: Next, select the expected rate of interest applicable on the home loan.

  • Step 3: Lastly, select the preferred tenure, i.e. the term for which you wish to avail the Housing Loan.

Once you enter these values, the Home Loan EMI amount will instantly be displayed on the screen. You can even change the variables to arrive at a number that is most comfortable to you. 

How does ICICI Bank Calculate Home Loan EMI

ICICI Bank Home Loan EMI is calculated on the basis of two interest rate systems, namely fixed and floating interest rate systems. In the fixed interest rate system, your EMI amount remains constant throughout your loan repayment tenure. In the case of the floating interest rate system, your EMI amount changes as a result of the changes in the lending rate of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). 

ICICI Home Loan EMI Calculation Methods

You can calculate your ICICI Home Loan EMIs in three ways, using the manual formula, using Microsoft Excel, and using the Home Loan EMI calculator available on Bajaj Markets. Let us understand these methods in detail:


  • ICICI Home Loan EMI Calculation Formula: The traditional  home loan EMI calculation formula that is used by ICICI bank is as follows: ICICI Home Loan EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1] where, P is the borrowed principal amount, R is the rate of interest (expressed monthly), and N is the loan repayment tenure (in months)

  • ICICI Home Loan EMI through Microsoft Excel: To compute Home Loan EMIs using Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet software you will need the exact same three variables you need to calculate your EMIs manually (Principal amount, repayment tenure, interest rate). Once you have determined your principal amount, repayment tenure length and your applicable rate of interest, pick a cell in your spreadsheet software and enter the following formula: =PMT (RATE,NPER,PV,FV,TYPE) where, RATE stands for the applicable home loan interest rate, NPER is the total number of monthly EMIs, PV stands for the outstanding principal amount, FV is the future value or the cash balance post the last EMI payment. Type is 0 or 1. This is an indicator of when the payment is due. If it is due at the end of the month, the type will be 0. If it is due at the start of the month, it will be 1.

  • ICICI Home Loan EMI with Home Loan EMI Calculator: You can save yourself the time and energy you would have otherwise wasted on the above two methods simply by using the Housing Loan EMI calculator available on Bajaj Markets. It is a free online tool available on our portal that will ask you some basic information pertaining to your ICICI home loan.

ICICI Home Loan EMI at Different Tenures

With ICICI Bank Home Loan, you can avail a maximum repayment tenure of up to 30 years. Here’s a look at the EMI obligations for different tenures:

Home Loan Amount

Interest Rate Per Annum

10-Year tenure

15-Year tenure

20-Year tenure

30-Year tenure

₹20 Lakhs






₹30 lakh






₹50 lakh






₹75 lakh






₹1 crore






Factors affecting ICICI Home Loan EMI

A lot of crucial factors impact your Home Loan from ICICI Bank. Here’s a look:


  • Nature of Occupation: This Home Loan has different interest payment rates for salaried and self-employed individuals. The ICICI home loan interest rates for salaried individuals are lower as compared to self-employed individuals.

  • CIBIL Score: Having an average CIBIL score will allow you to avail the Home Loan at higher rates of interest. Conversely, a good CIBIL score, of 750 and above, will help you to get the Home Loan at lower rates of interest.

  • Loan Amount: If you opt for a higher loan amount, you will have to pay higher EMIs.

  • Loan tenure: Opting for a longer Home Loan tenure of up to 30 years can result in lower EMI payments, whereas for shorter tenures such as 10 or 15 years, you have to pay higher EMIs.

Availing a Home Loan from ICICI Bank will provide you access to a range of top-notch features. These include the provision of online tracking of your loan application, higher ICICI home loan eligibility conditions, affordable interest rates, and much more. With such multiple benefits, why look elsewhere for a Home Loan.

FAQs on ICICI Home Loan EMI Calculator

  • ✔️What are the benefits of using ICICI Home Loan EMI Calculator?

    Using this online tool available on Bajaj Markets will provide you with multiple benefits. Here’s a look:

    • Ease and Convenience of Calculations: This calculator is simple and easy to use. All you need to fill in are the required variables.

    • Provides financial convenience: Once you know the scheduled EMIs, you can easily plan your budget for making timely repayments.

    • Provides breakup of EMI payments: Using the Home Loan calculator on Bajaj Markets, will help you know the amount payable for interest as well as the amount for the principal component.

  • ✔️How does an ICICI home loan EMI calculator help plan my home purchase?

    With the help of the ICICI Bank Housing Loan EMI calculator, you will be able to decide exactly what kind of principal amount you will be comfortable borrowing and what kind of loan repayment tenure will fit your pocket. You can always change the variables in the tool until you arrive at an EMI amount that suits you best.

  • ✔️How do part-prepayments affect my ICICI Bank Home Loan EMI?

    If you part-prepay your ICICI Bank home loan, you will be able to reap its benefits in either the form of lower ICICI Bank EMI amounts or a shorter loan repayment tenure. Not to mention that prepaying your ICICI Bank Home Loan can also help you save up on lakhs of rupees that you would have otherwise paid as interest throughout the course of your loan repayment tenure.

  • ✔️Can I reduce my ICICI Home Loan EMI amount?

    Yes, you can get your ICICI Bank home loan EMI reduced in several ways. One way is by opting for a longer loan repayment tenure. Another way is by improving your CIBIL score, which will give you the power to negotiate interest rates. You can also try to talk to your banker about reducing interest rates if you have a long-standing relationship with the institution. You can even get your ICICI Bank Home Loan EMI reduced by making a sizable down payment upfront.

  • ✔️How can I pay my ICICI Home Loan EMI?

    To pay your ICICI Home Loan EMI, you can opt for online payment methods such as internet banking or pay with your debit card. You can also use other digital payment systems such as online wallets.

  • ✔️What is pre-EMI in Home Loans?

    Financial institutions provide the facility of pre-EMI if your house is still under construction. Here you have to pay only the interest component of the loan as EMIs. Once you get possession of your house, you will be charged full EMIs.