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The IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement is a brief yet comprehensive document that is more than just numbers; it's your gateway to understanding and managing your spending patterns. Packed with detailed transaction information, rewards earned, and applicable charges, the statement empowers you to make informed financial decisions. Stay in control of your expenses, track your benefits, and unlock a world of financial insights with the IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement.

What is a Credit Card Statement?

Credit cards are one of the most preferred modes of payment as they are easy to use and offer rewards. At the end of each billing cycle, banks offer a credit card statement detailing: 

  • Amount debited/credited

  • List of payments made

  • Other relevant transactional details related to your credit card


With your IndusInd Bank Credit Card statement, you can check details about the amount due, payment dates, credit limit, available cash limit, available credit limit, and more. You can request your IndusInd Credit Card statement online or via post.

How to Check Your IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement

Follow these simple steps to check your IndusInd Bank Credit Card statement.

  1. Open your IndusInd Bank mobile banking app

  2. Go to the ‘I OWE’ tab

  3. View your credit card details there

  4. Tap on ‘Credit Card’

You can view your credit card statement in detail, for previous months.

How to Download Your IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement?

Follow these simple steps for IndusInd Bank Credit Card statement download in online as well as offline modes.

  • Step 1: Head to www.indusind.com

  • Step 2: Click on ‘LOGIN’

  • Step 3: Enter your IndusInd Bank account number

  • Step 4: Select ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates, according to your desired period

  • Step 5: Select the ‘Statement Type’- ‘Physical Statement’ or ‘send via Email’

  • Step 6: Click on ‘send via Email’ and you will get the statement in your email as a PDF file, which you can download

How to Understand Your IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement Better?

Credit card statements are often long as they are quite detailed. At times, it might get confusing to understand and process all the information and accurately read the statements. 


Listed below is a breakdown of how to read the IndusInd Bank Credit Card statement online:

Credit/Debit Transaction details


Bill due date

The date by which you need to either pay the total or minimum due amount.

Statement period

The period indicates the stipulated interest-free days on your credit card bill amount. Payment exceeding the statement period may incur additional interest charges.

Amount due

It is the total and/or the minimum outstanding amount due on your credit card.


Indicates total charges levied on your credit card, such as annual fee, interest charge fee, late payment fee, etc.

How is the Minimum Amount Due Calculated?

The minimum due amount with respect to a credit card signifies a compulsory partial payment of the outstanding credit card bill. The bank calculates the minimum amount due by considering 5% of your outstanding credit card balance. It may also include any unpaid minimum amount from previous statements.  


For example, your credit card company generates your credit card statement on the 10th of every month and the due date of your bill payment is the 20th of every month. 


If you have a total credit card bill of ₹10,000, the minimum amount due will be ₹500, which is 5% of your total bill. You need today ₹500 before the 20th to avoid any late payment penalties. However, it is essential to remember that the remaining bill of ₹9,500 will attract interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my IndusInd Credit Card Statement?

You can check your IndusInd Bank Credit Card statement either online or offline. Visit www.indusind.com. Click on ‘Personal’, then click on ‘Forms and Documentation’ and then click on ‘Get Statement’. Now, you can choose the ‘Statement Type’ as ‘physical statement’ or ‘send via email’. 


If you want to get an e-statement, choose ‘send via email’ and for a physical copy, choose ‘physical statement’. If you choose the e-statement, it will be sent to your email, and if you choose the physical statement, it will be sent to your registered postal address.

How do I download my IndusInd Credit Card Statement?

Visit www.indusind.com. Click on ‘Personal’, then ‘Forms and Documentation’ and then click ‘Get Statement’. Now, choose the ‘Statement Type’ as ‘send via email’. Then, you will get your e-statement in your email in a PDF file. You can then download the IndusInd Credit Card statement on your device.

What is listed in the IndusInd Credit Card Statement?

Your IndusInd Credit Card statement lists the due date for your credit card bill, debit and credit amount, minimum/maximum credit limit, credit card statement period, and the associated charges.

Is there an Auto Debit Facility?

Yes, you can set up an auto-debit facility for minimum or total outstanding payments. To activate the facility, you need to download and fill out the Auto Debit mandate form. Then, you need to mail the filled form to IndusInd Bank.

What if I exceed my credit limit?

In case you exceed the credit limit on your credit card, you will need to pay an over-limit charge levied by the bank.

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