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ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement

An ICICI Bank credit card offers some of the most exciting rewards for cardholders today. Besides just keeping a track of the rewards you earn while you shop, as well as your purchase patterns and behaviour, you also need to keep abreast of your cash limits and charges.


You find all these relevant details of credit card use in an ICICI Bank credit card statement, without which you would not be able to track your credit card use. You can monitor your card use through your statement via online and offline methods, and this table gives you a rough idea of how:

Online Methods to Check ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement

Offline Methods to Check ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement

  1. Through a Net Banking Account

  2. Through the ICICI Mobile App

  1. Through Phone Banking

  2. Via the Post

  3. Via the Branch of any ICICI Bank

Checking ICICI Bank Credit Card Statements Online

To check your ICICI Bank credit card statement online, follow any one of the methods mentioned below:


1) View ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement Online via Net Banking Account

  • Log in to your ICICI credit card net banking account using your credentials.

  • Under the ‘My Account’ section, click on ‘Credit Cards’.

  • Choose the ‘Service Requests’ option.

  • Under ‘Credit Card’ click on ‘Card Statement’.

  • Click on ‘Credit Card Statement Request’.

  • Choose the billing cycle for which you want to get the ICICI Bank credit card statement.


  • Click on ‘Submit’.



Once you have viewed it, you can also download the ICICI Bank credit card statement by clicking on the ‘Download’ option.

2) Check Statement through the ICICI Credit Card Mobile App

  • Download iMobile, the ICICI credit card mobile app from the App Store or Play Store.

  • Register and complete the login process.

  • From the homepage, go to ‘Cards & Forex’.

  • Under ‘Credit Card Number’, click on ‘More Options.

  • Click on ‘Last Statement/ Past Statement’.

  • Choose the billing cycle for which you want to get the ICICI Bank statement.

  • Click on ‘Submit’ to view your card statement.

Checking ICICI Bank Credit Card Statements Offline

You can also check your credit card statement using offline methods. Here are the different ways to do so:

1) Access ICICI Bank Credit Card Bill Statement via Phone Banking

  • You can call the ICICI Bank credit card customer care on 1860 120 7777/ 1860 120 6699/ 1800 103 8181/ <STD code> 3366 7777/ +91-40-7140 3333 (domestic customer travelling overseas) and request for your credit card statement.

  • You would need to provide some details for authentication, post which your request will be processed. Do note that you would need to call between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM from your registered mobile number.

2) Get Your ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement via Post

  • You can place a request with the bank to send your hard copies of your ICICI Bank credit card statement.

  • The bank would then send physical copies of your statement to your registered address.

3) Get ICICI Credit Card Bill Statement from the Bank Branch

  • You can visit your nearest ICICI Bank branch and request a representative for a copy of your credit card statement for a specific time duration.

  • You might be required to provide a valid ID proof along with a few credit card-related details, post which the representative would share your statement with you. If you are an ICICI Bank account holder and have an ICICI bank statement, you can get your credit card statement too.

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Benefits of an ICICI Credit Card Statement

Monthly reviews of your credit card statement have several benefits, including the following:

  • Reporting fraud transactions or possible errors in billing.

  • Getting an overview of the credit card usage in a particular billing cycle

  • Maintaining a record of your expenses by downloading your past ICICI credit card statements

  • You can check for new offers available against your credit card

  • Keeping a track of your accumulated reward points

Understanding Your ICICI Credit Card Statement

You may be able to get hold of your credit card statement quite easily, but you must be able to grasp the nuances of it, and terms such as the ICICI credit card bill cycle and such. Components that are included in your statement are vital for you to make sense of how you are using your credit card. Here is a table that gives you an explanation of the components you will commonly find in your comprehensive ICICI Bank credit card statement:

ICICI Credit Card Components


Payment Due Date

This is the date of your ICICI Bank credit card statement by which you should pay your most recent credit card bill.

Minimum Amount Due

This is the minimum amount due (9%-3%) of the total bill amount that has to be cleared before the payment due date.

Total Amount Due

The total credit that you have borrowed on your ICICI credit card is the total amount due.

