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Personal Loan from PaySense Partners

Want to live your life to the fullest, but lack of funds playing a spoilsport? Worry not. Personal Loan on Finserv MARKETS, facilitated by PaySense Partners, is here to put an end to all your financial worries. PaySense has partnered with renowned NBFCs like PayU Finance India Private Limited to make the whole process of availing a loan very easy and convenient. With a Personal Loan of up to Rs. 10 Lakhs, you can bring all your dreams to life. So, look no further, apply for a Personal Loan only on Finserv MARKETS. The platform serves as a one-stop digital marketplace to satisfy all your financial needs.

Features and Benefits of Personal Loan

  • Loan Offerings

    You can apply for a Personal Loan of up to Rs. 10 Lakhs on Finserv MARKETS, and also get an instant approval.

  • Attractive Interest Rates

    The interest rate on the Personal Loan provided by PaySense partners ranges between 1.33% - 2.17% per month. This attractive interest rate ensures that you fulfil your requirement without taking any additional burdens.

  • Easy Documentation Process

    You need to submit a minimal set of documents to validate your eligibility for the loan.

  • No Collateral Required

    You don’t have to submit any collateral to avail the loan as it’s unsecured in nature.

  • Rapid Disbursal

    Once all your application is completely checked and verified, you can get your Personal Loan in just 48 hours.

Why Choose Finserv MARKETS for Personal Loans

Fast Online Processing

The Personal Loan application process is carried out digitally. You get an instant approval on your loan and money in your bank account in just 48 hours.

Minimal Paperwork Involved

You can get the loan with minimal documentation.


Rest assured that you will be charged with absolutely no hidden charges.

Custom-made Loans

Get the best personal loan offers that meet your requirements, here. No need to look elsewhere!

Trusted Companion

Customers across India have chosen Finserv MARKETS as their trusted financial partner for Personal Loan. It's your turn now!

Personal Loan from PaySense Partners: Eligibility & Documents

Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria
  • The applicant must be the citizen of India.
  • The age of the applicant must be between 21 and 60 years.
  • The minimum net monthly income of the applicant must be ₹20,001 if he resides in a metropolitan city and ₹18,001 if he resides in any other city.
Personal Loan Documents Required
  • Identity Proof: PAN Card
  • Permanent Address Proof: Aadhaar Card/Voter ID/Passport
  • Current Address Proof: Aadhaar Card/ Voter ID/ Passport /Rent Agreement/ Electricity Bill/ Water Bill/ Landline Bill / Bank Statement/Passbook/ Gas Pipeline receipt

How to Apply for a Personal Loan on Finserv MARKETS, facilitated by PaySense Partners

Applying for a Personal Loan on Finserv MARKETS is a cakewalk. Know how.

  • Online Form Filling

    Enter your personal and employment details.

  • Select your Lending Partner

    From the list of personal loan partners, select PaySense to proceed.

  • Specify Personal Loan Details

    Select the Personal Loan amount and repayment tenure as per your choice.

  • Approval & Disbursal

    Get an instant approval on the loan and money in 48 hours post verification.

Uses of Personal Loan on Finserv MARKETS

Personal Loan on Finserv MARKETS is specifically designed in order to help the customer fulfill his varied personal requirements. Basis the requirement, there are various types of Personal Loans which you can avail on Finserv MARKETS. Here’s the following:

  • Wedding Loan

From choosing an exquisite location, to deciding the best wedding outfit and delicacies, Wedding Loan from PaySense partners will make this most special day of your life, a worthwhile experience.

  • Travel & Holidays Loan

With a Travel & Holidays Loan, travel the world to the fullest and satiate your travel cravings. Flight tickets, hotel accommodation, shopping costs, the loan will cover all your expenses.

  • Medical Emergency Loan

The loan will help you manage all the medical costs required in times of exigencies. While you take care of your family, the loan will help you financially.

  • Home Renovation Loan

Want to give your home a complete makeover. A Home Renovation Loan will help you. Upgrade your furniture, spruce up the walls with vibrant hues, and turn your abode into a much more comfortable space.

Interest Rates & Charges of Personal Loan on Finserv MARKETS facilitated by PaySense Partners

Take a look at the interest rates & charges of Personal Loan from PaySense Partners.

Personal Loan Interest Rate

1.33% p.m. to 2.17% p.m.

