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HSBC Bank Visa Platinum Card

The HSBC VISA Platinum credit card is ideal for purchases such as shopping, dining, and gas. The cardholder can also earn rewards points and use a variety of premium services from the bank, including as concierge services, 0% liability for lost or stolen cards, and emergency card replacement.

Features and Advantages of HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

As soon as you get the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card, you can make the most of the numerous benefits that come with it. These benefits include:

  • Welcome Offer

For the first two months, you can earn a cashback of 10%, maximum up to ₹2,000 by making a payment of ₹10,000 or more through 5 transactions. Moreover, upon making a single purchase of more than ₹500 in the first month you get an Amazon voucher of ₹250.

  • Free Tickets

If you book two tickets on the BookMyShow mobile app using your HSBC Credit Card, you will receive a free ticket with a maximum value of ₹250. This offer can be used for any concert on any day of the week, but the tickets must be purchased on a Saturday.

  • Reward Points Program

The rewards points program allows customers to earn 2 points for every ₹150 spent on retail purchases. If you spend ₹4 Lakhs in one year, then you can earn up to 5 times more rewards points, for a total of 10 points per purchase. These rewards can be used for a variety of options from shopping to donations.

  • Entertainment Offer

If you spend at least ₹50,000 in a calendar month, you can earn a free movie ticket voucher worth up to ₹500. You can earn a maximum of ₹3,000 worth of vouchers per year per cardholder.

  • Dining Privileges

Whether you are looking for a fine dining experience or a casual meal, HSBC's Simply Indulge program will help you savour some delicious cuisines while saving money. You can enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 15% at a variety of local restaurants.

  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver

You can take advantage of the fuel surcharge waiver while purchasing fuel. It applies to transactions between ₹400 and ₹4,000, and the maximum waiver is limited to ₹250 per month. This offer is available at all fuel stations throughout India, so you can save on fuel costs while travelling anywhere in the country.

  • No Lost Card Liability

If unfortunately, you lose your HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card and fraudulent transactions occur within 24 hours, you will not be held responsible. It also includes 24 hours prior to reporting such loss and covers a sum of up to ₹3 Lakhs.

  • Quick Card Replacement

If your credit card is lost while travelling abroad, a new one can easily be requested by contacting Visa Global Assistance Services or calling the international helpline number. You can get a new card within 3 working days. You can also use over 22,000 outlets present worldwide to withdraw any emergency cash.

  • Global Support

To facilitate your foreign travel, the HSBC Platinum Credit Card comes with global acceptance, which can be seamlessly used at more than 1.8 Lakh outlets in India and around the world.

  • Easy EMIs

With the loan-on-phone option, you can borrow or turn purchases of ₹2,000 or more into easy EMIs. This can be done within 15 days from the date of transaction. You can choose from several tenors ranging from 3 months to 24 months at affordable interest rates starting from 12% up to 23.88% per year.

  • Complimentary Add-on Cards

You can apply for a maximum of 3 additional credit cards for your family members over the age of 18. These cards come with the same spending limit as the primary card. The expenses charged on them are billed to the primary user.

  • Shopping Deals

By shopping with an HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card, you can receive a 10% discount on Tata CLiQ purchases including clothing, electronics, and more. Moreover, on every Thursday, you can get additional discounts.

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Fee and Charges of HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

Type of Charges


Annual Fee


Joining Fee


Rate of Interest

3.30% per month

Fee for Cash Withdrawal (In India)

2.50% of transaction amount (minimum ₹300)

Fee for Cash Withdrawal (Outside India)


Fee for Redeeming Rewards

₹50 / request

Fee for Duplicate Statement

₹100 per statement for over 3 months

Penalty for Cheque Bounce


Over-limit Fee

₹500 p.m.

Late Payment Charges

50% of Minimum Amount Due (ranging between a lower limit of ₹400 and upper limit of ₹750)

Fee for Retrieving Sales Slip

₹225 p.m.

Fee for Outstation Cheque Processing

  • Up to ₹10,000 - ₹50

  • Above ₹10,000 and up to ₹1 Lakh - ₹100

  • Above ₹1 Lakh - ₹150

Fee for Card Replacement (Within and outside India)


Fee for Currency Exchange

3.5% of the transaction amount

Charges for Paying in Cash at the Branch


Fee for Report on Credit Information


How to Apply for an HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card?

  • To begin your online HSBC credit card application, visit HSBC.

  • Fill in the basic information such as your name, residence, date of birth, and monthly income.

  • Filter the results to show credit cards from HSBC Bank. The HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card will appear on the list if you are eligible.

  • Choose the option that best fits your financial situation, and then apply for the credit card. Your credit card application will be reviewed by the bank, and it will then be processed.

  • You will receive your credit card within a few business days once your application has been approved.

  • Those who want to apply by mail should go to their nearest HSBC Bank office.

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card Highlights

  • A lifestyle credit card with enticing benefits and incentives.

  • There are no joining or annual fees.

  • Introductory offerings that are exciting.

  • In some categories, you can earn bonus points faster.

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card offers a variety of lifestyle benefits.

  • Travel vouchers are provided free of charge.

  • Within the first 60 days after receiving the card, you will receive a 10% cashback.

  • Per year, you can get up to Rs.3,000 worth of movie vouchers.

  • Dining discounts of 15% are available at partner restaurants in major Indian cities.

Eligibility Criteria for the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

The following are the essential requirements for applying for an HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card:

  • The applicant's age must be at least 18 years old and no more than 65 years old.

  • The card is only available to salaried individuals.

  • A minimum gross annual income of rupees four lakh is required.

  • You must live in one of the cities where the credit card is available.

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card Documents Required

If you're interested in applying for the HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card, the documents you'll need to submit are listed below.

  • Obtain a copy of your most recent pay stub or salary certificate from your company.

  • a copy of your current credit card and your most recent credit card statement

  • Salary credits are shown on the last three months' bank statements.

  • Proof of residency, identification, and a PAN card or Form 60 are all required.

How to reach HSBC Visa platinum credit card customer care?

Customers can raise complaints and get answers to their questions by speaking with HSBC credit card customer care representatives directly. Call the toll-free number provided by the bank to reach the customer service department. Toll-free numbers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The toll-free number is as follows:

Toll-Free Number

1860 108 7788 or 1860 500 2277


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Frequently Asked Questions

The HSBC Visa Platinum credit card is designed to give unparalleled convenience and benefits. Access to HSBC Group ATMs and Visa-affiliated ATMs, as well as Visa merchant outlets around the world.

The biggest advantage of the HSBC Visa Platinum credit card is that the customer is not charged a joining or yearly fee. Instead, the cardholder receives benefits depending on how much money they spend. In India, there are only a few lifetime free credit cards, and HSBC Visa Platinum is perhaps the greatest of them all.

Yes, there is no joining fee charged.

The HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card's credit limit varies based on individual factors such as your payment history, income group, and creditworthiness. It is ultimately determined by the bank during the application and approval process and is communicated to you while issuing the card. However, the bank can modify this limit at any time. If you want to increase the limit, a review application can be submitted six months from the date of issue.

The HSBC’s Platinum Card allows you to enjoy a credit period of up to 48 days with zero finance charges. However, it is important to note that this period will not be valid if there is any outstanding bill amount for the previous month.

All the points collected by using the HSBC Platinum Credit Card remain valid for three years. If you do not utilise these points until then, all the remaining rewards points will expire.

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