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IndusInd Bank credit cards are equipped with best-in-class features that help you manage your finances while you enjoy a hassle-free payment experience. Among the features are high

rewards, fee and fuel surcharge waivers, cashbacks, airport lounge access, evergreen reward points and much more.


Moreover, you can opt for a credit card that best suits your financial needs and get a plethora of benefits by using the card. IndusInd Bank also offers instant credit cards equipped with best-in-class features and an application process that is 100% digital*. 


Moreover, if you pick a card from the lifetime-free credit card list, you can enjoy the benefits without annual fee burdens. Before you apply for the IndusInd Bank Credit Card, review their features, benefits, eligibility, and application process below.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

IndusInd Bank Credit Cards on Bajaj Markets
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Features and Benefits of IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

IndusInd Bank Credit Cards offer several exclusive benefits and offers. While features and benefits of cards differ, here’s a general list of benefits you can enjoy with IndusInd Bank Credit Cards: 

1. Attractive Rewards and Cashbacks

Earn bonus points on milestone spends and enjoy rewards and cashback each time you swipe your card.

While reward points vary depending on the card variant and spend category, they don’t come with an expiry date, so, you can redeem these evergreen rewards for air miles, cash credit, merchandise, vouchers, and more whenever you want to. 

2. Lifetime Fee Waivers

With IndusInd Bank’s lifetime-free credit cards, you can enjoy these rewards and perks without paying any annual charges.  

3. Fuel Surcharge Waivers

Save more on fuel with 1% fuel surcharge waivers on fuel purchases at all gas stations across the country. Surcharge waivers are applicable on fuel expenses between ₹400-₹4,000. 

4. Travel Perks

Make your travels safe and comfortable with your IndusInd Bank Credit Card. From converting your reward points into air miles to enjoying preferential Forex rates, your IndusInd credit card makes travel easy and pocket-friendly. 

5. Lounge Access Benefits

Now travel in style and relax at the best domestic and international airport lounges. Top IndusInd Bank Credit Cards come with Priority Pass membership that gives you access to over 600+ international airport lounges.   

6. Movie and Dining Benefits

Enjoy unlimited lifestyle perks with your IndusInd Bank Credit Card. From discounts at partner restaurants to free monthly movie tickets on BookMyShow, you can plan your weekends on a budget! 

7.Contactless Payment

Enjoy the convenience of tap-n-pay tech with your contactless IndusInd Bank Credit Cards. Make secured contactless payments of up to ₹5,000 with your chip-based credit card.  

8. Premium Assistance Perks

With your IndusInd Bank Credit Card, you can unlock premium auto-assist and concierge service benefits. The auto-assist service offers prompt roadside assistance, while the concierge service offers pre-trip assistance, flight and hotel bookings help, and a lot more! 

9. Comprehensive Insurance Covers

Your IndusInd Bank Credit Card keeps you safe from counterfeit fraud and unauthorised transactions. With the Total Protect feature you get 100% coverage on your credit limit for unauthorised transactions on a lost/stolen card. You also get to travel without worries thanks to the Air Accident cover worth ₹25 Lakhs. 

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Eligibility and Documents Required

It is a prerequisite that you check the criteria for eligibility as well as the documents required prior to applying for a credit card.

Here’s the eligibility criteria for an IndusInd Bank credit card:

  • The minimum age to be eligible for the card is 21 years

  • The maximum age to apply for the card is 60 years

  • Your monthly income must add up to at least ₹20,000

  • You must either be self-employed or salaried

  • You must have a good CIBIL score


There are few important things that you need for your Credit Card application:

  • Keep your PAN and Aadhar number handy as you might need them to speed up the process of your credit card application

  • If the address mentioned on your Aadhaar card is not where you currently live, you’d need to keep your proof of residence handy.

How to Apply for an IndusInd Bank Credit Card

The procedure to apply for an IndusInd credit card is quite simple. Here’s how to apply for an IndusInd Bank credit card on Bajaj Markets

  • Step 1: Tap on the “Apply Now” option on the product page

  • Step 2: You will be redirected to a page where you need to fill in your contact details and select “Generate OTP”

  • Step 3: You will receive an OTP on the contact number entered by you

  • Step 4: Type out the OTP to check for offers from IndusInd Bank credit card

  • Step 5: If you’ve received the offer, select the IndusInd Bank credit card of your preference and type out the relevant details on your application form

  • Step 6: Finish the process of your KYC

  • Step 7: Once you complete the KYC, you will be able to use your IndusInd Bank credit card

  • Step 8: Proceed to the IndusInd Bank website or the IndusMobile App to activate your card

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number

If you have any queries pertaining to your IndusInd Bank credit card, you can reach out to their customer care service through the following ways:

  • Contact number for users within India: 18602677777

  • Contact number for users outside India: 022-42207777

FAQs on IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

How can I track my IndusInd Bank credit card application status?

Once you’ve applied for your IndusInd credit card, you might want to track the status of your

application. You can do so by contacting the helpline number of IndusInd Bank at 18602677777. As soon as your credit card application has been processed, you will receive an SMS from the bank on the mobile number registered by you.


What does the IndusInd Bank credit card rewards programme entail?

IndusInd Bank credit card allows you to earn reward points on your transactions. On the accomplishment of a milestone target, you will receive bonus rewards points. You can earn reward points through transactions such as grocery shopping, fine dining, purchase of movie tickets, and so on.

Moreover, the rewards that you earn through your IndusInd Bank credit card do not expire. Hence, you can redeem them at any time or even convert them into cash and pay out your credit card dues.


How can I apply for an IndusInd Bank credit card online?

Here’s how to apply for an IndusInd credit card: On the product page, you will need to click on the “Apply Now” option. You will be redirected to a new page. On this page, fill in details such as your contact number, the OTP received and check for any offers from IndusInd Bank. Choose an IndusInd credit card of your liking and complete the KYC mandate. Use IndusInd’s mobile app or website to activate your card.


How can I activate my IndusInd Bank credit card?

The IndusInd Bank credit card comes pre-activated for domestic transactions that require a PIN. In order to begin using your card instantly, you will have set your credit card’s PIN. You can do so by using the IndusMobile, the mobile banking app or IndusNet, the net banking portal. You can also use the app or the portal to set transaction limits on your credit card as per your usage.

How can I claim reward points on my IndusInd Bank credit card?

To claim the reward points on your IndusInd Bank credit card, you can use the bank’s phone banking service and place a request. You can also visit Indus Moments’s official website at www.indusmoments.com and redeem your points online.


How can I increase the limit on my IndusInd Bank credit card?

If you wish to increase the limit on your IndusInd Bank credit card, you can request the bank regarding the same. The bank will go through your credit card’s history and check if you are eligible for an increase in the credit card limit. 

In order to increase the chances of getting an approval for an increased limit, you must: a) make timely payments, b) maintain a low credit utilisation rate, c) submit proof suggesting an increase in income, and d) uphold a high credit score.

Is there an interest rate applicable on making cash withdrawals using an IndusInd Bank Credit Card?

On the basis of the amount you withdraw, there will be an interest rate applicable on your IndusInd Bank credit card. You will need to refer to the Schedule of charges to understand the charges that might be applicable on your credit card.



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