✓ Home Loan from ₹2 Lakhs to ₹15 Crores ✓ Interest Rates Starting @ 8.50% Apply Now

Shubham Housing Finance offers housing loan solutions, which are customised according to your needs and budget. You can apply for a Shubham Housing Finance home loan through Bajaj Markets and avail the deals on offer.

Depending on your financial profile, you can get up to ₹50 Lakhs as a sanction, and use the funds to construct or buy your dream home. The lender also has flexible repayment options, allowing you to optimise your loan as you see fit.

Read on to learn more about the features of a Shubham Housing Finance housing loan and how you can apply for one.

Shubham Housing Finance Home Loan Interest Rates and Charges 2023

Check out the interest rates and processing charges applicable when availing Shubham Housing Finance home loan finance in the table below:



Rate of Interest

10.90% p.a. onwards

Processing Charges

  • ₹9,500 + GST for amounts up to ₹3 Lakhs
  • ₹13,500 + GST for amounts between ₹3 - ₹6 Lakhs
  • ₹18, 000 + GST for amounts between ₹6 - ₹10 Lakhs
  • ₹27,000 + GST for amounts between ₹10 Lakhs - ₹12 Lakhs
  • ₹27,000 + 3% of the loan amount + GST for amounts exceeding ₹12 Lakhs

Maximum Loan Amount

Up to ₹50 Lakhs

Foreclosure Charges


Repayment Tenure

Up to 300 months

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned rates and charges are subject to change at the lender’s discretion. 

Knowing the Shubham Housing Finance home loan interest rate and associated charges beforehand can ease the loan processing formalities and help you avail one quickly.

Compare Shubham Housing Finance Home Loan With Other Partners

Here is a tabulated comparison of Shubham Housing Finance home loan interest rates with other partners of Bajaj Markets. 

Name of the Financial Institution

Interest rates (% p.a.)

Bajaj Housing Finance Limited

8.50% p.a. onwards

Home First Finance Company

9.50% p.a. onwards


9.00% p.a. onwards

India Shelter

10.50% p.a. onwards

Kotak Mahindra Bank

9.00% p.a. onwards 

LIC Housing Finance

8.65% p.a. onwards

PNB Housing Finance Limited

8.50% p.a. onwards

Shriram Housing Finance

11.50% p.a. onwards

Union Bank of India

8.50% p.a. onwards

Disclaimer: Interest rates are subject to change as per the change in the financial institution’s terms and policies.

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Shubham Housing Home Loan - Features & Benefits

High Loan Amount

You can avail a maximum amount of ₹50 Lakhs when you avail a Shubham Housing Finance home loan.

Minimal Interest Rates

The Shubham Housing Finance rate of interest on home loans is reasonable at 10.90%.

Flexible Repayment System

Shubham Housing Finance offers flexibility to select the repayment tenure per your requirements and budget.

Zero Foreclosure Charges

You can settle your Shubham Housing Finance home loan before the tenure completion without paying additional foreclosure charges.


Shubham Housing Finance Limited offers insurance coverage on accidental property damage.
Shubham Home Loan

Shubham Housing Finance Home Loan Eligibility

Now that you are familiar with the Shubham Housing Finance interest rate on a home loan check out a few eligibility parameters to avail the loan:

  • You must be an Indian citizen

  • You need to be between 21 and 70 years old during the loan tenure

  • Your residential address must be serviceable by Shubham Housing Finance Limited

  • When two or more individuals' income is considered for loan approval, they should be entitled as co-applicants in the loan application

Calculate your home loan eligibility criteria, and check out factors that can help improve your eligibility criteria. 

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Documents Required for Shubham Housing Finance Home Loan

Here are the documents required for availing a loan from Shubham Housing Finance at affordable Shubham Housing Finance interest rates:

  • Latest passport-size photographs

  • Identity proof such as your Aadhaar card, Passport, PAN card, etc.

  • Address proof, including your Aadhaar card, utility bills, etc.

  • Income Proof such as ITR, bank statements, salary slips for the last three months, etc.

  • Photocopy of property papers

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How to Apply for Shubham Housing Finance Home Loan Online

Follow these quick and simple steps to apply for a Shubham Housing Finance Housing loan on Bajaj Markets:

  • Enter all the important in the online application form

  • Choose the lender by selecting Shubham Housing Finance Limited

  • Enter the loan amount required, specify the duration, select the EMI module, etc., to proceed with your loan application

  • Fill in the details of your property

  • Check your Shubham Housing Finance Housing loan details along with all the charges and net disbursal amount.

  • Once the documentation and verification processes are completed, you get approval. Then, the concerned executive will contact you to sign the agreement contract. Once both parties sign the agreement, the amount will be transferred to your bank account.

Shubham Housing Finance Home Loan FAQs

Depending on your profile, you can get home loans with Shubham Housing Finance interest rates starting at 10.90% p.a. onwards.

Shubham Housing Finance Limited offers home improvement loans to customers needing monetary assistance to renovate or repair their houses.

If the income of two or more people is considered for the Shubham Housing Finance home loan, they will be entitled as co-applicants in the home loan application.

You can visit Bajaj Markets to check the status of your Shubham Housing Finance home loan application.

It offers early settlement of loans without any foreclosure charges at nominal Shubham Housing Finance home loan interest rates.

You can make part-prepayment towards your home loan without any applicable foreclosure charges.

You can avail tax deductions on Shubham Housing Finance home loan interest of ₹2 Lakhs and principal repayment of ₹1.5 Lakhs under Sections 24B and 80C.

The ideal CIBIL score to avail a hassle-free home loan is 750. While lenders consider a score above 700 ideal, exceeding 750 can help you get a loan on favourable terms.

The current home loan interest rates of Shubham Housing Finance start at 10.90% p.a. for loan amounts of up to ₹50 Lakhs. The rate you get is based on your tenure, credit score, eligibility and other factors.

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