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The Kotak Credit Card statement offers you a glimpse and a comprehensive view of the activities conducted through your credit card in the last billing cycle. The Kotak Bank credit card statement lets you keep an eye on these activities, and thereby, be able to easily identify and watch out for fraudulent activity or any risky behaviour. The Kotak credit card statement payment details are also indicated, which let you know the last dates by which you are required to make your payment to continue using your card.

How to Check Kotak Credit Card Statement

It is extremely simple to avail of the Kotak credit card statement online. There are 3 ways to access your Kotak card statement online. Read on to learn more.

  • Netbanking

You can access your credit card statement through netbanking

  1. Go to the online portal of the bank and login using your credentials

  2. Head to the ‘credit card’ section and click on ‘statement’


Select the duration you require the statement for and view your statement instantly

  • Mobile Banking

Your credit card statement can also be accessed through the Kotak mobile banking app on your smartphone

  1. Once you have logged in, head to the ‘credit card’ section and click on ‘CC Statement’

  2. You will be redirected to a page with credit card statements from the last 12 months

  3. Choose the statement you are looking for and download your Kotak credit card statement PDF

  • Bank’s Website

  1. Head to the link for downloading the statements and enter your authentication details

  2. Use your CRN details, but if you are missing them, enter your date of birth and registered mobile number

  3. An OTP will be sent to your number which once entered, will let you download your e-statement

  • Offline Method

  1. Place a request for your statement and it will be delivered to your residence via post

  2. Call the bank’s customer care through your registered mobile number and request a statement for a certain period

  3. You can also visit the nearest Kotak Mahindra Bank branch and receive your credit card statement

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How to Switch to Kotak Credit e-Statement?

In case you wish to receive an e-statement, follow the below steps:

  1. Send an SMS to the number offered by the bank in the prescribed format

  2. Register for e-statement through the net banking route

  3. Call the customer care of the bank from your registered mobile number and place a request to receive e-statements

How to Understand Your Kotak Credit Card Statement Better?

It is important to understand the different sections within your Kotak credit card statement. Several different terms may be used, which could be new to you. Learn how to read your Kotak bank credit card statement.


Read on to learn more about the terms commonly used in the Kotak Mahindra bank credit card statement.

  • Transaction Summary: It refers to a summary of the transactions that have been performed by you over the billing cycle period

  • Payment Due Date: It refers to the date by which you are required to make a Kotak credit card payment to the bank for using the card

  • Minimum Amount Due: It is the amount payable to the bank, which is usually a small percentage of the total amount due for the credit used through the credit card

  • Total Amount Due: It refers to the total amount you are required to pay to the bank, while the minimum amount due is the amount you must pay in order to continue using your card.

  • Credit and Cash Limit: It refers to certain limits imposed upon the credit you can draw upon and the amount you can withdraw in cash from the ATM

  • The Rewards Summary: This section of the Kotak credit card statement details the rewards you have earned through using the card.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my Kotak Credit Card statements online?

You can access your Kotak Credit Card statements online by logging into the official Kotak Credit Card website or through the mobile banking app.

What information is included in my Kotak Credit Card statement?

Your Kotak Credit Card statement includes details of transactions, payment due dates, minimum amount due, available credit limit, rewards earned, and any applicable fees or charges.

Can I receive my Kotak Credit Card statements via email?

Yes, Kotak Credit Card holders can opt to receive e-statements via email. You can set this preference through the net banking portal.

How do I check my Kotak Credit Card balance on the statement?

The outstanding balance on your Kotak Credit Card is mentioned in the statement, reflecting the total amount due as of the statement date.

Is there a fee for receiving a physical copy of my Kotak Credit Card statement?

Generally, Kotak Credit Card provides e-statements free of charge. However, if you opt for a physical copy, a nominal fee may be applicable.

How often are Kotak Credit Card statements generated?

Kotak Credit Card statements are usually generated every month, with the statement date determined by the date of card issuance.

Can I download my Kotak Credit Card statements for record-keeping?

Yes, you can download your Kotak Credit Card statements in PDF format through the online banking portal or the mobile app for record-keeping.

What should I do if I notice an error or discrepancy in my Kotak Credit Card statement?

If you identify any errors or discrepancies, contact Kotak's customer service immediately to report the issue and seek resolution.

Are there any security measures in place to protect my Kotak Credit Card statement information?

Yes, Kotak Mahindra Bank employs encryption and secure login procedures to protect your online statements. It is advisable to keep your login credentials confidential.

How long are Kotak Credit Card statements available for online viewing?

Kotak Credit Card statements are typically available for online viewing for a certain period, allowing you to access and download previous statements for reference. The specific duration may vary, so it's recommended to check with the bank for details.

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