ICICI LAP: ICICI Bank Mortgage Loan

ICICI Loan Against Property at Bajaj Markets

✓ Loan Against Property from ₹2 Lakhs to ₹15 Cr ✓ Multiple Lending Partners ✓ Interest Rates Starting @ 9.25%

In instances where you have urgent financial requirements, but you are falling short of funds, there is no need to stress. You can get financing via a loan against property (LAP) from ICICI Bank. This is a secured offering, wherein you get access to a sizable sanction on affordable terms. 


Be it for scaling your business, paying for a child’s education, wedding, or medical emergency, an ICICI loan against property will cover all your financial emergencies. Best of all, you can apply for an ICICI Bank loan against property on Bajaj Markets! Read on to understand more features and benefits of the ICICI LAP. 

ICICI Loan Against Property Interest Rates and Charges 2023 

Interest Rate

10.85% p.a. onwards

Processing Fees

0.25% of the loan amount + applicable taxes

Administrative Charges

₹5,000 + Applicable Taxes or 0.25% of the loan amount + Applicable Taxes, (whichever is lower)

Prepayment Charges 

4% + applicable taxes

Disclaimer: The charges are subject to policy changes of ICICI Bank.

Compare ICICI Loan Against Property with Other Partners

Here is a table comparing the ICICI Bank loan against property interest rates with various other lending partners on Bajaj Markets.

Name of the Partner

Interest Rate (% p.a.)

Bajaj Housing Finance Limited

10.10% p.a.


14.00% p.a.


10.85% p.a.

LIC Housing Finance Limited

9.45% p.a.

PNB Housing Finance Limited

9.25%  p.a.

Shriram Housing Finance

12.50% p.a.

Shubham Housing Finance

13.90% p.a.

Disclaimer: The interest rates can vary for each lending partner and are subject to change at the financial institution’s discretion.

ICICI Bank Loan Against Property EMI Calculator

You can compute your EMI using the ICICI LAP EMI calculator on Bajaj Markets. Enter the principal amount, repayment tenure, and the applicable loan against the property interest rate at ICICI Bank. 


That’s all, and you get the EMI amount in a jiffy. The tool saves a lot of time and helps you manage your finances in a better way. Furthermore, you can tweak specific parameters of the ICICI LAP calculator to arrive at the right EMI amount.

ICICI Loan Against Property - Features & Benefits


Loan Amount

Apply for an ICICI loan against the property of up to ₹5 Cr on Bajaj Markets and get the required financial assistance.

Flexible Repayment Options

The repayment tenure can go as long as 180 months for salaried and self-employed applicants, making the repayment process very convenient.

Balance Transfer Options

A balance transfer facility is available with LAP, which can help reduce your ICICI Bank LAP interest rates.

Nominal Rates of Interest

The LAP rates of interest at ICICI are competitive and start from 10.85% p.a.

High Loan-to-Value Ratio

You can avail the loan amount up to 60% of the property value.

ICICI Loan Against Property Eligibility

You need to meet the following ICICI Bank loan against property eligibility criteria to get a loan approval:


  • Your age must be between 23-60 years if salaried and 23-65 years if self-employed

  • Your monthly income must be above ₹25,000

  • The minimum Profit After Tax (PAT) must be ₹25,000 per month if you are self-employed

  • You must have a work experience of at least one year as a salaried professional

  • Business vintage of minimum two years is required if you are self-employed

Meeting all these loan against the property eligibility criteria of ICICI Bank can ease your loan approval process and provide funds during financial emergencies. Additionally, you can use the ICICI Bank LAP EMI calculator to calculate your loan EMIs before availing a loan from ICICI Bank.

Documents Required for ICICI Loan Against Property

Here are the essential documents required for an ICICI Bank loan against property: 


  • Identity proof: PAN/Voter ID/Aadhaar card

  • Address proof: Aadhaar card/Passport/Driving licence

  • Bank statements of the last six months

  • Salary slips of the last three months (applicable for salaried applicants)

  • Certificate & Proof of business existence (applicable for self-employed applicants)

  • Form 16 / Income Tax Returns

  • Property documents

  • Passport-size photos

How to Apply for an ICICI Bank Loan Against Property Online

Here is the simple process to apply for an ICICI home loan on Bajaj Markets:


  • Fill in Your Personal and Income Details

    Choose the loan type and enter your personal information to check your offer.

  • Choose your Lending Partner

    Choose ICICI Bank from the list of lending partners.

  • Estimate Borrowing Power

    Know the loan amount you can avail.

  • Mention the Requirement & Property Details

    Fill in the required loan amount & details of the property.

  • Unlock Final Details

    Find out your loan details, associated charges and net disbursal amount. Post this, a loan expert will then connect with you to process your application further.

ICICI Bank Loan Against Property FAQs

  • ✔️Are prepayment charges applicable on ICICI Bank loan against property?

    Yes, the prepayment charges on loan against property are 4% plus applicable taxes.

  • ✔️Will the ICICI loan against property EMI remain constant or change in future?

    The ICICI LAP EMI remains constant throughout the loan tenure.


  • ✔️What happens in the case of an increase or decrease in LAP interest rates at ICICI Bank?

    The interest rate is decided at the start of the loan tenure. So, when you avail a LAP at the current interest rate of 10.85% p.a., this remains unchanged throughout the tenure.


  • ✔️How does the ICICI Bank loan against property EMI calculator calculate EMIs?

    An ICICI LAP EMI calculator considers the loan amount, applicable interest rates and tenure when calculating EMIs.


  • ✔️How much loan can I get against my property from ICICI Bank?

    You can get a maximum amount of up to ₹5 Crores.


  • ✔️What eligibility criteria should an applicant meet before applying for an ICICI Bank LAP?

    Your age, income, property value, existing credit obligations and credit score must match the parameters ICICI Bank sets to get a hassle-free loan approval.


  • ✔️What should be the minimum net monthly income of the customer to get an ICICI Bank mortgage loan?

    As a salaried applicant, you must earn a monthly income of ₹25,000.


  • ✔️What is the minimum and maximum age required for an ICICI Bank LAP?

    You must be between 23 and 60 years if you are a salaried professional and between 23-65 years in the case of self-employed individuals.


  • ✔️What is the tenure of an ICICI Bank LAP?

    The maximum tenure of an ICICI Bank LAP is 15 years.