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Your Axis Bank Credit Card’s limit decides your spending capacity. It is the amount that you can spend and is best known to keep a check on your finances. The bank establishes this limit based on certain factors, such as your income, credit history, and card type. You can also increase the limit by responsibly managing your expenses.

How to Check the Limit of Your Axis Bank Credit Card

You can check the credit limit on an Axis Bank Credit Card in several ways. Here are the details: 

Through Net Banking

  1. Log into your Axis Bank Credit Card net banking account

  2. Go to the ‘Credit Card Details’ section 

  3. Check the total and available credit card limit

Via the Axis Bank Mobile App

  1. Download the Axis Bank mobile app on your phone 

  2. Log in to your mobile banking account

  3. Go to the account summary section 

  4. Review the details of your card’s credit limit

  5. Check the account statement to get a detailed understanding of your transactions and credit limit 

Through Customer Care

To check your Axis Bank credit card limit via customer care, call Axis Bank’s phone banking toll-free numbers 1860 419 5555/1860 500 5555. Once connected, follow the prompts to know your card limit. You can also sign up for text alerts to get regular updates on your card limit. 

By Visiting the Bank

You can also visit your nearest Axis Bank branch and request a bank executive to assist you with your credit card limit. Before they give you the details, they will verify your identity by requesting ID proof. 

Reasons to Increase Your Axis Bank Credit Card Limit

Here are some reasons why you must consider raising a request to increase your card’s limit:

  • Enhanced Convenience: A high limit eliminates the hassle of carrying multiple cards 

  • Improved Purchasing Power: With an increased limit, you can access more funds to manage your expenses

  • More Rewards: By spending more with your card, your potential for earning cashback and rewards also improves

How to Increase the Credit Limit on Axis Bank Credit Card

Here is how you can enhance the credit limit of an Axis Bank Credit Card:

Pay Bills on Time 

Repaying on time helps build a good credit history and shows responsible credit behaviour. Both of these can boost the chances of approval for a request to your credit card’s limit.

Inform the Bank of a Promotion

In case of any recent promotions or a raise in your salary, be sure to inform the bank regarding the same. This could help strengthen your income-related eligibility, which the bank could consider as a potential factor to increase your credit card limit.

Annual Increase in Credit Limit 

In some cases, the bank automatically increases the limit of the credit card without requiring any application. However, this is at the sole discretion of the issuer.

How to Apply for the Credit Limit Increase Facility

To enjoy the highest credit limit on an Axis Bank Credit Card, follow any of these simple methods:


To request for an increase in your credit limit send a text message 'CLE XXXX' (last 4 digits of your card number) to 5676782. 

Via the Mobile App

  1. Log into the app and choose the 'Credit Cards' option

  2. Within 'Total Controls', select 'Check for Limit Increase'

  3. Place a request for an increase in credit limit if you are eligible

Via Customer Care

You can call the bank’s customer support at 1860-419-5555/1860-500-5555 to request for a higher spending limit. 

Via the Official Website

  1. Visit the net banking portal and log in to your account 

  2. Click on the 'Accounts' section and select the 'My Credit Cards' option

  3. Choose the ‘Check for Limit increase’ tab under the 'Limit Enhancement' category

  4. Place a request if you are eligible for this facility


By following these steps, you should be able to easily place the request to boost the credit limit of your Axis Bank credit card. Remember, the approval is at the sole discretion of the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Axis Bank credit card limit decided?

The issuer sets eligibility criteria to decide the minimum credit limit on Axis Bank Credit Card. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, your credit score/history, debt-to-income ratio, existing debt, income, and your relationship with the bank.

How much will I be charged if I increase the Axis Bank credit card limit?

There is no fee charged to increase your credit card limit. Simply place a request online or offline and the Axis Bank’s team will let you know whether you are eligible for an increase or not.

Am I allowed to spend beyond my Axis Bank credit limit?

No, you can’t spend over the card’s credit limit. However, by having a good credit history, the bank may offer a short-term loan.

Is there any over-limit charge that is applicable to my Axis credit card?

Yes. The over-limit charge is 2.5% of the over-limit amount, subject to a minimum amount of ₹500. However, this may vary depending on the card and the issuer’s policy.

What will happen if I exceed the Axis Bank credit card limit?

If you use more than the limit offered on your Axis Bank credit card, the transaction may be declined. In case an overdraft is permitted, the bank will charge you for the same.

Can I use 100% of the credit limit of my Axis Bank credit card?

Yes. While you can use your entire credit limit, it isn’t recommended to do so as your credit score would get affected.

What is the maximum credit limit for an Axis Bank credit card?

The maximum or the highest credit limit for an Axis Bank credit card depends on the card you choose and how well you qualify for the card. For instance, if you have a high and stable income along with an excellent score, you may qualify for a card with a limit that goes up to ₹5 Lakhs or higher. This solely depends on the issuer.

What are the types of credit card limits?

The Axis Bank credit limit can be classified into three types:

  • Total Credit Limit: The total credit limit means the maximum credit limit on your Axis Bank credit card. The total credit limit decreases with every transaction. However, you can restore it by making timely credit card bill payments.
  • Available Credit Limit: It is the limit that is remaining for a specific date. For example, if your daily limit is ₹1,00,000 and you have spent ₹60,000 for the day, then your available credit card limit is ₹40,000.
  • Card Cash Limit: You can make 20% to 40% of the credit limit's withdrawal as cash during an emergency. 

What are the factors considered when deciding your credit limit?

The following factors are considered when deciding your Axis Bank credit card limit:

  • Debts and Income: The lower the debt-income ratio, the higher would be your card limit.
  • Credit History: If your credit score is high, then you will be offered a high credit limit as a good CIBIL score signifies the repayment of credit in due time.
  • Other Cards Limits: The available limit on your other credit cards is another factor considered by Axis Bank to determine your credit limit
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