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You can get a Personal Loan at interest rates starting from 9.99% p.a. on Bajaj Markets. However, prior to applying for a loan, it is important to check the various interest rates and other applicable charges offered by multiple lenders to make a financially wise decision. 

Fees and Charges

Here are the interest rates and processing fees offered by various personal loan providers on Bajaj Markets.

Lending Partners

Interest Rate Range

Processing Fees

Avail Laon

Bajaj Finance Limited

13.5% p.a. Onwards

1% of the loan amount + GST

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30% p.a. Onwards

₹1,200 or 2% of loan amount, whichever is higher + GST as applicable

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14% p.a. Onwards

Starting from ₹399 + ₹100 stamp duty

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15.95% p.a. Onwards

Up to 3% of the total loan amount

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IIFL Finance

18% p.a. Onwards

2.50% - 4% of the loan amount + GST

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21% p.a. Onwards

2%-4% of the withdrawal amount

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15% p.a. Onwards

From ₹500 to up to 6% of the loan amount

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Kotak Mahindra Bank

10.99% p.a. Onwards

Up to 1.10% - 1.50% of the loan amount + GST

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L&T Finance

11% p.a. Onwards

Up to 2% of principal outstanding + applicable taxes

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16% p.a. Onwards

Starting from 2% of the approved loan amount

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24% p.a. Onwards

Processing fee: Rs. 50 to Rs. 200 + 18% GST depending on the loan amount with maximum APR of 48%

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Muthoot Finance

14.50% p.a. Onwards

2% - 4% of loan amount

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PaySense Partners

14% p.a. Onwards

2% - 2.5% of the loan amount + GST or ₹500 + GST (depends on whichever is higher)

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9.99% p.a. Onwards

1%-3% of the loan amount +GST

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10.99% p.a. Onwards

Based on the applicant’s profile

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SMFG India Credit

12% p.a. Onwards

Between 0% - 6% of the loan amount

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1.5% p.m. Onwards

Up to 4% of the loan amount with a minimum of ₹500

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10.99% p.a. Onwards

From ₹1499 to 2.50% of loan amount

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*Disclaimer: The information presented in the table above is subject to change at the lender’s discretion.

FAQs & Support

If you have a higher income, the lender might offer you a lower interest rate. This is because a higher income can increase your creditworthiness.

The processing fee on a personal loan can be up to 3%-4% of the loan amount.

The pre-closure charges for a personal loan can range between 0% to 5% of the outstanding balance.

A higher credit score allows you to get a personal loan at a lower rate of interest, thus lowering your cost of borrowing. When approving a loan application, one of the first factors that lenders consider is the borrower’s credit score, as it is an indicator of their creditworthiness.

On Bajaj Markets you can get a Personal Loan at interest rates starting from as low as 9.99% p.a. 

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