Processing Fee

2% - 2.5% of the loan amount + GST or ₹500 + GST (depends on whichever is higher).*

Loan Tenure

3 months - 5 years

Foreclosure Charges

 4% of outstanding loan amount + GST

(Foreclosure is allowed only after 6 EMI Payments).

*The charges are subject to policy changes of PaySense Partners from time to time.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Personal Loans

  • ✔️How do I repay my Personal Loan facilitated by PaySense Partners, on Finserv MARKETS?

    You can repay your loan through net banking, Debit Card and UPI.

  • ✔️How do I get a Personal Loan on Finserv MARKETS, facilitated by PaySense Partners?

    Fill in your details, submit the required documents, and get the money in just 48 hours, subject to the approval of your loan applications.

  • ✔️How much loan amount can I avail?

    You can avail of a Personal Loan of up to Rs. 10 Lakhs.

Personal Loan from PaySense Partners Reviews

Personal Loan from PaySense Partners Reviews

4.5out of 5

69 reviews

Easy to get loan

At Finserv MARKETS, I got a personal loan. The low EMIs have helped me figure my finances so conveniently and I always prefer this app now for all my financial needs.


Finserv MARKETS is the best platform for a personal loan. The interest rate offered on the loan is lowest as compared and the service is unmatched. Used the funds easily for my wedding.

Favourite lending app

Finserv MARKETS is the best app for getting a personal loan. I got my personal loan in just a few steps and this helped me consolidate my high cost loan. Very happy with the service.

Best personal loan

Got a personal loan from Finserv MARKETS to fulfil my vacation costs and I can say it was the best service. The application was easy through the app and I secured a good interest rate.

Convenient personal loan app

Getting a personal loan is like a cake walk now with the Finserv MARKETS app. I got a big amount through the app with a low interest rate and this made me love the service. Thankful.

Perfect choice in need

I immediately needed funds for a medical emergency. Thanks to Finserv MARKETS, I got my loan in no time and it helped me with all the expenses. Very happy with the service.

Best interest rate

It is very difficult to find a personal loan at the rate of interest that I got mine from Finserv MARKETS app. I got it online without trouble and the loan was of great help during difficult times.

Good personal loan

Getting a personal loan is so much easier with the Finserv MARKETS app as I don't have to now go through a long procedure. Highly recommended for the best rate of interest.

Low interest loan

Finserv MARKETS curated the best personal loan for me when I seeked funds for my wedding. This made it easier for me to really enjoy my day without being burdened by the thought of a debt.

Best Decision

I got my personal loan from Finserv MARKETS and it is the best decision i made. The loan was disbursed in just a few hours and I could immediately service my debt. So thankful.

Best personal loan offer

I required a personal loan for my son’s wedding and got it from Finserv MARKETS online. The funds were in my bank account within no time, making it one of my best lending experiences.

Most convenient loan

Finserv MARKETS app hands down is the best. Personal loans that are curated, are just amazing. I got a loan at a very low interest rate and it truly helped sort my finances. Highly recommended.

Perfect loan opportunity

Finserv MARKETS gave me a personal loan with just a smooth process and the best interest rate. The loan was convenient and helped me serve my unexpected home expenses.

Best loan decision

Got a personal loan and the low interest rate made the decision so much easier. The EMIs are manageable and I can clear my debt quickly. Very thankful to Finserv MARKETS.

Great deal on personal loan

I got the most lucrative deal on my personal loan from Finserv MARKETS. The loan was disbursed in no time with a low interest rate making it the best decision.

Best choice loan

The personal loan from Finserv MARKETS was such a good offering with a low rate of interest. Used it for home renovation and can vouch that you will certainly have a good experience on this platform.

Low interest rate loan

At Finserv MARKETS, you undoubtedly get the best interest rates on personal loan. Got my loan with minimal documentation and this made it so much easier for my finances.

Low EMI costs

Getting a personal loan is now so much easier with Finserv MARKETS. I immediately got a loan for my wedding expenses and this eased all the pressure with the finances. Very happy.

Best loan

If you are looking for the best offer on personal loans then Finserv MARKETS is your best option. The lending process was so simple and helped me get the best deal on my application.

Good choice

We needed a personal loan for home repairing and applied for one Finserv MARKETS. Got the loan in a few hours and could continue with work. Good rate of interest helped a lot.

