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For patients or accident victims, timely access to healthcare is often critical for their survival and recovery. Therefore, the quick availability of an ambulance is vital. However, such service can be expensive, especially for modern ambulances with advanced medical equipment.


You can purchase an ambulance cover to overcome this. The premium stands at Rs.118 only. Comparing different policies by various insurance providers on an online marketplace like Bajaj Markets will help you select the most effective plan to cover the expenses of availing an ambulance during an emergency.


Read on to learn everything about the ambulance insurance policy before buying this plan.

Key Features and Benefits of Ambulance Cover

The most important features of an ambulance cover policy are -

High Coverage for Low Membership Fees

Ambulance cover plans provide coverage for ambulance expenses and accidental death for extremely low membership fees.

Provides Coverage against Accidental Death

Ambulance cover policies also provide coverage for the policyholder’s accidental death apart from ambulance transport.

How to Apply for Ambulance Cover

You can apply for an ambulance cover insurance policy in just 4 simple steps.

1. Click on Buy Now

Tap on ‘Buy Now’ on the product page 

2. Fill in the Details

Enter the required details in the online application form

3. Make the Payment 

Complete the quick online payment

Your insurance provider will send you the policy details online.

Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required for Ambulance Cover

The eligibility criteria for availing ambulance cover are as follows:

Age: You have to be between 18 and 65 years of age to apply.

What’s Covered

The ambulance insurance coverage includes the following:

  • Ambulance Expenses

The plan covers the expenses of availing ambulance service up to Rs.5,000 if a doctor recommends the need for it.

  • Accidental Death

The plan also covers the policyholder's accidental death within the coverage period and up to 12 months of having suffered the accident.

Policy Plan Details & Specifications of Ambulance Cover

The details of the ambulance cover policy are as follows:

  • Coverage Limit:

The plan provides hospitalisation coverage of up to Rs.20,000 and road ambulance expenses up to Rs.5,000.

  • Policy Validity:

The ambulance cover insurance policy is valid for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • Payment Methods:

You can use any of the online payment methods like debit or credit card, net banking, UPI, etc., to purchase the policy.

What’s not Covered

The following are not covered in an ambulance cover insurance policy:

  • Pre-Existing Disease Treatment:

An ambulance cover insurance policy does not cover medical treatments for pre-existing diseases.

  • Hospitalisation for Less than 48 hours:

If the insured person is hospitalised for fewer than 48 hours, the ambulance expenses will not be covered.

  • Multiple Hospitalisations:

The ambulance cover insurance policy does not cover ambulance expenses for hospitalisation more than once.

Documents Required to Process the Claim

You will need the following documents to make a claim for ambulance cover:

  • Medical practitioner’s certificate for transportation by ambulance

  • Receipt of ambulance expenses

  • Death certificate for accidental death

  • Other documents as required

Ambulance Cover Customer Care Details

In case you have any queries, you can have them resolved by reaching out to customer support at

Frequently Asked Questions About Ambulance Cover

Is the ambulance policy sold by Bajaj Markets?

No, the policy is sold by Manipal Cigna Health Insurance Co. Ltd. This is one of the many insurance service companies on the online marketplace of Bajaj Markets.

How can I renew the ambulance cover policy?

The ambulance cover is a pocket insurance policy. So you cannot renew it; you will have to purchase the policy once again to continue receiving benefits.

Will interstate ambulance service be covered?

The maximum coverage for ambulance charges is up to Rs.5,000 and only after the transportation is approved by a medical professional. If the interstate ambulance service fulfils these criteria, then it will be covered under this policy.

Is the ambulance cover policy similar to a health insurance policy in case of hospitalisation?

No, the pocket insurance policy ambulance cover is significantly different from a complete health insurance policy.

Will the ambulance cover policy cover the charges of an ambulance for the policyholder’s family members?

No, the ambulance cover insurance policy will cover the ambulance transportation expenses of the policyholders only.

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