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Why Choose IDFC Classic Credit Cards?

Now that you have decided to apply for credit card, what should be your next step? Well, you should select a credit card that has superb features. Primarily, you should look for a credit card that doesn’t have the requirement for compulsory renewals. Besides, you should be able to earn joining benefits and receive access to low-interest rates. As an added bonus, you should be able to receive rewards and discounts. A credit card that sums it all, along with other benefits as well, is the IDFC First Bank Classic Credit Card. Once you receive the card, it is free for a lifetime. Plus, a wide array of advantages accrue in the form of reward points, whenever you use this shopping credit card to make purchases across various brackets, like fashion, travel tickets, groceries, and so on.

IDFC First Classic Credit Card can also aid your financial well being as it has low interest rates and minimal associated charges. You should, however, keep in mind that this IDFC credit card is not available on the platform of Bajaj Markets, and you can apply for this card directly at IDFC Bank’s official web portal. Now that you have the gist, read on to know more about IDFC Classic Credit Card: 

IDFC Classic Credit Card Benefits & Features

IDFC First Classic Credit Card

Source: https://www.idfcfirstbank.com/credit-card/classic

  • Low-interest rates: Did you know that IDFC First Classic Credit Card can provide you with among the lowest interest rates? Yes, the interest rate on this credit card starts from as low as 9% on an annual basis.

  • Interest-free cash withdrawal up to a specified period: Most of you would have faced the situation of requiring immediate cash. Now you can use IDFC First Bank Classic Credit Card to withdraw cash from ATM at any place. Remember, this cash withdrawal is interest-free for up to 48 days.

  • No need for periodic renewals: IDFC Classic Credit Card comes with the unique feature of being free for a lifetime. This means you can now say goodbye to the hassle of reapplying or getting the card reissued.

  • A wide slew of rewards: IDFC Classic Credit Card can provide you with various rewards such as joining rewards, fuel rewards, travel rewards, entertainment rewards, insurance rewards, and so on. Along with cashback offers you also receive permanent redeemable reward points.

IDFC First Classic Credit Card

Source: https://www.idfcfirstbank.com/credit-card/classic


  • Minimal fees and charges: If you are worried about the fees and charges associated with a credit card, then fret not, for we have you covered. IDFC First Classic Credit Card has minimal fees and charges. On the occasions where a charge or fee is levied, it is among the most reasonable, as per market standards.

  • Simple eligibility conditions: Yet another remarkable feature of IDFC First Classic Credit Card is that it comes with only basic eligibility conditions. Once you have the optimum credit score along with the requisite employment status, you can easily receive the card.

  • Minimal documentation: IDFC First Bank Classic Credit Card doesn’t require cumbersome documentation. Just submit the requisite documents to prove your identity, address and income, and choose to receive the card.

IDFC First Classic Credit Card

Source: https://www.idfcfirstbank.com/credit-card/classic

IDFC First Classic Credit Card Fees & Charges

Now that you know the features and benefits of IDFC First Bank Classic Credit Card, here’s a look at the various fees and charges:


Amount/Rate of the charge in%

Annual fee


Joining fee


Over limit fee/charge


Processing fee for outstation cheques


Request for charge slip


Fee for card replacement

Rs. 100.

Fuel surcharge fee

1% of the fuel cost.

Forex markup fee for international transactions


Finance charges

Between 0.75% and 2.99% on a monthly basis.

Cash advance fee for withdrawing cash

Rs. 250/ transaction.

Late payment charges/fee

15% of the total outstanding amount or dues. The minimum and maximum amount here should be Rs. 100 and Rs. 1,000 respectively.

Fees and charges for redeeming accrued rewards


IDFC First Bank Classic Credit Card Rewards

There is a wide range of IDFC Classic Credit Card benefits as rewards. Here’s a look:

Type of reward

Features of the reward

Reward when you join the list of select cardholders or Joining Reward

  • You are provided gift vouchers of up to Rs. 500 for making purchases worth at least Rs. 15,000. Remember, once the card has been issued, you can avail of this benefit within three months.

