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Axis CC Limit

An increased card limit comes with upgraded and better quality credit cards. As a credit card is necessary to make payments, with a higher credit limit you can conveniently make necessary due payments. The credit card limit depends on a few factors. With a higher card limit, you can enjoy many benefits.

What is the Axis Bank Credit Card Limit?

The Axis Bank credit card limit offers numerous benefits and utilities which are hard to ignore. Axis Bank credit card limit is the maximum amount which you can spend on your credit card.. There are several ways you can make an Axis credit card limit check. Many wonder how to increase Axis credit card limit as it can make things very convenient. Axis credit card limit increase can be made in several ways.

Different kinds of Axis Bank Credit Limit

There are three kinds of Axis Bank credit limit and they are:

  • Axis Bank Card Total Credit Limit -

Axis Bank Card Total Credit Limit means the maximum credit limit on your Axis Bank credit card. With every transaction, the credit limit will decrease and you can restore it by repaying.

  • Axis Bank Card Available Credit Limit -

It is the type of credit limit on a specific date. For example, if Rs 1 Lac is your available limit and you already spent Rs 60,000, then Rs 40,000 is your available credit card limit.

  • Axis Bank Credit Card Cash Limit -

With this type of credit limit you can make 20% to 40% of the credit limit's withdrawal as cash during an emergency. The Axis Bank credit card cash withdrawal limit comes with a fee.

How to check Axis Bank Credit Card Limit?

You can also make the Axis Bank credit card limit check via the mobile application of Axis Bank. If you're wondering how to check Axis credit card limit, then you can do so by logging in to your online banking account .Axis Bank credit limit check can also be made by contacting the customer care of Axis Bank. If you would like to know how to check credit card limit Axis Bank, then visit the nearest branch of Axis Bank to enquire.

Why do you need to Increase Axis Bank Credit Card Limit?

There are several advantages in having your Axis Bank credit card increase limit and they are as follows:

  • More Convenience -

With an increased card limit, you won't have to carry multiple credit cards, remember their passwords and PINs.

  • Improved Ratio of Credit Utilization -

If you spend less then your credit utilization ratio is low, which improves your credit score. With a high credit limit, you can keep a low ratio of credit utilization.

  • Aid During Emergencies -

During an emergency, a card with a higher limit will come in aid for medical expenses or booking tickets.

How to increase Axis Bank Credit Card Limit?

If you are interested in knowing how to increase credit card limit in Axis Bank, then you can follow any of the given modes:

  • Increase the limit of your current card -

Of all the cards that you use, you can increase the limit of the card that is utilized the most. With a good credit history, it won't be an issue to make your Axis credit limit increase.

  • Inform the bank of any promotion -

In case of any recent promotion or raise in salary, you can inform the bank regarding the same as it another method that you can use to make Axis Bank increase the credit limit.

  • Increase of credit limit annually -

If you're eligible, then without applying for a credit card limit increase, the bank automatically increases the limit of the credit card.

Factors that decide Axis Credit Card Limit

Following are the factors that decide your Axis credit card limit:

  • Debts and Income -

Axis Bank considers the ratio of debt-income as a very important factor while evaluating your Axis Bank credit card credit limit. Lower the ratio of debt-income, higher would be your card limit.

  • Credit History -

If your credit score is high, then you will be offered a high credit limit as a good CIBIL score signifies the repayment of credit in due time.

  • Other Cards Limits -

The limits on your other credit cards is another factor considered by Axis Bank that determines your credit limit.

Axis Bank Credit Card Limit Enhancement

If you're an existing customer with a credit card, then the Axis Bank credit card limit increase can be easily made. The offered feature by the bank is called 'Credit Limit Enhancement'. The factors that can make you eligible are:

  • Your card must be more than 3 months old

  • Your credit card must be active and should have no delays in the payment in its history

  • Within the previous 6 months, there must not be any availed instant loans or any limit decrease/enhancement

If you are determined eligible by the bank, then you will receive an email/SMS/call from the Axis Bank. If you agree with the terms of the bank and still want to avail of the Axis Bank limit enhancement, then you can accept the offer in the same call. Once your credit card has been upgraded, you will get a notification on your registered email and mobile number.

Methods to Enhance Axis Credit Card Limit

You can now conveniently make your Axis Bank credit card limit increase online. Axis Bank credit card limit check SMS banking is also available in case of any queries. If you are eligible for Axis Bank credit card limit enhancement and the bank has not contacted you, then you can try the following methods:

  1. Internet banking - If you have an account for internet banking in Axis Bank and your card is already registered with it, then:

    1. Log in to the online account for banking

    2. Click on 'Accounts'

    3. Go to 'My Credit Cards Accounts'

    4. Then select 'Limit Enhancement and Check for Limit increase'

    5. If your card is not eligible then the screen will display a message of the same

  2. Mobile app - You can download the mobile application of the Axis Bank and login to it using your online banking credentials, then:

    1. Select 'Credit Cards'

    2. Go to 'Check for limit increase'

    3. If your card is eligible then the screen will display your card number

    4. You can select it to request an enhancement

  3. Email/call - You can contact the customer care at 18604195555 or 18605005555. You can also send an email at creditcards@Axisbank.com


  • ✔️How is Axis Bank Credit Card Limit decided?

    There are eligibility criteria for deciding the Axis Bank card limit. Even if you are eligible, it is up to the bank's internal policies to determine whether to approve or not.

  • ✔️How much will I be charged if I increase Axis credit card limit?

    There is no fee to increase your credit card limit. You are allowed only to do so if you're eligible.

  • ✔️Am I allowed to spend exceeding my existing Axis Bank credit limit?

    No, you're not allowed to overspend. However, by having a good credit history the bank may offer you a transaction over the limit.

  • ✔️Is there any over-limit charge that is applicable on my Axis credit card?

    Yes, the Axis Bank credit card over-limit charges are 3% of the over-limit amount if you go over the limit.