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The credit card limit is the maximum amount that you can spend on your Axis Bank credit card. The limit is decided at the time of issuing the credit card to the borrower, based on factors such as your annual income, credit utilisation ratio, age, and more. You can also opt to increase your credit card limit after a while.

How to Check the Limit of Your Axis Bank Credit Card?

This can be done via online or offline methods. Details of each method are stated below:

1. Through Net banking

  • Step 4: You will get details about your credit card, including the Axis Bank credit card limit

2. Via Axis Bank Mobile App

  • Step 1: Download the Axis mobile banking app on your phone from the PlayStore or App Store.

  • Step 2: Register if you are a new user

  • Step 3: Log in to your Axis Mobile Banking Account

  • Step 4: Go to the ‘Credit Card’ section

  • Step 5: Check for ‘Credit Card Limit’

3. Through Customer Care

To check your Axis Bank credit card limit via customer care, just call Axis Bank’s phone banking toll-free numbers 1860 419 5555/1860 500 5555.

4. By Visiting the Bank

You can also visit your nearest Axis Bank branch and request a bank executive to assist you with your credit card limit.

Types of Credit Limits

The Axis Bank credit limit can be classified into three types:

  • Total Credit Limit

The total credit limit means the maximum credit limit on your Axis Bank credit card. With every transaction, the total credit limit will decrease. However, you can restore it by making timely credit card bill payments.

  • Available Credit Limit

It is the type of credit limit on your Axis Bank credit card available on a specific date. For example, if your available limit is ₹1,00,000 and you already spent ₹60,000, then ₹40,000 is your available credit card limit.

  • Card Cash Limit

With this type of credit limit, you can make 20% to 40% of the credit limit's withdrawal as cash during an emergency. The Axis Bank credit card cash withdrawal limit comes with a fee.

Factors Deciding the Credit Card Limit

The following are the factors that decide your Axis Bank credit card limit:

  • Debts and Income

Axis Bank considers the ratio of debt-to-income as a very important factor while evaluating your Axis Bank credit card’s limit. The lower the debt-income ratio, the higher would be your card limit.

  • Credit History

If your credit score is high, then you will be offered a high credit limit as a good CIBIL score signifies the repayment of credit in due time.

  • Other Cards Limits

The available limit on your other credit cards is another factor considered by Axis Bank to determine your credit limit.

Ways to Increase the Credit Card Limit

If you are interested in knowing how to increase your Axis Bank credit card limit, then you can follow any of the given ways:

  • Increase the limit of your current card

Of all the cards that you use, you can increase the limit of the card that is utilised the most. With a good credit history, it won't be an issue to get this done.

  • Inform the bank of any promotion

In case of any recent promotion or raise in salary, you can inform the bank regarding the same. This could help strengthen your income eligibility criteria, which the bank could consider as a potential factor to increase your Axis Bank credit card limit.

  • An annual increase in credit limit 

In some cases, if you are eligible, then without applying for a credit card limit increase, the bank automatically increases the limit of the credit card.

How to Avail the Credit Limit Increase Facility

To increase your card’s Credit Limit, you can follow a simple process through either of the methods provided by your credit card issuer. Here are the steps:

1. Via SMS

Send a text message on 5676782 with the text: 'CLE XXXX' (last 4 digits of your card number) 

2. Via the Mobile App

  • Log in to the app

  • Select the 'Credit Cards' option

  • Here, within 'Total Controls', select 'Check for Limit Increase'

3. Via Mobile Banking

  • Log in to Mobile Banking

  • Head to 'Services & Support'

  • Select 'Credit Cards: Limit Increase'

4. Via the Official Website

  • Head to www.axisbank.com

  • Tap on 'Accounts'

  • Look for the 'My Credit Cards' option

  • Tap on 'Check for Limit Enhancement'


By following these steps, you should be able to easily avail of the ‘credit limit increase’ option provided by your credit card issuer. If in doubt, refer to the help section on the website or contact customer support for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Axis Bank has an eligibility criteria in place to decide the Axis Bank credit card limit. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, your credit score/history, debt-to-income ratio, number of preowned credit, and your relationship with the bank.

There is no fee charged in order to increase your credit card limit. Simply place a request online or offline and Axis Bank will let you know whether you’re eligible for a credit card limit increase or not.

No, you're not allowed to overspend. However, by having a good credit history, the bank may offer you some leeway over the limit. Do note that exceeding the total limit given on your credit card could lead to over-limit fees.

Yes, the Axis Bank credit card overlimit charges are 3% of the overlimit amount.

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