  • You receive a cashback of up to 5% on your first EMI transaction. To avail of this benefit, you have to make such a transaction within three months of the card being issued. Also, the maximum amount of your cashback is not capped.

Reward points

Now that you have started shopping on your IDFC Classic Credit Card, you can receive reward points. Remember, a single reward point is of 25 Paisa monetary value. A key feature of this reward point system is that they don’t expire. To put it simply, you can choose to redeem the reward points, whenever you want to. Here’s a look at the IDFC Classic Credit Card benefits as reward points:

  • 10X reward points when you make purchases on your birthday.

  • 10X reward points when you spend more than Rs. 20,000.

  • 6X reward points for online shopping.

  • 3X reward points for point of sales shopping, at recognised merchants and vendors.

Rewards on making entertainment purchases

The IDFC Classic Credit Card benefits on entertainment can accrue to you in the form of a 25% discount on purchasing movie tickets. Remember, the tickets should be up to Rs. 100 and you can receive this benefit only once each month.

Travel rewards

IDFC First Classic Credit Card can provide you with four complimentary visits to select railway lounges across the country. Remember, in each quarter of the financial year, you get four complimentary visits.

Fuel rewards

IDFC First Bank Classic Credit Card provides a 1% waiver on fuel surcharges.

Insurance rewards

  • IDFC Classic Credit Card will provide for a liability cover of Rs. 25,000, in the case of a lost credit card.

  • IDFC Classic Credit Card provides personal road accident insurance of up to Rs. 2 Lakhs.

Miscellaneous rewards

  • Free-of-cost roadside assistance covering costs up to Rs. 1,399.

IDFC Classic Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

IDFC First Bank Classic Credit Card stipulates basic eligibility criteria along with a basic documentation process. Here’s a tabular presentation:

Eligibility conditions


Minimum age requirement

You must be above the age of 18 years.


You must be a citizen of India.


Both salaried and self-employed individuals can apply for this card and get access to IDFC Classic Credit Card benefits.

Credit Score

Having an optimum credit score will increase the chances of your credit card application being approved.

Once you know the eligibility conditions, let’s have a look at the basic documents that you need to submit or upload for receiving IDFC First Classic Credit Card.

Type of proof

List of accepted documents

Address proof

  • Aadhar Card.

  • Passport.

  • Voter ID.

  • Ration Card.

  • Driving License.

Income proof

  • Bank statements.

  • Salary slips.

  • Income Tax Returns (ITRs).

  • Form 16.

Identity proof

  • Aadhar Card.

  • Driving License.

  • Voter ID.

Other mandatory documents

  • PAN Card.

How to Apply for IDFC First Bank Classic Credit Card

You can apply for IDFC First Classic Credit Card directly at the official portal of the bank. You have to fill in the requisite details and complete the documentation process to apply for this card. Once your application is approved, you will shortly receive the credit card.


You must also keep in mind that you cannot apply for IDFC First Classic Credit Card on Bajaj Markets. For more details, visit the link https://www.idfcfirstbank.com/credit-card


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FAQs about IDFC First Classic Credit Card

How to contact IDFC First Classic Credit Card customer care?

For any information, queries or complaints regarding your IDFC Classic Credit Card, you can make a phone call on the IDFC Credit Card toll-free number: 1800-500-1111.


What is the IDFC Classic Credit Card limit?

The credit card limit can vary for customers as per their eligibility conditions, income etc. Once your card is approved and dispatched, you will receive an email specifying your credit card limit. In case of any questions regarding your credit card limit, you can contact customer care at 1800-500-1111.

What is the IDFC First Bank Classic Card eligibility?

You have to meet eligibility conditions such as being a citizen of India, being at least 18-years-old and having a good credit score. Alongside, you have to be either a self-employed or salaried individual with a minimum net monthly income. 

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