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You can avoid extensive paper statements and phone menus to get the most basic details of your credit card activity. Instead, you can turn to the seamless digitisation of Standard Chartered’s credit card management. This empowers you to track transactions, settle bills, and even redeem exciting rewards – all through a few clicks. From registration to PIN changes, explore convenience at your fingertips.

How to Register Your Credit Card for Netbanking Services

You can use two ways to get your credit card registered for netbanking, which are explained in details in the below section:

  • Using the Temporary ID and Password

Before proceeding with the registration process, you must have your temporary ID and password. You may send an email to online.banking@sc.com to request a temporary ID . The temporary SCB credit card login ID will be emailed to your bank's registered email address. The temporary password will be sent to the cellphone number you have provided.


Here are the steps to follow for netbanking registration by temporary ID and password:

  1.  Go to Standard Chartered Bank's official page

  2. Navigate to the online banking signup page

  3. Enter the temporary ID and password that you were given

  4. After completing your SCB credit card login, generate your unique ID and password for future netbanking access

  • Using Your Credit Card Number

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Browse Standard Chartered Bank’s official website

  2. Navigate to the online banking sign-up page

  3. Enter your credit card number, credit card CVV number, expiry date, and other required information

  4. Provide your birth details

  5. Enter the temporary password that was sent to your registered number to complete the Standard Chartered Bank card login process

  6. After successfully logging in using your Standard Chartered Bank credit card details, create your own unique user ID and transaction password

  • Using Your Debit Card and ATM Pin

Follow the below steps to get started using your Debit Card:

  1. Visit the registration page on the official website

  2. Provide your Debit card number and ATM PIN

  3. Confirm your registered mobile number and input the temporary password sent to your registered mobile number

  4. Establish your personalized online banking user ID and password

How to Log into Your Credit Card Netbanking Account

After registration, you may follow the steps listed below to log in to the page:

  1. Visit the official page of the organisation

  2. Go to the ‘Online Banking Login’ tab

  3. You will be redirected to a new page

  4. Enter your credentials (username and password)

  5. Complete the login process by providing the captcha as shown on the screen

How to Change Your Credit Card Netbanking Password

Follow these simple steps to change your netbanking password:

  1. Log in to your Standard Chartered netbanking account

  2. Click on ‘My Preferences’

  3. Locate the option labelled ‘Change Password’

  4. Click on it to launch the password change process

  5. Enter your current netbanking password in the ‘Old Password’ section

  6. Type in your new password in the box that reads ‘New Password’

  7. Click the "Next" button

  8. Click "Confirm" to proceed should your screen display a confirmation message

If everything is correct, you'll receive a confirmation message indicating your password has been changed successfully. You can now use your new password to securely access your Standard Chartered netbanking account.

Facilities Provided by Netbanking

Here's a glimpse into the facilities offered by Standard Chartered Bank’s netbanking feature:

  • Account Overview:

    1. Get a snapshot of your current balance, outstanding amount, due date, credit limit, and available credit at a glance

    2. Track past transactions and download detailed statements for record-keeping

    3. View reward points earned and explore redemption options for exciting perks

  • Payments and Transactions:

    1. Make secure and instant payments towards your credit card bill using your linked savings account

    2. Set up automatic payments to avoid late fees and maintain a good credit score

    3. Schedule future payments in advance for better financial planning

    4. Dispute unauthorized transactions conveniently and track their progress

  • Card Management:

    1. Request a duplicate card or PIN change in just a few clicks

    2. Activate or deactivate your card temporarily for added security

    3. Update your contact information and preferences seamlessly

    4. Apply for a credit limit increase or request additional cards for family members

  • Additional Services:

    1. Access exclusive offers and discounts through your credit card

    2. View and redeem reward points for exciting travel options, gadgets, gift vouchers, and more

    3. Update your PAN details directly through netbanking

    4. Raise any grievances or concerns related to your account through secure messaging

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my Standard Chartered Bank credit card registered?

You can use three ways to get your credit card registered for netbanking, which are listed below. 

  • Temporary ID details and password

  • Credit card details

  • The OTP sent to your mobile number

Does Standard Chartered Bank impose any fees for online banking?

The bank does not impose any fees for utilising the Standard Chartered Bank credit card online netbanking service. However, earlier product fees, if applicable, could still be in effect.

Can I request an increase in the credit limit of my Standard Chartered Bank credit card using netbanking?

Yes, the bank offers this service. You are just required to follow these steps:

  1. Access the Standard Chartered Bank netbanking page by logging in

  2. Browse the ‘Help and Services’ option

  3. Select ‘Credit Limit Increase’ under the ‘Card Management’ tab

  4. Submit the request for an increase in your credit limit

  5. It may take up to a few days to get your request addressed

What kind of services can I access through Standard Chartered Bank’s credit card netbanking?

You can utilise multiple services like bill payments, auto-debit services, insurance premium payments, etc. You may also visit their online credit card login page to know more about this.

What are the ways to change a credit card PIN Number?

You can change the Standard Chartered credit card PIN number by following the simple steps given below:


  1. Head to your personal banking account and log in with your credentials

  2. On the homepage, go to the ‘Help and Services’ tab and hit on ‘Card Management Services’

  3. Select the relevant card and enter the new PIN number you wish to set

  4. Verify the transaction by entering the OTP  sent to your registered mobile number and click on ‘confirm’ 

  5. Your Standard Chartered Credit Card PIN number can now be set or changed

What are the ways to check my Standard Chartered credit card statement?

You can check the statement of your Standard Chartered credit card by taking the following steps:


  1. Head to your personal netbanking account and log in with your credentials

  2. Navigate to the ‘card services’ section on the homepage and click on the ‘e-statement’ tab

  3. Finally, press the ‘view statement’ to view or download your Standard Chartered credit card statement

How can I pay the credit card bill?

If you wish to pay your credit card bill through Standard Chartered Bank, you have several alternatives such as NEFT, Netbanking, Bill Desk, Cheque or Cash payment, Phone Banking, etc.

How to block my lost credit card through the official website of the bank?

To block or replace your credit card that may be lost or stolen, follow these quick steps:


  1. Log in to your online banking account

  2. Next, go to the 'Help and Services' section on the home page

  3. Select the option 'Report lost/stolen card'

  4. Next, choose the card that you want to block or replace

  5. In the final step, click 'Confirm' and your lost card will be immediately blocked

Is it possible to access my credit card information via SMS Banking?

You can definitely access your credit card information by sending an SMS from your registered mobile number. All you need to do is send the relevant service code of your inquiry as detailed below:

  • Balance inquiry – CD

  • Available credit limit – CE

  • Information of the last 5 transactions – CH

  • Credit card payment - CR

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