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With LIC Housing Finance Limited (HFL), you can avail of budget-friendly loan offers to build or buy your dream home on affordable terms. With competitive interest rates, you can enjoy simple eligibility criteria that help ensure you get the funding you need. 


But before you apply for a housing loan with LIC Housing Finance Limited, you should get a better idea of the EMIs applicable. And here is where the LIC HFL home loan calculator can be of great help.


The LIC home loan EMI calculator gives you an estimate of your EMIs, and you can assess whether or not the terms are manageable. By ensuring that the EMIs stay within your budget, you can repay on time, reduce your default risk, and keep your creditworthiness intact.


To know more about the LIC HFL home loan EMI calculator, read on.

Calculate LIC Housing Home Loan EMI Online

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How to Use the LIC Housing Finance EMI Calculator

You can use the LIC home loan EMI calculator online with minimal information and get instantaneous estimates of your repayment instalment. You can get a small or big-ticket home loan with a tenure that goes up to 360 months.


Moreover, the calculator allows you to try as many permutations and combinations as you need and reach feasible loan terms. To use the calculator, you will need the loan amount, interest rate, and repayment tenure.


Using the LIC calculator to compute your home loan EMIs is quite easy and quick. To use the calculator, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Input the desired borrowing amount 

  • Enter the applicable interest rate

  • Choose the preferred repayment period

Once you’ve submitted the loan terms, the LIC housing loan EMI calculator will display the results instantaneously. You can compare various terms to reach the most affordable option.

LIC Housing Home Loan EMI amount at Different Tenures

Given below is a tabular overview of LIC home loan EMI amount for different tenures and loan amount:

Loan Amount

Interest Rate

10-year tenure (120 months)

15-year tenure (180 months)

20-year tenure (240 months)

30-year tenure (360 months)

₹20 Lakhs

8% p.a.





₹30 Lakhs

8% p.a.





₹50 Lakhs

8% p.a.





₹75 Lakhs

8% p.a.





₹1 Crore

8% p.a.





Disclaimer: The above EMIs are calculated with the calculator available on Bajaj Markets. Actual figures may vary depending on the loan terms.

FAQs on LIC HFL Home Loan EMI

How is the LIC HFL Home Loan EMI Calculator beneficial?

The LIC HFL home loan EMI calculator is useful because it helps you get a better idea of whether the repayment fits in your budget before you borrow the funds.

How can you get a repayment schedule for the LIC HFL Home Loan?

You can visit the official website of LIC Housing Finance to download your repayment schedule. At Bajaj Markets, you can view the amortisation schedule to get a clear breakup of your loan and the monthly instalments, when you use the EMI Calculator.

What is the best way to calculate EMI for a LIC Home Loan?

The best way to calculate EMI for a LIC home loan is to use the LIC HFL home loan calculator on Bajaj Markets. This easy-to-use tool gives you accurate results instantaneously.

Why should I calculate my LIC Home Loan EMI in advance before taking a loan?

Calculating your EMIs in advance allows you to ensure that the borrowing is within your budget and you can make the repayment without any defaults/delays.

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