Transaction Summary

A compilation of all the transactions made on your ICICI credit card within a specific billing cycle is your transaction summary.

Reward Points

This is an overview of your accumulated reward points.

Available Credit Limit

This represents the amount of credit available from the total credit limit on your ICICI credit card. You can purchase items only within the credit limit.

Available Cash Limit

You can withdraw cash with your ICICI credit card. The available cash limit on your ICICI card statement is the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from your total cash limit.

Switching to an ICICI Credit Card e-Statement

The ICICI Bank credit card e-statement is a digital copy of your credit card bill. It is sent by the bank to your registered email ID once the bill is generated. If you want to get your ICICI credit card statement by email, you can register for the e-statement facility through any of the channels mentioned below:


1) Netbanking


Use your ID and password to log in to your ICICI net banking account and send an email requesting for e-statements against your ICICI Bank credit card.


2) Customer Care


Call the ICICI Bank credit card customer care and request that your monthly statements are sent to you on your registered e-mail address.


3) Mobile Banking


Go to the Play or App Store and download the iMobile app. Register on the app and go to the section on credit cards to request for a credit card e-statement.


Here are the benefits of e-statements:

  • You get almost instant access to your credit card statement, letting you know about transactions and use quickly.

  • You have an electronic means of storing it on any device for convenient access later.

  • It is free of cost.

  • You can view it anytime from anywhere, and pay your bills in a timely manner.


If you feel that your credit card has been misused, you can also block your ICICI bank credit card through the net banking portal, mobile app, or by calling the customer care number.

FAQs on ICICI Bank Credit Card Statements

How do I check my ICICI credit card statement?

You can use the bank’s net banking portal or iMobile app to view your ICICI credit card statement online. Offline, you can get your card bill via post, customer care or by visiting the nearest bank branch. If you want your credit card statement emailed, you can also register for the ICICI credit card e-statement facility.

How do I download my ICICI credit card statement?

Once you view your ICICI bank credit card statement online, you can click on the ‘Download’ option to download the bill for later reference. The statement is usually password-protected for security reasons. Once you type in the right password combination, you will be able to access and print your downloaded copy.

What is listed in the ICICI credit card statement?

When you download and check your ICICI Bank credit card statement, you will be able to view the due date for your payment, the minimum amount due, the total amount due, your transaction details, reward points summary, available credit limit, and available cash limit.

Can everyone register to receive ICICI bank statements by e-mail?

All ICICI bank credit card users can sign-up for this service. To do so, you have to first inform the bank that you wish to receive your ICICI credit card statement via email. This can be done by simply calling the bank’s customer care number or sending the bank an email requesting the same.

How do I check my credit card balance?

Checking your credit card balance online is easy as all you have to do is visit the issuer’s website and log into your account. If you have the iMobile app, you can check your balance under the ‘Credit Card’ header. You can also call the ICICI Bank helpline number to review your balance. Alternatively, you can send ‘IBALCC’ followed by the last six digits of your card to 5676766 to get an instant balance update. You can also check it offline, by visiting an ATM. 

What is an ICICI Bank credit card billing statement?

An ICICI bank credit card statement is a document that outlines all monthly expenses made on the ICICI Bank credit card. Your billing statement includes details on transactions, payment deadlines, closing balance, minimum due amount, and other such key parameters. Thus, it acts as a consolidated report of your monthly billing cycle, giving you a thorough overview of your spends and dues. By tracking your ICICI credit card billing cycle expenses, this statement makes it easier to track fraudulent transactions, and avoid billing oversights. 

Will I keep receiving hard copies of ICICI credit card statements after registering for E-statements?

No. Once you’ve signed up for E-statements, you will not be eligible for hard copies. Every month, the Bank will automatically email you the soft copies of your ICICI Bank credit card statement.  

Where can I find my ICICI Credit Card Statement password?

Banks send E-statements as password-protected PDF documents that can only be viewed once you’ve successfully unlocked the file using your unique password. Figuring out your ICICI Bank credit card statement password is easy. Your statement password will include the first four letters of your name and your date of birth. You can input this combination to open the file and review your statement. 

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