Easily available loan

I wanted a loan for a quick payment and then stumbled upon the Finserv MARKETS app. It is very reliable and I got the loan in a short duration. Great service and best rate of interest.

Best loan

Got a personal loan from Finserv MARKETS app with so much ease. The interest rate was low and that brought down the EMI. Very good choice. I recommend it.

Best personal loan offer

I had the best personal loan offer from the FInserv MARKETS app. The loan is processed through a straightforward application process. The low rate of interest has made the experience a good one.

Lowest interest rate

Finserv MARKETS is an online platform, where you can avail the best rate of interest on personal loans. The service is unmatched and I got my funds within just a few hours. Made my experience delightful.

Good choice loan

Needed a loan for my sister’s wedding and immediately got one from Finserv MARKETS. The documentation was very less and processing time was short. Best loan.

Perfect personal loan choice

Took the personal loan for a medical emergency and it helped ease the trouble. Made it so much easier to handle the heavy cost and the funds were sanctioned in no time.

Good service

At Finserv MARKETS, loans are offered with the best service. The loan is easy to get and aids in servicing urgent financial needs. I got it for my home renovation and it made everything easy.

Low EMI on loans

On Finserv MARKETS, you get the best personal loan hands down. The whole process was so convenient. The low rate of interest further makes it one of the best choices in the market.

Favourite lending app

I truly got the best loan deal through the app and the application process was so easy. Great service guys.

Favourite personal loan

Getting a personal loan is now so easy with Finserv MARKETS. Got the loan for a long tenure and lesser EMI and this has helped me effectively deal with the tight financial condition at home.

Pleasant personal loan experience

Wonderful experience. I never applied for a loan in my life but when I required funds I thought of applying for a personal loan from PaySense partners. I made a good decision. The smooth loan operations left no room for complaints.

Best personal loan

Personal loan from PaySense partners helped me wade through a financial crisis. Fortunately, the loan was immediately disbursed and got it at a good rate of interest. Extremely thankful.

Easy repayment terms

The personal loan from PaySense partners helped me finance my daughter’s higher education. I was able to get a big loan amount and the best part of it was the loan process that went very smooth. The repayment process works just fine for me.

Superb loan service

With the help of personal loan it was possible for me to get the financial help I wanted. The loan process was very fast and I am satisfied with the overall loan service. All went smooth.

Best interest rates on personal loan

Required money for my wedding, so I got the personal loan from PaySense partners and it was the best decision. I got lower rates on my loan and I find the repayment process very convenient. Happy with the experience.

Favourable terms and conditions

I applied for a personal loan from PaySense partners that was recommended by a good friend of mine. I was a bit skeptical but surprisingly found the loan terms to be very flexible. This sealed the deal for me. Thankful.

Great product

A great product, with affordable interest rate and also make the process very safe because its digital and needs absolutely minimal documentation, very happy with my choice of choosing Finserv MARKETS platform for personal loan.

Great product

There approval is fast and because of the flexible repayment options it's so easy to repay, this is a really good product!

Quick and easy

This is a great product in today's market. The easy process resulted in a quick approval. Moreover, repayment option is very flexible.

Quick and easy

One of the best products, honestly. Affordable rate of interest, a digital method that involves minimal documentation, extremely pleased with it!

Quick and easy

With fast approval and disbursement and flexible payment options, the process is very hassle-free.

Very much needed product

My Finserv MARKETS experience was just awesome. With affordable interest rates and very flexible repayment options, the Personal Loan is truly a product that was needed.

Most preferred personal loan

Was planning to renovate my home and fell short on funds. Got a personal loan from Finserv MARKETS at a low interest rate and this helped me bring my dreams alive. Great service.

Good product

They have very quick approval and the entire process was good. The repayment options are equally good, they offer flexible repayment options, and make effort to help the customer, very happy with service.

Lower rate of interest on loan

Got the personal loan from PaySense partners at a low interest rate. My loan application even got approved in time. The process was very simple, only a few documents were required. I am very much satisfied with the service.

Simple and easy loan procedure

Getting a personal loan from PaySense partners at Finserv MARKETS was a good decision. The loan was granted just in time and I was able to use the money for my medical requirements.

Loan processing was fast.

