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IndusInd Bank offers you a wide range of credit cards that can fulfil your shopping, travel, dining, and other needs seamlessly. In this collection, you will find credit cards that charge you zero joining or annual fee. Simultaneously, you will also find cards with higher benefits that require a certain joining fee. Hence, if you’re considering your very own IndusInd Bank Credit Card, it is crucial to understand all the fees and charges it can entail under various circumstances.

Types of IndusInd Bank Credit Card Fees and Charges

1. Renewal Fees

Credit card issuers automatically levy annual and renewal charges to your account. These charges keep your card active and allow you to access credit card benefits. However, the following IndusInd Bank Credit Cards are lifetime-free which entails no joining fee or annual fee. 

Credit Card

Annual Fee

Platinum Aura Edge


Platinum Master




Disclaimer: in order to recheck or confirm an. y of the values mentioned above, please refer to the issuer's MITC document for more details

2. Late Payment Charges

Credit card issuers levy late payment charges when you do not pay the outstanding balance on time. IndusInd Bank credit card charges for late payment depend on your outstanding balance and can range from ₹0 to ₹1,300.

Outstanding Amount


Up to ₹100


₹101 - ₹500


₹501 - ₹1000


₹1001 - ₹10,000


₹10,001 - ₹25,000


₹25,001 - ₹50,000


Above ₹50,000


Disclaimer: These charges are subject to change at the bank’s discretion.

3. IndusInd Bank Credit Card Over-Limit Charges

this charge is levied when you use your credit card above the limit that has been sanctioned by the credit card issuer.  IndusInd Bank levies an over-limit charge at 2.5% of the amount, subject to a minimum of ₹500.

4. IndusInd Bank Credit Card Finance Charges

Finance charges refer to the cost that you pay for using your credit card. One of the most commonly levied finance charges is the interest rate. Issuers levy an interest on your amount due after an interest-free period. This gets levied until you pay the dues in full. 


IndusInd Bank levies an interest rate of 3.83% or 3.95% per month, depending on the card you have. On an annual basis, this translates to about 45.96%, going up to 47.40%.

5. IndusInd Bank Credit Card Cash Advance Fees

Credit cards also come with a cash withdrawal facility, wherein you can get access to quick cash. However, the issuer levies a fee for it. Currently, IndusInd credit card cash withdrawal charges are 2.5% of the cash amount, subject to a minimum of ₹300.

6. IndusInd Bank Credit Card Cash Payment Fees

Issuers also allow you to pay your bill in cash at the branch. However, they will levy a nominal fee for it. IndusInd Bank levies a cash payment fee of ₹100 for payments done at the branch. 


A crucial point to remember about IndusInd Bank credit card charges is that they are subject to change at the bank’s discretion. You can look at your latest credit card statements to keep an eye on these charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any charges for IndusInd credit cards?

Yes, there are different IndusInd Bank credit card charges, such as annual fees, joining fees, renewal fees, and more.

Are there any cash withdrawal charges for IndusInd Bank credit cards?

The bank levies a charge of 2.5% of the cash amount, subject to a minimum of ₹300.

What are over-limit charges?

Credit card issuers levy an over-limit charge when your credit card use exceeds the limit provided by the issuer. IndusInd Bank credit card charges for over-limit are at 2.5% of the over-limit amount, subject to a minimum of ₹500.

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