With a super fast process the loan was sanctioned on time. Rate of interest was nominal. The repayment tenure is very flexible. Overall great service.

Very efficient and effective service

It was my first time, I applied for a personal loan from PaySense partners at Finserv MARKETS. The funds from the loan helped me fulfil my requirement on time.

Happy customer

The experience with Bajaj Finserv was great, they have offered affordable interest rate and the process was simple and they asked for minimal documentation, great customer service.

Best vacation loan

Required a loan and got one from Finserv MARKETS. It was the best decision as the low interest rate did not eat into my budget. Best choice always.

Top choice personal loan

Getting a personal loan is much easier now with the Finserv MARKETS loan app. The easy to use app allowed me to apply for my loan in easy steps and helped me get my funds immediately.

Super good

On Finserv MARKETS, you can enjoy very fast and quick approval, and flexible payment options. It was like a great friend through some very challenging times. Thank you for great product.

Amazing service!

My experience with Finserv MARKETS was just fantastic. Personal Loan on Finserv MARKETS is really my favourite loan product, with affordable interest rates and very flexible repayment options.

Fast and easy

The approval is quick and its so easy to repay because of the flexible repayment options, this is a very good product! we need more loan services like this.

Best personal loan offer

I got my personal loan with just a few clicks through Finserv MARKETS. The loan was disbursed after a quick process and I am very happy with the lower EMI. Good choice.

Low interest rate loan

I got my personal loan with much ease as the loan was disbursed hassle-free. The low interest also brought down my EMI.

Best choice personal loan

I got my personal loan from Finserv MARKETS without any hassle. The process was so easy and the EMI was much lower. This helped me serve my extra vacation costs without any financial pressure.

Perfect lending choice

Getting a personal loan is so much easier with the Finserv MARKETS app. It made my whole journey easy and I was able to conveniently pay off my high interest debt.

Easy loan

Affordable rate of interest, a digital method that involves minimal documentation, really happy with it! They're one of the best products available in the market, actually.

Excellent product

With simple and swift approval and disbursement process and flexible payment options, it is a very hassle-free experience of getting personal loan.

Excellent product

They really are one of the best in the market. They provide a affordable interest rate, a digital process that needs minimal documentation, very happy with this!

Quick and easy

They have a very hassle free process, with quick approval and disbursement and flexible payment options too.

Flexibilty in repayment

Took a loan of Rs. 5 Lakhs but was never stressed about repayment, they have very good and flexible repayment option that put you at ease

Speedy disbursement

Took look for emergency reasons....and had loan disbursed within no time! Hats off to this very good service.

Completely digital

This process was truly a complete digital process with no paperwork at all. It is very good, especially in these times.

Excellent Services

Got loan very easily with prompt service. It is truly hassle free process

Easy repayment

I took loan in such a hassle free process. And that too with very flexible repayment options!

Easy loan

I took a loan and I got the loan disbursed in no time. Not just the core functions, but even the additional features and services are top-notch.

Digitized process is best!

With absolutely no paperwork, it is complete digital process on Finserv MARKETS. This is quite a refreshing change from the tedious paperwork process that used to accompany loans earlier.

Much needed product

I was quite distressed last year before I got a loan easily on Finserv MARKETS. It was a very hassle free process and I didn't face any inconvenience throughout the process.

Hassle-free loan process

With a very flexible repayment service, I got the loan without any paperwork and unnecessary hassles! Isn't that what we all need from a loan?

Loan disbursed within no time

Yes, it's true. I got my loan disbursed in no time through Finserv MARKETS. I am very satisfied with my entire experience of this loan.

Friend in tough times

With its complete digital process and no paperwork policy, the loan really like a friend I needed in tough times. Very convenient, and very quick.

Very hassle free

I got 80k loan easily in a hassle free manner from Bajaj Finserv, and it fulfilled all my requirements that were necessary due to last year's pandemic. We need more products like this in the market.

Very good loan service

I recently took a loan from Finserv MARKETS with flexible repayment option. The customer support was also pretty nice through the entire process with their cooperative nature and fast working.


My husband and I needed some money to tide over the tough times last year. With Bajaj Finance, we not only took a loan, but also got the loan disbursed within a day. Really thankful to them.

Very flexible loan product

I needed an instant loan and Bajaj Finance delivered it on time. Their flexible repayment options also provided me with a lot of convenience.